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  2009 Updates and links archived from the main page. Site Information
December 2009
December 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com California State University, Northridge Holiday Video.
December 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Creative Admissions Poster. Ben Jones Blog.
December 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fun stuff with augmented reality. GE Windmills.
December 23, 09 Pivoting.
Business intelligence (BI), one of the driving forces behind the growing science of data visualizations is predicated on the ability of the underlying technology to be able to perform real-time analysis of both complex and voluminous data. Brian Dowling. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
December 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Report on Colleges' Stewardship of Financial Resources.
December 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Eye on Google. Inside Higher Ed.
December 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Relationship Visualization Software. Market Visual.
December 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Season's Greetings.
Holiday greetings from California State University, Fresno. More e-solicitations.
December 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Measure the Effectiveness of Your Web Sites.
December 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Fundraising. Raise More Money by Allaying Fears.
December 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Charting Software. Deltagraph.
December 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Good report. Perspectives on Canadian Philanthropy. Offord Group.
December 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Celebrating the Best Education Blogs on the Web.
December 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Creating a Listening Dashboard for your Organization.
December 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com More Samples Added.
Annual fund thank you letter, Alumni futures script: phonathon script for non-donors, Athletics thank you letter, Donor Survey: distributed with annual appeal to lapsed donors Phonathon Team Mid-Point Survey: caller survey for middle of semester. Contributed by Kurstin Finch Gnehm from Linfield College. Kurstin also writes "Celiac by Marriage." a blog about living with celiac disease.
December 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 5 Best Data Visualization Projects of the Year. FlowingData.
December 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Skip TweetPsych ... But Watch the Webinar. Wild Apricot.
December 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com IRS Tips for Year-End Donations.
December 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts Webinar.
Understanding the phenomenal growth in mobile “smartphones" and its implications for the giving process as well as matching gifts is the subject of a free webinar entitled “Mobile Phone Apps & Matching Gifts” from HEP Development which will be presented on Wednesday January 13 at 2:00PM ET.
December 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Interesting Presentation. What Matters Now.
December 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Software. Some Free Microsoft Applications. TechRepublic.
December 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Google Rolls Out URL Shortener. ResearchBuzz.
December 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Season's Greetings.
A holiday greeting from Brooklyn, NY and a look at all of the exciting work happening at NYU-Poly. Contributed by Natalie Silva
. More e-solicitations.
December 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Analytics: What Nonprofits Can Learn from the Private Sector.
December 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Big Changes to Facebook Pages Could Hurt Small Nonprofits.
December 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Connecting Social Media Sites. University of Phoenix.
December 15, 09 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com Software News.
Datatel Inc., the industry’s most experienced provider of higher education software, services, and insight, announced today that affiliates of Hellman & Friedman LLC have completed their purchase of Datatel.
December 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Getting Started with Email Fundraising. Idealware.
December 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Better Twitter Analytics for Non Profits. Wild Apricot Blog.
December 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com What can Steamgraphs Tell You About Your Nonprofit Twitter Strategy?
December 14, 09 More With LessSupportingadvancement.com Time Tracking.
Time tracking software is useful for helping to measure what you do. Good chart with links to both desktop and online software.
December 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Honor Roll Example. UMBC.
December 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Honor Roll Example. Marywood University.
December 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Just for Fun. NZ Book Council - Going West.
December 11, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Drawn.
If you're involved in creating solicitations, graphic design, communications or have web site responsibilities, Drawn is a collaborative site for illustrators, artists and cartoonists. Possibly a little inspiration for the next project.
December 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking in Health Care. SickKids and Social Networking.
December 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Good example of creative corporate philanthropy campaign. Starbucks.
December 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. 5 Higher Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2010.
December 10, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Listserv Etiquette.
With the "normal" volume of emails - and the volume added from our listserv subscriptions - it's important to observe guidelines to keep everyone on the lists productive. Brian Dowling and Amy Phillips. More listservs.
December 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking in Health Care. Kids'' Health Links.
December 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Creating Dynamic Report Filters in SQL SSRS.
December 9, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Season's Greetings.
All of us remember the University of Central Missouri Differently. Season's greetings with soft ask. Contributed by Scott Alvested. More e-solicitations.
December 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Useful Blog. Trending Upward. Web Analytics for Higher Education.
December 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Results. Tracking Student Engagement Over Time.
December 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Mobile Marketing. Four Ways to Simplify a Mobile Campaign.
December 8, 09 Major Gift Report.
Generosity can be viewed in terms of the dollar amount of the gift as well as the timing of such. This morning a big round of applause goes out to last week’s collection of donors, especially the Ford Foundation. The $80 million dollar commitment to American workers is above and beyond the norm of foundation giving. It speaks to the sincerity of the men and women who make the call as to where the money can have the best impact, where they can make a difference. Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
December 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Internet. Web as a "Platform for Persuasion". Barrier-Free Sites Will Win.
December 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. There's Something in the Air: Augmented Reality.
December 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Music in the Key of iPhone.
December 7, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
Annual fund brochures - Syracuse University, University of Pennsylvania.
More samples.
December 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Visualizations. Information is Beautiful.
December 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Green and Nonprofits. GreenNonprofits.
December 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Startup Nonprofit Directory. NonprofitResourceDirectory.Com.
December 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Why are we afraid?
December 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Furloughs and Budget Cuts for State Employees.
December 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Design Resource. Smashing Magazine.
December 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Best Practices.
Podcast of discussion of the AASP best practices initiative
. (WMA format.) View the drafts on Wikispaces (You'll need an account and login).
December 3, 09 Major Gift Report.
One of the largest and what I think was the most interesting gift announced last week was the estate gift from Skip Viragh to Chaminade College Prep in the St. Louis area. The dollar amount, $28 million. Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
December 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com The Rise of Data Discovery Tools. Advizor Solutions, Inc. (Podcast).
December 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com The Outlook for Fundraising in 2010. Mal Warwick's Newsletter.
December 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tweeting. 7 Tips for Building Twitter Followers. 10e20.
December 2, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com It is the Season!
As we move into the busy season once again, it's time to think of the implications for year end processing and make sure everything is in order. Stock fax transmittal, stock transfer procedure, year end email, year end memo. John Taylor's Annual Date of Gift Message from the SupportingAdvancement.Com blog.
December 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com The Future: Embedding Data in the Everyday. Flowing Data.
December 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Media Mix Changes. Hulu is Still Free, and Bigger Than Ever.
December 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com On the Tube. LIPDUB - I Gotta Feeling. How to YouTube with Success.
December 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Ethics.
Podcast of discussion on ethics from the
AASP Summit. (WMA format.)
December 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Visualization. 9 Ways to Visualize Proportions. Flowing Data.
December 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Some examples of training videos. Pacific Lutheran University.
December 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Shedd Aquarium Drives Awareness with SMS Campaign.
November 2009
November 30, 09 SQL Resources.
SQL Server. What are some resources and approaches to get you ramped up as you move into your data warehouse project? Brian Dowling. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
November 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Business Intelligence. Microsoft BI Site.
November 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Business Intelligence. Visual Business Intelligence. Perceptual Edge.
November 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Business Intelligence. Data Visualization Site. Flowing Edge.
November 27, 09 Major Gift Report.
How important is a brand name in fundraising? To APRA members who focus on background research about major gift prospects, this may not seem significant. Senior development staff and the donor community appear to be taking notice. Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
November 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Video. Showcase Your Members' Videos with YouTube Direct.
November 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Video. Google to Add Captions, Improving YouTube Videos.
November 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Challenge Gifts. Spartan Scholarship Challenge on YouTube.
November 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, we're taking the day off. Travel safely and enjoy time with family and friends.
November 25, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Aggieland.
Good integration of multiple testimonials into piece. The 12th Man Foundation at Texas A&M eSolicitation to "Help Bring 'Em to Aggieland." More e-solicitations.
November 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Working in the Cloud. Create and collaborate on diagrams online.
November 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Summarizing the Future. Did You Know 4.0.
November 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Summarizing the Future. The Fischbowl Presentations.
November 24, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
Holiday appeal from a student
. Thanks to  Jonathon L. Hawkins from Cumberland University. More samples.
November 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Legacy Giving Gender Differences. The Planned Giving Blogger.
November 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Institutional Facebook Pages for Canadian Universities.
November 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Vote for a Nonprofit Grant. Youtopia.
November 23, 09 Pain Points in AdvancementSupportingadvancement.com Pain Points.
Based upon my many discussions with advancement professionals, I have identified significant pain points in the advancement market that I often refer to as "The Three Tenets." They are: Operational Efficiency, Extending Stakeholder Engagement and Institutional Accountability
. Fred Weiss from SunGard Higher Education.
November 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Billions. College Campaigns Meet Monetary Goals, Despite Economy.
November 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tis the Season. Tech Republic's Geek Gift Guide.
November 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com On the Web. Google Docs Gets Better. Again. Wild Apricot.
November 20, 09 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Save the Date!
Understanding how corporations and foundations establish, administer, and update matching gift programs assists all non profits who are trying to maximize matching gift opportunities. Free webinar presented from HEP by Bill Carpenter, Program Manager Matching Gifts, ExxonMobil Foundation.
Register now.
November 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Conversation Circles. The Natural Way Humans Think Together.
November 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Internet. When Nonprofit Websites Go Bad. Wild Apricot.
November 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com CASE. Institutional Related Foundations Update.
November 19, 09 Major Gift Report.
Trends can be revealing, insightful and sometimes perplexing. In this week’s editorial follow along with me as we examine a powerful emerging trend. Second Round Namesake Major Gifts. Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
November 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Setting up a LinkedIn Alumni Group. eduGuru.
November 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. Social Media Benefits. Idealware.
November 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com A "Friends & Family" Approach to Fundraising. Mal Warwick.
November 18, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Check Yes or No.
Singing dancing president sings about the reason to give to the Annual Fund at Hiram College. More e-solicitations.
November 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Lean Thinking.
What is lean thinking and how can you apply these concepts in your own organization? Presentation at the AASP Summit presented by Shannon Flumerfelt. (WMA format.)
November 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Resources. Live Discussions at the Chronicle of Philanthropy.
November 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Software. Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Systems. Idealware.
November 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. International Fundraising.
November 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com e-Solicitation. Hiram College - Check Yes or No. More E-Solicitations.
November 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Idealware's Social Media Library.
November 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology for Today. The Value of Cloud Computing. Tech Republic.
November 16, 09 Revenue Major Gift Samples.
Preparing for the Ask, Reunion Giving Model. Provided by Dan Shephard. More revenue.
November 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Stressful Jobs That Pay Badly. Fundraiser.
November 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Cool U Looks to Hook Web Generation. globecampus.
November 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Seeking Speakers for the CASE Senior Annual Giving Conference.
November 13, 09 SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com Annual Report.
Annual Report from the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Brian Dowling. Annual Report Web Site. More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.
November 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tis the Season. A Holiday Gift of Some Free Wi-Fi.
November 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help. Impact of Technology on NP Organizational Performance.
November 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Twitter + Flickr = Twitterfountain. Wild Apricot.
November 12, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com New Samples Added.
Good News Piece 1, 2,
Parents Fund Self Mailer, Thank You Card. Thanks to from Lola Mauer from the University of South Carolina. More samples.
November 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com What's Wrong with Caritable Giving - And How to Fix It.
November 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com The Rise of Data Discovery and Analysis Tools. Advizor Solutions.
November 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Issue of Up to Speed. A Qualified Discourse. Jon Thorsen.
November 11, 09 Major Gift Report.
Job losses continue to rise, unemployment rates are up and Wall Street bankers appear to be stashing cash while keeping lending restrictions tighter than the lid on a new jar of pickles. And for third week in a row, we hear of a $100 million philanthropic gift, this one to Amherst College. Go figure.
Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
November 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Match Points. Matching Gifts Newsletter from HEP Development.
November 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Good Report on Giving from Carleton College.
November 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help. Use of Technology in Alumni Relations and Development.
November 10, 09 Annual Giving Clubs.
When it comes to Annual Giving clubs, they really are a relic of the past. Mike Westfall. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
November 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Tool for Phonathon Exit Interviews. ClassMarker.
November 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Good Technology Site. All Things Digital.
November 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fly on the Wall. Video Production Company with some Samples.
November 9, 09 RecordsSupportingadvancement.com Save the Dates!
A free “Data Cleansing Strategies” webinar hosted by HEP is being held on Wednesday, November 11th at 2:00PM The presenter is Patrick Saeva is the Director of Technical Strategy at Rochester Institute of Technology. Register now.
November 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Internet. Social Isolation and New Technology. Pew Internet.
November 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media Best Practices for Non-Profit & Public Secord Orgs.
November 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Research. What are the odds? ResearchBuzz.
November 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Save the Dates!
Whether you work in an educational setting, health care, arts organization, or other non-profit area, the sixth annual ADRP International Conference is a valuable investment in you and your organization. Conference sessions are designed to benefit professionals with varying experience levels from all types of institutions.
November 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Solicitation Strategies. BYU State Farm Employee Campaign.
November 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tweeting. 20 Hashtags for Social Entrepreneurs, Nonprofits, Activists.
November 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Research. Presentations from Jay Frost on Linkedin.
November 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Advancement 2.0.
How Institutional Advancement Must Evolve in our Internet-Based Society.
Podcast from a Presentation at the AASP Summit presented by David Lotz, Director of Higher Education, Convio. (WMA format.)
November 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Report. Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Annual Report.
November 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising and Awareness Videos for Non-Profits.
November 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com More Foundations Relying on Endowment Fee to Fund Operations.
November 4, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Digital Cable.
Online interactive digital alumni magazine from Polytechnic Institute at NYU. Provided by Lynne M. Wester. More e-solicitations.
November 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising Blog. Sharpe Tips. Provided by Alan Sharpe.
November 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. EDUCAUSE Core Data Survey Results.
November 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University Progress Report.
November 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com A Fundraiser's Friend.
Blog on fundraising with various topics and a newsletter subscription. Provided by Brian Lacy. More blogs.
November 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Why We Are Impatient Optimists. Presentation by Bill and Melinda Gates.
November 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com The "Obligations" of Gift Club Membership. Dan Allenby.
November 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Major Gifts ... Building on the Relationship.
November 2, 09 SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com Challenge.
The Spartan Challenge from Michigan State University. Brian Dowling. Spartan Challenge Web Site. More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.
November 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Challenge Giving. Spartan Challenge at Michigan State University.
November 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com SupportingAdvancement. Rivalry in Fundraising.
November 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Twitter and Status Updating. Pew Internet Trust.
November 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com From Canada. Report on the Campus eFair.
October 2009
October 30, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Coffee Break.
Alumni at University of La Verne may have never been asked - so we're asking now, so you can preserve the experience you had on campus for the future. More e-solicitations.
October 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Twitter and Status Updating. Pew Internet Trust.
October 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Found in Cache. Hospitals Using Social Networking Sites.
October 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 19 Free Webinars for Non Profits. Wild Apricot.
October 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com More iPhone Apps.
Gettysburg college in the palm of your hand. The popularity of the iPhone continues to grow as more organizations create applications. More on iPhone apps.
Brian Dowling.
October 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com CASE. Circle of Excellence Judges Reports Available.
October 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Ohio Takes to the Clouds. Campus Technology.
October 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology Innovation. I'm in Love With My Car.
October 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tomorrow Made Possible.
Presentation and podcast (WMA format), of session on what we need to do in advancement and development services to meet the future needs of our organizations.
Brian Dowling.
October 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tools for Going All-Electronic at Washington State University.
October 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com In-House Online Communities: Good Investment?  Alumni Futures.
October 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Weathering The Storm. Survey of Non-Profits in British Columbia.
October 27, 09 Major Gift Samples.
Gift Acceptance Policies and Procedures, Multi-Part Gift Strategy, Suspect Research Rating. Provided by Dan Shephard. More revenue.
October 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising Blog. The Captive Consultant.
October 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Affordability. The 100 Most Expensive Colleges.
October 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 8 Best Free Video-Sharing Sites for Nonprofits. Wild Apricot.
October 26, 09

Supportingadvancement.com Engagement.
What can we learn from the Obama Campaign that raised more than $500 million in 21 months? Podcast from the AASP summit by Rich Mintz, Vice President, Strategy at Blue State Digital. (WMA format.)

October 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. The Billion Designers of Windows 7.
October 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Globe Releases 2010 Canadian University Reports.
October 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Distance Learning. Online Education's Great Unknowns.
October 23, 09 ResearchSupportingadvancement.com Best Practices in Research.
Updated. WealthEngine has just released a 60 plus page report dealing with best practices in Prospect Research in Higher Education Fundraising.
October 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Facebook Groups Get a Page-style Makeover.
October 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Student Comment Via Facebook? Our Lawyers Will Be In Touch.
October 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Simple Things. 5 Ways to Select Text With Your Mouse. TechRepublic.
October 22, 09 Revenue Major Gift Samples.Endow Your Annual Support, Prospect Referral Form. Provided by Dan Shephard. More revenue.
October 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign for Prostate Cancer. Boxers on the Hillside.
October 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Demographics. The Millennial Muddle.
October 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. The Top 100 Colleges on Twitter.
October 21, 09 SupportingAdvancement on YouTube Cumberland Alumni.
Cumberland alumni share their common experiences on the Cumberland University Alumni channel.
More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.
October 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Harvard Admits to $1.8  Billion Gaffe in Cash Holdings.
October 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Life in a Google Book Search World. Inside Higher Ed.
October 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com International. India: Government Plans 14 Innovation Universities.
October 20, 09 Major Gift Report.
When it comes to soliciting a major gift, there is no substitute for in-depth research. I sometimes think of development staff as people who time shift back and forth, from immersion into the past and projecting into the future. Why not start with proven philanthropy? Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
October 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Causes on Twitter. TwitCause.
October 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com The Death of Email: 4 Implications for Higher Education. Alumni Futures.
October 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Evaluating CRM.
October 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Humor. The Fundraising Ask - Lebron James on Entourage.
October 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. The Democratization of Online Social Networks.
October 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Feature on Twitter. Twitter Lists 101. Wild Apricot.
October 16, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Web 2.0, 3.0.
Presentation on Web 2.0, 3.0 and social networking with numerous examples.
Brian Dowling. More web sightings.
October 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. The Social Media Maze.
October 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Philanthropy. The Power of the Purse.
October 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising in the UK. Fundraising: How to Get Alumni to Cough Up.
October 15, 09 RecordsSupportingadvancement.com Information Strategies.
Podcast related to presentation on creative information acquisition strategies.
Brian Dowling. More records.
October 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Getting Your Name on Building Gets Cheaper as Non-Profits Compete.
October 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com America's Giving Challenge for Facebook Causes.
October 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Digital Storytelling Challenge. Techsoup.
October 14, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Feature Job.
Chief Operating Officer, Advancement Services at the University of Toronto from the SupportingAdvancement Job board - free services for posting and looking for jobs.
October 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Prospecting. Donor Research Plays a Key Role in Fund-Raising Success.
October 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. State of Utah Social Media Guidelines.
October 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Growth of Wireless. CTIA Semi-Annual Wireless Industry Survey Results.
October 13, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Annual Giving Ad.
Sample annual giving ad from Eastern Washington University
.  Mike Westfall. More samples.
October 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Getting to the Top - EWU/MBA. SupportingAdvancement YouTube Channel.
October 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter. Short Outbursts on Twitter? # Big Problem.
October 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com How and Why to Preview Shortened Links. Wild Apricot.
October 9, 09 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Major Gift Samples.
Making the Ask, Stewardship Plan. Provided by Dan Shephard. More revenue.
October 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Association of Advancement Services Professionals Survey Results.
October 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Why Nonprofits are Good Employers and MBAs Give Bad Advice.
October 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Events that Shaped the University System We Have Today.
October 8, 09 More With LessSupportingadvancement.com Cost Per Dollar Raised.
Perennial question, a variety of answers. Updated with a newsletter from Ketchum Canada, which helps provide additional insights. More frequently asked questions on advancement and development.
October 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Newsletter from Jon Thorsen. Up to Speed.
October 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Resources. Philanthropic Trends Newsletters from Ketchum Canada Inc.
October 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. College Marketing Programs.
October 7, 09

Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com Opinions Needed.
I'd like to take a minute to ask some questions of our readers to get your opinions on e-campaigns - after all we fundraisers do share information. MainSpring Media Communications, Inc.

October 7, 09 Blogging, Blogs, BlogspotsSupportingadvancement.com Fundraising Nerd.
Fundraising and Philanthropy, Nerdy Things, and Nerdy Things Related to Fundraising and Philanthropy. Blog provided by Amanda Jarman. More blogs.
October 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Rankings. Forbes Ranks America's Best Colleges.
October 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Easy to Read Online Viewbook. Capital University.
October 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Giving. Loyola University Maryland.
October 6, 09 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts & Social Media.
Are you trying to sort out what your non profit should be doing in this ever changing world of the internet? Brigham Young University is developing a social media strategy that incorporates their corporate agents program, new technology and the power of viral growth to provide alumni with the tools to not only contribute themselves but to help their friends and colleagues to give as well. They use widgets and social networks to make it all happen. Free webinar from HEP.
October 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Save the Dates. 2009 Fall Meeting - APRA Wisconsin.
October 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Channel Shift. Google Sites Surpass 10 Billion Video Views in August.
October 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Don't Waste My Time. Social Media Marketing Blog.
October 5, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Customer Service.
Presentation on delivering memorable customer service experiences.
Brian Dowling.
October 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web. Is Your Non-Profit Website Turning Off New Readers. Wild Apricot.
October 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Professor main Target of Assault on Twitter.
October 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Free Singapore Seminar. From CASE Asia-Pacific.
October 2, 09 RecordsSupportingadvancement.com Information Strategies.
Presentation on creative information acquisition strategies.
Brian Dowling. More records.
October 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion Samples on SupportingAdvancement.Com.
October 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Comprehensive Reunion Planning Guide. Smith College.
October 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion Planning Guide. Emory University.
October 1, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Resources.
Presentation on some resources that are available to help you with your career.
Brian Dowling.
October 1, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Feature Job.
Senior Director of Advancement Services at the University of Rochester from the SupportingAdvancement Job board - free services for posting and looking for jobs.
October 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime. Princess Margaret Foundation.
October 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Organizing Data. Metadata for All: Use in Libraries.
October 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Organizing Data. North Carolina Metadata Initiatives.
September 2009
September 30, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Web Responsibilities.
Presentation on what you need to be responsible for knowing and doing on the web.
Brian Dowling.
September 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Microsoft's SharePoint Thrives in the Recession.
September 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. For Today's Graduate, Just one Word: Statistics.
September 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Privacy in a new age. And You Thought a Prescription Was Private.
September 29, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com The UCLA Fund.
"Brochure" for the UCLA Fund on how the fund helps. A Professor who raised over a million dollars thanks you. More e-solicitations.
September 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Attracting Talented Leaders in the Nonprofit Sector.
September 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Nonprofits Flocking to Twitter, Making Friends and Money.
September 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com In China, Philanthropy as a New Measuring Stick.
September 28, 09 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Major Gift Samples.
Action Cultivation Plan, Estate Planning Assets Inventory, Gift Valuation Standards. Provided by Dan Shephard. More revenue.
September 28, 09 Implementing Document ManagementSupportingadvancement.com Software Signing.
James Madison University has selected SunGard Higher Education’s Advance solution to replace its existing advancement application and create a self-service environment of information access to help foster engagement and enhance relationships with donors.
September 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com CASE Europe Annual Conference Presentations Now Online.
September 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Interesting resources. Communications Resources.
September 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Non-profit Communications: Which media to use.
September 25, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Nurses and Care.
Excerpt from a campaign video for Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton, Washington. Matt Miner. More e-solicitations and video materials.
September 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. 100 Online Tools for Nonprofits.
September 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Giving. Local Philadelphia Colleges Buck Poor Fundraising Trend.
September 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Advertising Created for Theatres. Georgian College.
September 24, 09 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Lessons Learned.
Presentations on Lessons Learned: A Journey of Mistakes and Revelations. From the Independent College Advancement Associates. Mike Westfall.
September 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Why do people give? The Role of Identity in Giving.
September 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Snapshot of the World's Wealth. APRA Connections.
September 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Wikipedia Revolution. Book Review by David Robertson.
September 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Prepping.
Attending a conference is a great perk. With some of the budget struggles we have on a daily basis, the wise attendee should always remember to get absolutely as much value as possible – and to communicate the value of your organization’s investment when you get back. AASP blog. Brian Dowling. The SupportingAdvancement Blog. More blogs.
September 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter 101 for Nonprofits. Wild Apricot.
September 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com The Challenge of Comparability. Inside Higher Ed.
September 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Put Alumni Needs First: Best Practices for Alumni LinkedIn.
September 22, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Organization Charts.
Some samples of Health Care related foundation and fundraising organization charts. More employment.
September 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Marching.
Given my experience in a variety of non-profit environments, I frequently am asked questions along the lines of, “How on earth do you transition to such a different organizational structure?” or “What are the significant differences between how museums, healthcare or academic institutions operate”? Amy Phillips from the AASP blog.
September 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com A List of All Things Twitter. Twittionary.
September 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Save the Dates. 24th Annual Educational Travel Conference.
September 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Loyola Law School Naming Gift.
September 21, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Survey Results.
CASE has released the results of the 2009 Online Giving Survey compiled by Robert Weiner. Highly recommended that you review the survey results whether or not you are responsible for online giving. There are a number of good insights, facts and figures that you can use to help plan in your organizations.
September 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Blogging. The Long Tail of Blogging is Dying.
September 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Project Management Communications. University of Michigan.
September 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Branded Currency. Tiger Bucks. Trinity University.
September 18, 09 SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com Climbing.
Discussion of 3rd party events and web site for a mountain climbing theme.
Brian Dowling. More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.
September 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Twitter - The Next Hula Hoop?
September 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology Convergence. Talk Your Tweets. Dial2Do.
September 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Interesting Nonprofit Technology Job. Build a Facebook Application.
September 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Request Forms.
Data Request forms added. Tufts Ad Hoc, Tufts Enhancement, University of California, San Francisco, University of Oakland, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. More sample forms.
September 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com APRA. 2010 Call for Presentations.
September 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Remember. 9/11 Response. Philanthropy News Digest.
September 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Public Accountability. Changes in Charity Navigator's Plans.
September 16, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Commencement.
What are your favorite memories from the University of Alabama? What is the true meaning of the word commencement? List supporter as one of the ways you are associated. More e-solicitations.
September 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Communications. Email Still Dominates Internet Communication.
September 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online-Offline. Print to web ... what role for "flip" technology?
September 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Use of Social Networking on Intranets.
September 15, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Job Descriptions.
More job descriptions added. Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Campaign Events Coordinator, Director of Alumni Affairs, Director of Alumni Relations, 2, Director of Development, Annual Giving, Director of Philanthropy, Executive Director of Foundation, Telefund Senior Caller. More Job Descriptions.
September 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Giving: A Luxury Or a Need. The Agitator.
September 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Technology. Digital Storytelling with VoiceThread.
September 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web analytics. Do you know what your web site bounce rate is?
September 14, 09 Michael SteinSupportingadvancement.com Ideas for AG.
Dan Allenby has over 15 years of experience in annual giving strategy, marketing, and operations. More blogs. Dan is also responsible for starting the Annual Giving Exchange on LinkedIn.
September 14, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Most Viewed Job.
Director of Advancement Operations. Take advantage of this free service to post your position openings.
September 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Campaign Progress. Donations to Cancer Institute Hit $1B.
September 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking Challenge. Texas A&M - Louisiana State University.
September 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com How to Get Started with LinkedIn. Wild Apricot.
September 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Endowment Distribution.
Sample of short and concise endowment distribution policy. More policies.
September 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Higher Ed Groups in Survival Mode.
September 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Homeless Man Leaves $4 Million.
September 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com NonProfit Blog Carnival. Wild Apricot.
September 10, 09 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Reporting.
Presentation on understanding advancement/development reporting. Associated Podcast.
More on reporting. Brian Dowling.
September 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Summit 2009.
Over 100 attendees so far for Summit 2009. Great sessions, good times, friends and professional networking. Don't be left out - Register Now!
September 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Giving Blogs in Advancement. UIF Telefund Blog.
September 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Advancement Services Request Form. Rollins College.
September 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Telefund Blog. On the Line with Jason Fisher.
September 9, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Millennials.
Short information piece on some attributes and behaviors of Millennials. Mike Westfall.
September 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Mining. The R Project for Statistical Computing.
September 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Mining. RapidMiner.
September 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Mining Software in Java. Weka 3.
September 8, 09 Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com New and Renew.
As most of us working on campuses look around this week, we can see the renewal of the education cycle - new students are most likely already with you, other students are returning for a new year. Hopefully you are feeling a new surge of energy and interest in expanding your programs and seeing growth in giving and donors. MainSpring Media Communications, Inc.
September 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Save the Date. AGPN Student Workshop.
September 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Theatres - Mobile Devices. Indie Film to Preview on iPhone, iPods.
September 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Generations and Games. Play the Game, Mom.
September 3, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Letter of Inquiry. Foundation letter of inquiry. More samples.
September 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media.Social Technology Growth Marches On.
September 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Rankings. America's Best Colleges. Forbes.
September 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Browsing. IE Posts Largest Loss Since 2008.
September 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Security. 10 Ways to Detect Malware. Computer Republic.
September 2, 09 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Major Gift Report.
The last full week of August was another busy week of major gifts that were announced publicly. Stewardship gifts account for the bulk of major gifts listed in the summary of market activity for August 24th to 28th . Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
September 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey help requested. Alumni-Parent Benchmarks. Alumni Futures.
September 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Who are your common followers on Twitter. Twitcom.
September 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com How to Find Local People on Twitter. Wild Apricot.
September 1, 09 More With LessSupportingadvancement.com Follow the Gift.
Presentation explaining the basics of gift processing for development staff. K. Harvey Summers.
More on gift processing.
September 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Why Some Facebook Users Are Moving On.
September 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Coupons You Don't Clip, Send to Your Cell Phone.
September 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. New Vogue in Tablet Computers.
August 2009
August 31, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com New Annual Giving Samples.
Bookmark for Senior Class Campaign as an educational piece. Thank you note for first time donors. Jim Napier. More samples.
August 31, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Engagement Survey Help Requested.
August 31, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook announces major changes to ways apps access data.
August 31, 09 Supportingadvancement.com How Social Networks Wreck Your Online Anonymity.
August 28, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com The Roots of Our Success.
Good example of an annual fund brochure.
Steven Nicolet. More samples.
August 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com AASP and APRA Partner on Best Practices. APRA Update.
August 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Using BI to Gain a Strategic Advantage in College Admissions.
August 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Time Management. Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule.
August 27, 09 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Major Gift Report.
Signs of the economic recovery appear to be growing with each passing week. The overall health of stock markets has been showing resilience as investors become more active. As the US economy gains momentum we are more likely to see a shift in attitudes towards charitable contributions. It takes time but the trend is moving in that direction. Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
August 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com User Groups.
Not all software providers have a robust user group that directly influences products and directions for future developments. A strong and influential user group should be considered one of the basic requirements in any major software purchase for a variety of reasons - from the AASP blog. Brian Dowling. The SupportingAdvancement Blog. More blogs.
August 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 10 Ways Universities Are Engaging Alumni Using Social Media.
August 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Study Finds Correlation Between Social Media & Financial Success.
August 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com France: Digital Leap Forward for Universities.
August 26, 09

Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com Two from McGill.
Take Flight. Year end piece focuses on the many ways in which gifts to the Alma Mater Fund help to further the successes at McGill. A solicitation and stewardship version were developed. MainSpring Media Communications, Inc.

August 26, 09 Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com Two from McGill.
Take Flight (Commencement). McGill Annual Fund followed their end of calendar year e-solicitation with a commencement-themed e-solicitation for end of fiscal year showcasing scholarship recipients and describing how gifts have impacted these students’ education. MainSpring Media Communications, Inc. More e-solicitations.
August 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com CASE Requests Survey Help on Professional Development.
August 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com iPhone Apps at the University of Saskatchewan.
August 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Canadian Universities on the World State. Macleans.
August 25, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com ICAA Presentations.
Some presentations from the Independent College Advancement Associates Summer Conference. Engaging Students to Become Alumni, Steve Crawford. From Bricks to Bandwidth, Liz Boltz and Aileen Meyer. Looking Back 40 Years and the Next 10 in Advancement, Jack Miller. The Future of Alumni Associations, Jack Miller. Using Technology, Josh Smith.
August 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook Fan Page (Over 6,000 fans!). SUNY Plattsburgh.
August 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Rankings Rate Success in Getting Top Jobs.
August 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Amazon, University of Michigan in Big Book Printing Deal.
August 24, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Upcoming Webinar.
Brian Dowling will be presenting a webinar which will show you examples of the best uses of social networking and media sharing sites with tips on what to consider and what to keep in mind when venturing into these new mediums.
August 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Sharing ideas for nonprofits. IdeaEncore Network.
August 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Study on Perceptions of Students vs. Actual Computer Skills.
August 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gmail Tasks Integrated with Google Calendar.
August 21, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Rankings Up and Down.
Now that we’ve entered another year of the rankings game – all of the analysis, review and discussion of rankings creates the need to formulate and craft language on the changes - whether these are negative or positive. Brian Dowling.
US News & World Report rankings.

More information on rankings on this site: The Trouble with Macleans, US News and World Report breakdown of rankings. Devin Mathias.
August 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Clouds on the Horizon. Apple's Gigantic New Data Center.
August 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Commerce. Facebook Expanding Gift Shop.
August 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Campus Podcast Tours. University of Montreal.
August 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Donations. Colleges and Universities Feel the Pain.
August 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Philanthropy Matters Newsletter.
August 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Baylor University Cuts Ties to Alumni Association.
August 19, 09 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Major Gift Report.
Billionaire philanthropist George Soros made some well deserved headlines this last week with his pledge of $35 million to the needy school children of New York. That was the third mega gift Soros made in the last six months. Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
August 20, 09 Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com Tomorrow's Donors.
"Simply because they are your alumni today doesn't mean they will be your donors tomorrow." True. But as your alumni, they have the potential to be donors. You have a leg up on other charities because they have an experience with your institution. MainSpring Media Communications, Inc.
August 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Achievement Metrics and University Rankings.
August 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Mobile Marketing at Texas A&M.
August 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Stimulus Funding Bulletin.
August 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Request Form.
Sample data request form provided by Christopher J. Praul from Susquehanna University. More sample forms. More on reporting, reporting standards, managing scripts and other related materials on the reporting page.
August 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Updated. Sites with Job Postings.
August 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Utilities. Software That Makes Twitter So Much Tweeter.
August 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Mining. Map Multiple Locations / Find Address Coordinates.
August 17, 09 Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com Victory is Sweet. Still.
E-solicitation to advertise Rice’s “College Battle” event. Using video from previous College Battles – in which the students of each resident hall on campus compete in a bike race – this piece is serious but humorous at the same time. The purpose is to get alumni to make a gift in honor of their respective college as participation and amount of gifts are part of the overall competition.
MainSpring Media Communications, Inc. More e-solicitations.
August 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Search Engine Wars and the Power of the Brand as Verb.
August 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Creative Thinking. The Crowd is Wise (When It's Focused.
August 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com The Short Video Memory on the Web.
August 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Up to Speed.
Each year, several hundred people like us who deal with fundraising from an analytical standpoint gather at a hotel to share the latest techniques, tools and concepts of our profession. Jon Thorsen reporting on APRA '09.
August 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Sit Back & Watch the Tweets Go By.
From ResearchBuzz. Good blog and newsletter - worth subscribing to.
August 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Philanthropy. How the mighty have fallen.
August 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com The Wired Campus. Teens Don't Tweet.
August 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Career Management for Techs. 5 Networking Tips to Advance Your Career.
August 13, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Resources.
Presentation on resources to help you with your career.
SWOT analysis to help you determine your professional development goals. Companion piece - Managing Professional Development. Brian Dowling.
August 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. How much time and effort do you put in?
August 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media.
August 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising is Changing. Matt Frazier from the Pursuant Group.
August 12, 09 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Major Gift Report.
Summer temperatures have been heating up and so has the action on major gifts. Last week we saw two sterling examples of corporate philanthropy, the kind of news that brings people together, makes them feel like they are part of something bigger. Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
August 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. 20 Links to Help You Navigate the Social Web.
August 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Getting Familiar by Social Media. The NonProfit Times.
August 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Honor Roll. Florida Institute of Technology.
August 11, 09 Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com Exciting Times.
Good email and flash campaign from the University of Texas at Austin. Starting with a letter from the president, and moving towards a personalized campaign report, this piece helps viewers to reinforce the ideas of transformations that are enabled by giving. MainSpring Media Communications, Inc. More e-solicitations.
August 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Mining. For Today's Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics.
August 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Collection of Social Media Policies.
August 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Nonprofit Governance. BoardSource Nonprofit Governance Index.
August 10, 09 Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com Donor Centered.
Much of what Stephanie talks about is good sound fundraising practice - be it online, on the phone or even in person we should all be working to be as donor centered as possible and providing folks with the opportunity to inform you how they would like to be communicated with is a component piece of that.
August 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Coffee can wait. Day's first stop is online.
August 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter Troubles Show Fragility of Social Networks.
August 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Create Your Own Merchandise Online. Zazzle.Com.
August 7, 09

SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com Seeing the Future.
Interesting video on game changing wearable technology. Draw a watch on your hand and get the current time.
More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.

August 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com CASE Fundraising Index Predicting Fundraising Growth.
August 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com CASE - The Six Common Myths of Social Media.
August 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Where's Your Org's Social Media Policy?
August 6, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Managing Pro D.
Our environment is becoming increasingly complex. Today's professionals face the challenge of needing to manage with knowledge of multiple disciplines and systems and the ever changing interrelationships between them. Life-long learning is very important. Professional development keeps you abreast of changes in your field, and helps you to provide state of the art services to your institution and its constituents.
Brian Dowling.
August 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Adding a Newsletter Signup Form to Your Facebook Fan Page.
August 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey - 72% of Non Profits Don't Have a Tag Line.
August 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking on the Baudcast.
August 5, 09

SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Direct Mail Appeals.
Two direct mail appeals. The first is targeted towards alumni and the second is targeted towards friends of the university
. Jonathon L. Hawkins from Cumberland University. More samples.

August 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Governance. Money On Their Minds.
August 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Choosing the Best CRM for Your Organization. TechRepublic.
August 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Mascot PR Blog. Ranger Bear.
August 4, 09

BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Major Gift Report.
Ba, ba, ba, boooom, ……..dah, dah, da dun, ……… shuuu balu, shuuu balu. Sounds like music, but coming from a lot of different parties going on. Almost like we can get a virtual glimpse of what’s happening right across the country. Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.

August 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com CU Fundraisers Consider Text-Message Donations.
August 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Gift Email. UNC Asheville.
August 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Dialing Up Donations. Inside Higher Ed.
August 3, 09

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Vocation = Avocation.
A few general thoughts, musings and other information on advancement services from the opening session at the CASE Summer Institute in Advancement Services.
Brian Dowling.

August 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. 10 Annoying Word Features and How to Turn Them Off.
August 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Donations from Foundations at U of L.
August 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Global Student Union to be Formed.
July 2009
July 31, 09 Supportingadvancement.com CASE SIAS 2009.
We're off to the CASE Summer Institute for Advancement Services in Burlington, Vermont. Stay tuned next week for conference updates. Presentations can be viewed here. Facebook page for the institute.
July 31, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking Humor. Feeling 'Tweety' in Web Site Story.
July 31, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media Survey Help Requested.
July 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Lean Thinking.
On Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 1:30pm (EST), The Pawley Institute for Lean Thinking in coordination with the Association of Advancement Services Professionals is presenting  lean learning concepts incorporating  tools, techniques and management philosophies to streamline processes while providing value for stakeholders.
July 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Flight of the Flyers. mStonerblog.
July 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. The Blue Pig Campaign. mStonerblog.
July 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Powered by Orange. mStonerblog.
July 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Staying Ahead in a Changing Economy.
Outlined here are just a few of the tactics shared by roundtable participants as they have navigated the economic downturn. These observations underscore there is no "one size fits all" solution for managing development programs in this or any other economic climate. From
July 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 30 Great Links for Associations. Wild Apricot.
July 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Easier Said than Done: Three Laws of Fundraising Dymamics.
July 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking and Tweeting. 10 Twitter Tricks.
July 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Videos on YouTube.
There are a few advantages to putting your videos on YouTube - from the AASP blog. Brian Dowling. The SupportingAdvancement Blog. More blogs.
July 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com SIAS 2009 Presentations Available for Viewing. CASE. We'll see you there!
July 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Family Ties and Giving. Family Bonding With Universities.
July 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tips and Tricks. Mal Warwick's Newsletter - July 2009.
July 27, 09

BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Major Gift Report.
Who would have guessed? In the city hit hardest by the massive cutbacks to the auto sector, refinancing scenarios, job losses and down right despair, there are a few bright lights shining on the Motor City. Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.

July 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Visualization. Mapping a Birds-Eye View of Foreclosure Misery.
July 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. 2009 Facebook Demographics.
July 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Get Started with Google Alerts. Wild Apricot.
July 24, 09

SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com Different Business.
Dartmouth's business model might seem strange to Wall Street and Main Street. But the returns it generates to society are significant, measured in generations
. More SupportingAdvancement.Com favourites on YouTube.

July 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising Costs. National Center for Charitable Statistics.
July 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising Costs. Dynamics of College and University-Related Foundations.
July 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising Costs. A Game of One-Downmanship. AFP.
July 23, 09

Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Rings.
Why are they important to us? They remind us of things that are irreplaceable. Give back because the ring stands for the values of the university. Make your gift now to Texas A&M. More e-solicitations.

July 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Mining Resources. Social Science Research Network.
July 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Save the dates! 24th Annual Parent Fundraising Conference.
July 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Charities Face Greater Threat from Ponzi Schemes than Lost Investments.
July 22, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Online Advancement Report.
Produced as an alternative for a paper based report. Includes videos with transcripts, giving impact and more. Nan Cormier, AVC University Advancement, UMass, Boston.
July 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 7 Reasons Why College is So Expensive. US News & World Report.
July 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Donor Pledges 6M to Marion University.
July 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Ivy League Endowments Finally 'Dumb'.
July 21, 09 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Transformational Gifts.
The trend of transformational gifts appearing on the doorsteps and into the bank accounts of a select few nonprofits appears to be gaining momentum.
Terry Burton from Dig in Research. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
July 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 60% Challenge. President Makes Pitch on YouTube.
July 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Out with Treos, in with iPhones. TechRepublic.
July 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning.
July 20, 09

SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com Folder Structures.
Good folder structure design is critical to helping you with your productivity. Brian Dowling. SupportingAdvancement.Com on YouTube.

July 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Great Wall of Facebook: Dominating the Internet.
July 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Fund Brochure. Syracuse University.
July 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Security and Usability. Should Websites Show Passwords in Plain Text?
July 17, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Save the Date Postcard.
Homecoming Save the Data Postcard
. Jonathon L. Hawkins from Cumberland University. More samples.
July 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Direct Mail Cartoons. Globe and Mail.
July 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com What are Your Non-Profit's Goals for Social Media? Wild Apricot.
July 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com CASE Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Update.
July 16, 09 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com Tech Republic.
Very good site on all things technical and systems related. Newsletters, sample forms, tips and tricks, white papers, downloads and much much more. Check out their newsletter subscriptions. More systems.
July 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Getting Good by Doing Good: Philanthropy in Tough Times. Globe and Mail.
July 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. More than Half of Online Canadians Social Networking.
July 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com In the Cloud. Adobe Moves Close to Online Office Suite.
July 15, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Enabling Your Passion.
Growing up and deciding what you want to do according to your passion. How your passion is enabled at McGill. Help by supporting the annual fund. More e-solicitations.
July 15, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Job Descriptions Added.
Assistant Director of Gift Services, Development Officer and Prospect Researcher, Director of Advancement Services, Director of Strategic and Direct Marketing, Senior Systems Training Specialist. More job descriptions.
July 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Can Governments Till the Fields of Innovation? New York Times.
July 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Viral Video: Watch The Bouncing Execs Play Digital Musical Chairs.
July 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Image Processing. Those Big Bright Eyes May Soon be Brighter.
July 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com MainSpring Board - Blog on Fundraising Strategies, Tactics and Solutions.
July 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Third Party Events Management. Alzheimer's Society.
July 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Good One Page Summary of Six Steps for High Performance Email.
July 13, 09 RecordsSupportingadvancement.com ECM.
Many organizations are doing electronic imaging, but fewer have implemented electronic content management software (ECM). This should be a consideration in the next stage of your imaging strategy. Brian Dowling. More on imaging and electronic content management on the records page.
July 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com AGPN. Survey Help Requested. Inside Higher Ed.
July 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Nonprofit Film Festival for Nonprofit and Cause-Driven Organizations.
July 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Baudcast on Social Networking. Blackbaud.
July 10, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com $100 Million Dollar Gifts.
Just when the DOW Jones average was beginning to look a little unsettled and talk of inflation began to take up more space in the daily financial news, along comes several generous philanthropists to get people thinking about something good. Terry Burton from Dig in Research.
July 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Business for 'U.S. News'. Inside Higher Ed.
July 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Princeton University to Offer Early Retirement.
July 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tribune Sues U. of I. For Applicant Data.
July 9, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
Both are good examples of customizing content. 2008-09 spring direct mail to multiple segments
. 2009-09 egiving sent to various schools. Jane Ong from UC Irvine. More samples.
July 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com IT Staffing and Spending. 2008 NTen Report Available.
July 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Taxes. Federal Agency Examines How Taxpayers Report Cash Contributions.
July 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Giving USA Reports Drop in 2008 Giving. Robert L. Weiner Consulting.
July 8, 09 SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com Search Engine Wars.
Brief overview discussion on how various search engines perform. Brian Dowling. SupportingAdvancement.Com on YouTube.
July 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Corporate Philanthropy 2008. Data Trends and the Changing Economy.
July 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Friends Asking Friends. Alumni Fidelity.
July 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Credit Card Law Affects Alumni Association Credit Card Programs. CASE.
July 7, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Commencement.
Commencement - the shared experience that binds us together. The class has many reasons to celebrate, and you are always part of this. Help us build the future by supporting Gonzaga Law today. Contributed by Brooke Ellis. More e-solicitations.
July 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising Campaign Pyramid. Metropolitan Group.
July 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Table Calculator.
July 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com When Mom or Dad Asks to be Your Facebook Friend.
July 6, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Job Board.
Resources for employers and employees. Post jobs for free on the job board. Other sites with job postings.
July 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Connecting Student Loans and Alumni. UniThrive.
July 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com UVA's $3 Billion Fundraising Campaign on Track Despite Economy.
July 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Compliance. PCI Security Standards Council.
July 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Channel Shift. 2010: Print to Web Odyssey. University Business.
July 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Results. The State of Print and Electronic Publications in Higher Ed.
July 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web Conference Presentations Available for Portal 2009.
June 2009
June 30, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Shaping the Future.
For achievement, to meet high expectations and the future. Defined by honor, family, friends, a legacy of service. Make you first gift to Norfolk Academy. More e-solicitations.
June 29, 09 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com iPhone Applications (Updated).
Princeton creates small device content for their reunion program. Brian Dowling. More systems.
June 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Blog Entries Requested. Strategic Trends in Alumni Engagement.
June 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Non Profit Web 2.0 on Facebook. Post Your Twitter.
June 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Security. Campus IT Officials Feel Safer, But Fear Botnets.
June 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Giving USA 2009 Report Released.
June 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Campus tour. Wilfred Laurier University.
June 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Giving. 2008 DonorCentrics Internet Giving Benchmark Analysis.
June 25, 09 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gift Month.
The month of February has been designated as Matching Gift Month, HEP Development’s Matching Gift Advisory Council (MGAC) announced today, with the first celebration set for February, 2010. More on matching gifts.
June 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Princeton Puts Reunions on Your iPhone. Alumni Futures.
June 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Lawrence University Receives $15 Million Bequest.
June 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Blog. Mainspring Board. Mainspring Media Communications.
June 24,09 Supportingadvancement.com Registration Open.
Registration for the second annual AASP Summit is now open! Join us in Chicago from September 30-October 2 as we offer provocative ideas and discussions about advancement services.
June 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Twitter Goes to College.
June 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Charities in Canada. Charities Information Webinars.
June 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Corrupted Files. The New Student Excuse. Inside Higher Ed.
June 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Performance Evaluation Form.
Sample of a performance plan and evaluation form. More sample forms.
June 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Blog. University and Advancement Branding.
June 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter in Health Care Fundraising. Eden Foundation.
June 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter vs. Facebook. Traffic Stats Picture.
June 22, 09 SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com Scholarships.
Review of the Save Our Scholarships online interactive campaign from Eastern Washington University. Brian Dowling. SupportingAdvancement.Com on YouTube.
June 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Campaign Website. The Campaign for Fresno State.
June 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Newsletter. The Center for Generational Studies.
June 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Recession Makes the Frozen North More Appealing. New York Times.
June 19, 09 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com SIAS 2009.
We are highly recommending the CASE Summer Institute in Advancement Services which covers the the myriad of tasks managed in development and advancement services.
More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
June 19, 09 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com AASP News You Can Use.
Association of Advancement Services Professionals News and Updates. More news on the SupportingAdvancement blog.
June 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com CASE Reporting Standards & Management Guidelines Released.
June 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 30 Great Links for Associations. Wild Apricot.
June 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com A Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Systems. idealware.
June 18, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Shaping the Future.
Shaping the future - finding passion, living dreams, reaching potential. Tradition, and excellence, Suny College at Oneonta. Make your first gift today. More e-solicitations.
June 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. 26 Social Media Slideshare Presentations. Wild Apricot.
June 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Philanthropy Research. Altruism is Sexy, Research Suggests.
June 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Mal Warwick Associates. Mal Warwick's Newsletter - June 2009.
June 17, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com New Web Technologies.
Presentation on using new web technologies for both internal and external purposes to leverage both constituent engagement and internal processes. Associated Podcast. Brian Dowling.
June 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. IT Dogged by Security Issues, Studies Find.
June 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Is Your Charity Tweeting for Twollars, er. Dollars?
June 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Survey Sample. Saint Joseph's College.
June 16,09 Supportingadvancement.com Accurate Recording.
A couple of perspectives on accurate gift recording from the AASP blog. The SupportingAdvancement Blog. More blogs. More on matching gifts.
June 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. SociafyQ - Social Media Tracking and Analysis. Wild Apricot.
June 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Rankings Can  Trigger Innovation. University World News.
June 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Adding Google Maps to Your Website.
June 15,09 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Free Matching Gifts Webinar.
Understanding the basics of corporate matching gifts and the best practices in administering the matching gift cycle is key to maximizing funds raised. Join us at our complimentary seminar to learn the techniques that will give you the best practices. HEP Development Services.
June 15,09 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts Samples Added.
Acknowledgement, Follow Up Letter, Insert, Mailer - Front, Reverse, Matching Gift Postcard. More on matching gifts.
June 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com In Pursuit. Newsletter from the Pursuant Group.
June 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Magazine. Sigma Nu Fraternity - The Digital Delta.
June 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com UMich Gets Better Deal in Google's Library of the Future Project.
June 12, 09 SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com Philanthropy Timeline.
A philanthropy timeline is a good way to help visitors to your site understand the context of philanthropy at your organization. Brian Dowling. SupportingAdvancement.Com on YouTube.
June 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion on Facebook. California State University, Northridge.
June 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com U.N. Announces First Free E-university. UPI.com.
June 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Fundraising Software Platform. Convio Common Ground CRM.
June 11, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com What Brought You?
What were you expecting and what did you get at Loyola Marymount University. Welcome back to new places - still vibrant still diverse and still your university. Make your first gift today. More e-solicitations.
June 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising Technology Resources. Robert L. Weiner Consulting.
June 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com How to Talk With Donors About Planned Gifts. Blackbaud.
June 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 23 Planned Giving Terms You Should Know. Blackbaud.
June 10, 09 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts Survey Results.
Results of the 2009 Matching Gifts Survey are now released. The response rates were very good with almost 450 participants. We hope we can all learn strategies to improve our matching gift efforts through reviewing the results of this fourth annual survey. Thanks to everyone who participated. Brian Dowling and Amy Phillips. More on Matching Gifts.
June 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Wiki. Main Page - PhilanthropyWiki.
June 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Don't Tweet to Teens. iThinkOnline.
June 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Employment. Jobs for Change: Towards a Non-Profit Career. Wild Apricot.
June 9, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Named Gifts Activity Surging.
Summer is here, the stock markets are trending upwards and philanthropists are leading the way. Yes, leading the way. While many nonprofit organizations have been content to ride the “….woe is me bandwagon of despair…” many others have seized the moment, engaged their donor community with tales of stewardship and visions of what is to come. Terry Burton from Dig in Research.
June 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts.
How Advancement Services can help in maintain matching gift revenues on the AASP blog. The SupportingAdvancement Blog. More blogs. More on matching gifts.
June 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com To Nonprofits Seeking Cash, Facebook App Isn't So Green. Washington Post.
June 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Digital Publishing and Sharing. Issuu. Sample of Published Article.
June 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Student Produced Video Content. Rutgers - RU-tv Network.
June 8, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com For the Students.
How you can help - The Rutgers fund supports all areas of the university. Focus is on a three fold foundation, for the students - for the future. Contributed by Jim Napier. More e-solicitations.
June 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Research. Knowing Who Can Afford What. The NonProfit Times.
June 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Software Selection. Find and Select Products. TechSoup.
June 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Animoto Gives Free Pro Accounts to Non-Profits and Causes.
June 5, 09 SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com Augmented Reality.
What is an example of augmented reality, and how might this apply to fundraising? A brief tour of the Virtual Sasquatch. Brian Dowling. SupportingAdvancement.Com on YouTube.
June 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Giving. Building Donations and Loyalty Through the Web Channel.
June 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Giving. Size of Average Online Gift Dropped in 2008.
June 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Education. At GMU You Can Major in Computer Games.
June 4, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Rating Your Web Presence.
This rating sheet can be used to review and score your web presence using common principles? Brian Dowling. More web related materials.
June 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. How a Student-Friendly Kindle Could Change the Textbooks.
June 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 5 Steps to Developing a Powerful Social Networking Strategy.
June 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising. Fund Raising Challenge.
June 3, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Shaping the Future.
Lynchburg college is a place to be inspired by tradition, innovation, family, friends and more.
Give to the Annual Fund by making your first 25 dollar gift. More e-solicitations.
June 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. How a Student-Friendly Kindle Could Change the Textbooks.
June 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Amazon Hopes Its Bigger Kindle Ignites Demand.
June 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Facebook and Grades: The Debate Continues.
June 2, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Job Descriptions Added.
Associate Director of Prospect Management, Director of Donor Relations, Director of Planned Giving. Contributed by Amy J. Phillips. More job descriptions.
June 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. New Kindle and Electronic Textbooks.
June 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Riding Out the Storm - How HR is Coping With Economic Realities.
June 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Group Says U of C 'Censored" Student's Facebook Album.
June 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Participation Rates.
What is it with participation rates? New posting on the AASP blog. The SupportingAdvancement Blog. More blogs.
June 1, 09 ResearchSupportingadvancement.com Save the Dates.
challenging economic years, every dollar spent must show ROI. Now, more than ever, you have to make the right investment in your professional education and development. The APRA 22nd Annual Conference is the best budget allocation you'll make this year.
June 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Giving Sites. The Stanford Fund with Student Video on Scholarships.
June 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Giving Sites. UCLA With Professor Video.
June 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Research. 3 New Search Tools to Find the Answers. Wild Apricot.
May 2009
May 29, 09 SupportingAdvancement on YouTubeSupportingadvancement.com I Am Fresno State.
Example of a good integration of various social media sites and internal web site to create some excitement around a video contest. Brian Dowling. SupportingAdvancement.Com on YouTube.
May 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. Alumni Associations. Paul Clifford.
May 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Research. Most Influential Doctors Database.
May 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com CASE Takes Position on Itemized Deduction Cap, Estate Tax.
May 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com NEAG Annual Giving Survey.
Northeast annual giving survey comparison of annual fund results of 10 plus schools. Contributed by Mike Westfall. More surveys.
May 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Mystery Donor Gives $7 Million to Alaska School.
May 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. $5 Million Gift to University of Rhode Island.
May 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Kindle Off to College.
May 26, 09 More With LessSupportingadvancement.com Selling Your Budget.
What is the best strategy to try and position budget growth, or at a minimum, budget retention in tough times when the optics are that we need to pull back, have off ramps, cut back and do more with less? Brian Dowling. More budgets, planning and related materials.
May 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Board Giving. Major Giving Begins With Your Board.
May 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Resources for Nonprofits. Western Michigan University.
May 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Board Giving Statistics. Older piece, but interesting reference.
May 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Remember.
Have a good memorial day and enjoy your time with family and friends. Travel safely.
May 22, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Shaping the Future.
The University of North Florida is a place to be inspired. Potential, innovation, family, lifelong friendships, integrity - so make your first gift right now.
More e-solicitations.
May 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Have Fun - Do Good.
Blog for people who want to make the world a better place AND have fun! More blogs.
May 21, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Donate Lee's Money.
Call to action video to encourage faculty and staff to donate to scholarship campaign. It features four scholarship recipients who share their personal stories on how they’ve changed their lives through education. Official landing page site. Contributed by Melissa Hoyos from City University of Seattle. More e-solicitations.
May 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. New Guide Helps Choose Donor Management System.
May 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Anonymous Giving Gains in Popularity as Recession Deepens.
May 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. IT Security Investments Immune to Cutbacks.
May 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 10 Top Tips for Charities from Journalists.
May 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Community Colleges and the Economic Downturn.
May 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Eight Things You Didn't Know About the Internet.
May 20, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Micro Sites and Campaigns.
Example of a good use of a micro site for a targeted annual giving campaign. Brian Dowling. SupportingAdvancement on YouTube.
May 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Press Release. SunGard Higher Education and iModules.
May 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Notre Dame Critics Tally $8.2 Million in Denied Donations Over Obama.
May 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Universities Sell Debt as Endowments Falter.
May 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Digital Convergence.
On the AASP Blog.
Digital convergence is happening faster than we realize, and just as the PC industry innovated at dramatic rates in the past, the mobile device industry is now the hotbed of innovation because of the intense level of competition. Brian Dowling. More blogs.
May 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Michigan State Gets $10 Million from Mystery Donor.
May 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Anonymous Donor Gives Million to Colleges.
May 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tuition Debate in UK. Oxford University Losing 8,000 per student.
May 15, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com 12 Reasons to Give.
Minnesota State Mankato Annual Fund.
May 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Family Charities Shift Assets to Donor Funds. Wall Street Journal.
May 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com To Nonprofits Seeking Cash, Facebook App Not So Green.
May 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Unrest on Campus as Donors Rebel. Wall Street Journal.
May 14, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Named Gifts Report.
Premier issue of the NAMED GIFTS Report, scheduled for publication on a quarterly basis. In this issue you will find a collection of named gifts from January to April 2009. Terry Burton from Dig in Research.
May 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Mystery Donor. $6 Million Secret Donation to Binghamton University.
May 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Colleges Weigh 'Yes We Can' Approach to Fund Raising.
May 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Video Lectures. Academic Earth.
May 13, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Amazing.
Our students amaze us at Mary Baldwin College. Student testimonials thanking donors and talking about how financial assistance has helped them.
Second in a series. This one features a stronger ask, and reinforces Annual Fund messages that went out over the fiscal year. Part 1 won an award of excellence from CASE.
Contributed by Jennifer Moriarty Hagen. More e-solicitations.
May 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Save the dates! The Big Ten Fundraisers Institute. August 1-5, 2009.
May 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube. Videos by Students Posted to Recruit Students.
May 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Security. DC Agency Sends Personal Info to Aid Applicants.
May 12, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com More Job Descriptions Added.
Associate Director of Development Services, Director of Advancement Services and Donor Relations, Director of Development Services and Operations, Stewardship Coordinator. More job descriptions.
May 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Pursuant Group. New Stock Piece for Year End Solicitations.
May 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com News and Activities of Interest to Institutionally Related Foundations.
May 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Taking Guesswork Out of Auction Fundraising. (Registration Required.)
May 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts in the UK.
Bob Burdenski speaks on the UK Matched Funding Scheme. More videos from CASE on YouTube.
May 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Colleges Ask Donors to Meet Demand for Aid. New York Times.
May 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Video is Changing College Recruiting. eCampus News.
May 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Why is Web 2.0 Important to Higher Education. Campus Technology.
May 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Reach for Innovation.
We're out of the office today at the AASP board meeting. One of the items to be discussed will be the AASP Summit 09 in Chicago. Don't forget to participate in the first annual AASP Staffing Survey if you haven't done so already.
May 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Interactive Spirit of Giving Web Site.
May 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com University of Dubuque Gets $30 Million Gift.
May 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Remembering the Virginia Tech Tragedy.
May 7, 09 Policies and ProceduresSupportingadvancement.com Fiscal Policies and Procedures.
Good fiscal policies and procedures manual with sample forms. Mike Westfall. More policies.
May 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Development Services Help Site. University of Michigan.
May 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook. OSU to Allow Posts on Facebook Page.
May 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Facebook. Living Social Becomes #1 App on Facebook. Inside Facebook.
May 6, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Web Analytics for Higher Education.
Good overview presentation on Web Analytics from Robert E. Johnson. More web sightings.
May 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web Analytics. How to Track Social Media Analytics. Mashable.Com.
May 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web Analytics. Web Analytics Demystified. Occam's Razor.
May 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Six Reasons Why Your Blog Is Your Most Important Social Media Tool.
May 5, 09 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com iPhone Applications (Updated).
The iPhone represents a “sea change” in how portable devices and applications enable an ecommerce experience in a way that has never been easier. You can download applications, iTunes and in the future, who knows ….. Updated with some new application examples. Brian Dowling. More systems.
May 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Report Finds Use of Social Networking Tools on the Rise in Admission Offices.
May 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media and College Admission Changes.
May 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Campus Collaborative Tools Strategy Development. UC Berkeley.
May 4, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Top Site Pages.
Some of the most viewed pages for the week of April 27th. Courtesy of Google Analytics.

Supportingadvancement.com Job Descriptions - Advancement Operations Manager
Supportingadvancement.com Letters to Businesses
Supportingadvancement.com Basketball Solicitation Letter
Supportingadvancement.com Supervisor Interview Questions
Supportingadvancement.com E-soliciations Page

We thank you for your continued interest.
May 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Using Technology To Do More With Less. Campus Technology.
May 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Be Connected - North Central College News Options.
May 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 11 Video Stories Take You On a Tour of Suffolk University.
May 1, 09 ResearchSupportingadvancement.com Property Assessment.
Links to property assessment databases from around the country that allow you to search online, usually by owner name or property address, in order to find the assessed values of properties. Provided and maintained by Angela Vaughan. More prospect research resources.
May 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Taxes. Wall Street Journal.
May 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Security in Troubled Times. Campus Technology.
May 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Young Alumni Rally. University of Miami.
April 2009
April 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Staffing Survey.
The Association of Advancement Services Professionals – AASP is pleased to announce the launch of the Advancement Services Staffing Survey. It will help to to capture a comprehensive snapshot of Advancement Services across all not-for-profit organizations. Every not-for-profit organization is invited to participate.
April 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. $50 Million for International Studies Institute at Yale.
April 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com FLIX50. YouTube Contest from York University.
April 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Good campaign site. Bold New Brock from Brock University.
April 29, 09 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Sample Demographic Reports.
Alumni Counts by Major Market, Alumni Distribution by Major Market, Alumni Distribution by Major US Market, Alumni Event Demographic Profile, Alumni Event PRIZM Profile, Alumni Travel PRIZM Profile. See the Favorite Reports page for more reporting samples.
April 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Think Before you Ink. Resource for Cost-Savings in All Things Print.
April 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com 100 Twitter Tools to Help You Achieve Your Goals. Sociable Blog.
April 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter. Review of 26 Sites for Undergraduate Admissions. Bob Johnson.
April 28, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com More Job Descriptions Added.
Campaign Director, Database Coordinator, Director of Corporate Relations. Contributed by Amy J. Phillips. More job descriptions.
April 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com How to get a branded YouTube Channel for your Institution. collegewebeditor.
April 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter Tactics - Leveraging the Brand Sweet Spot in Tweets.
April 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com What makes a successful online community?
April 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Allowable Demographic Information Under HIPPA. AHP.
April 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Reunion Schedule. Washington College.
April 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Charitable Gifts of $1 Million or More Declined. Center on Philanthropy.
April 27, 09 Annual FundSupportingadvancement.com AFI Classic Newsletters.
Annual Fund Inc.'s selection of newsletters from a few years back, still some good information. Issue 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. More annual giving.
April 24, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com New Job Descriptions.
Annual Fund Chairs, Annual Giving Officer, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Director of Annual Giving, Leadership Annual Giving Phonathon Manager, Phonathon Supervisor, Telefund Assistant Director, Grants and Special Projects Coordinator. More job descriptions.
April 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com NetWORKING. The Weak Link Syndrone. HigherEdJobs.com.
April 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Email Marketing. Taking Email to the Next Level.
April 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Don't Discount the Value or Distress of Nonprofits. Detroit Free Press.
April 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Fundraising Well.
Fundraising Well is now also a blog! The blog will serve as an additional resource to complement Blackbaud's newsletter. Discuss your ideas and views about fundraising effectively in today’s world. More Blackbaud Blogs. SupportingAdvancement Blogs Page.
April 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Searches. Google Profiles Tool Makes it Easier to Search Out Smiths.
April 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Mayo Clinic Backs New Personal Health Record Site.
April 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com How-To. Twitter Lists, Resources & How Tos. Mashable.Com.
April 22, 09 Matching GiftsMatching Gifts Practices.
Final days for the survey to be open, we'll be closing it on Friday. We're asking for your help with the 2009 matching gifts best practices survey. It has been revised and upgraded to allow a greater depth and breadth of details for analysis including additional questions on challenges and government matching programs.
Amy Phillips and Brian Dowling. Online version. Print version.
April 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Keep Your Campaign Aim True. CASE.
April 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Is it worth it? ROI Calculator for Social Network Campaigns.
April 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Careers. HigherEd Careers - Interviews with Higher Education Experts.
April 21, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Smart Communications.
Smart Communications Strategy in a Down Economy, by Neil Sagebiel a freelance writer and blogger who specializes in B2B marketing communications and university fundraising and writes extensively about professional golf.
Neil Sagebiel, Copywriter + Blogger, http://headlinesfromfloyd.com, 540-745-5472.
April 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Mystery Donors Give Over $45M to 9 Universities.
April 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Reporting. BI eases IT Workload at SD Supercomputer Center.
April 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Importance of Good Data. Data, Disconnected. Information Management.
April 20, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
Challenge gifts. Berklee College of Music, Longwood University, ITP Trustee Challenge. More samples.
April 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. Data Practices.
April 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. 75% of Online Teens Use Social Networking.
April 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Search Engine Marketing. Beginner's guide. SEOMOZ.org.
April 17, 09 Canadian FundraiserSupportingadvancement.com Self Audits.
Just seeing the word “audit” can stimulate a gut wrenching reaction. Too often audits are imposed from the outside, painful, punitive, fear provoking and reactive. But what if as a board you reframed audit as “Assessment Under Direction of Intelligent Terrestrials”? Canadian FundRaiser.
April 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Alumni Relations Blog. The Phoenix Rising. Cumberland University.
April 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube. Student Videos Help Market Academic Programs.
April 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning. University of Manitoba.
April 16, 09 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Free Matching Gifts Webinar.
Acquiring accurate information on donors, especially employment information, is one of the first steps for increasing matching gifts for your non profit. Learn the strategies needed for improving your matching gift results and maximize the productivity of your phonathon!
April 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Viral Marketing. Share the Walden Experience.
April 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Research. Search for Salaries and Jobs.
April 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Stimulus Response Page - University of South Carolina.
April 15, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Global Faces/Networked Places.
Good report with charts, graphs and analysis on social networking's new global footprint
. Nielsen.
April 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Cornell Gets $170 Million Well Ahead of Schedule.
April 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com More Bad News on Campus: Scholarships Drying Up.
April 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. 10 College Twitterers to Watch. The Wired Campus.
April 14, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
President's Circle Brochure
and President's Circle Reply Card. Contributed by Mary Beth Finnerty from Sienna College. More samples.
April 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. facebook Promoting High-End Virtual Gifts for Charity.
April 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Defribrillator Jobs -- Part 3. HigherEdJobs.
April 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Kwantlen College's Digital Cafe.
April 9, 09 RecordsSupportingadvancement.com Series on Electronic Imaging.
If you haven't considered using or implementing electronic imaging as part of your operations, here's a good set of resources on the subject. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. Provided by Ursula Shail. More records.
April 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Social Media for Non-Profits. Wild Apricot.
April 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Security. What's behind the rash of university data breaches? Computerworld.
April 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Metrics. The International Newsletter of Public Relations Management.
April 8, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Don't Give.
Senior Class Gift solicitation video from Lehigh University called, "Don't Give". It is a parody of the "Don't Vote" video made famous by our recent election. It has a nice mix of students, faculty, staff members and even the college president. More e-solicitations.
April 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Communicating in Bad Times. University Affairs.
April 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Media. Podcasting Goes Mainstream. eMarketer.
April 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. facebook's New Profile Pages: Good News for Nonprofits.
April 7, 09 Annual FundSupportingadvancement.com Young Alumni Programs.
The View from Stanford: Why Video marketing and Email Marketing Make a Perfect Match. Involver Blog. Have a look at the Stanford site the blog posting refers to. Information contributed by Scott Jahnke.
April 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. Giving to Charity in 2009.
April 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web Site Development. Web Redesign on a Dime. University Business.
April 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Budget Cuts, Courtesy of Donor X. Inside Higher Ed.
April 6, 09 Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com E-Philanthropy Strategy.
It's important to have an overarching e-philanthropy strategy and plan. This piece has a number of summary steps that help for the basis of an integrated overall plan. Brian Dowling. More web sightings.
April 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter and Status Updating. Pew Internet & American Life Project.
April 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Security. facebook Users Suffer Viral Surge.
April 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Board Evaluation. Sample Survey.
April 3, 09 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Evolving Direct Mail.
Is your direct mail program evolving - this is not your father's #10 envelope. Presentation from David Hazeltine presented at the AGPN conference. More revenue.
April 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Commitment Form.
Sample commitment form provided by Christopher J. Praul from Susquehanna University. More sample forms.
April 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube EDU. Higher Ed YouTube.
April 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Open Source CMS Comparisons. idealware. (Registration required.)
April 1, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Mobile Web 2009 = Desktop Web 1998. Jakob Nielsen.
March 2009
March 31, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
Loyola University
Parent E-news provided by Katie Reifenberg. Related Parents Association giving page, Parents Association web site. More samples.
March 31, 09 Supportingadvancement.com YouTube Creates new Section to Highlight College Content.
March 31, 09 Supportingadvancement.com College Acceptance Letters are Glitzier, but Rejections are Harsher.
March 31, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. Impact of Economic Downturn.
March 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com SunGard Announcements.
SunGard and iModules to Integrate Interactive Online Communities for Advancement Customers, SunGard Higher Education and Experian QAS Extend Address Verification, Immaculate University Winner of the 2009 SunGard Higher Education Award.
March 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Donation Usability: Increasing Online Giving to Non-Profits. Jakob Nielsen.
March 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Relationship Symmetry in Social Networks. bokardo.com.
March 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com SmartPen as Digital Ethnography Tool. Digital Ethnography.
March 25, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Board Management.
Auburn University - Conflict of Interest Policy
, Hudson College - Board Expectations, Lutheran Seminary - Board Expectations, Michigan State - Board Experience Survey, University of Alaska Fairbanks - Board Orientation. Ins and Outs of Board Management. More board management materials.
March 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Ontario Nonprofit Network: Constellations for the Public Good. Wild Apricot.
March 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tweeting. Twitter at Marietta College.
March 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tweeting. Twitter at Tarleton State.
March 24, 09 ResearchSupportingadvancement.com Boosting Giving and Research.
With competition for donor dollars at an all-time high, nonprofit organizations are increasingly turning to prospect research to help them identify their best prospects, as well as to strengthen their donor relationships and fundraising programs. Blackbaud. More Prospect Research.
March 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data. Master Data: The Importance of Relationship Management.
March 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Admissions Contest. Rant Like Rick. Academica Group Inc.
March 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0 Finally Takes on Textbooks. Campus Technology.
March 23, 09 Policies and ProceduresSupportingadvancement.com Agreements.
University of St. Thomas - Scholarship Agreement, Selkirk College - Endowment Agreement.
More Policies.
March 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Web. How Memes Can Help Your Nonprofit Blog. Wild Apricot.
March 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Community Advertisement in Alumni Magazine. Skidmore.
March 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Behavioral Targeting. An Icon That Says They're Watching You.
March 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tweating. Twitter: It Isn't Just for Breakfast anymore.
March 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Community Advertisement in Alumni Magazine. Lamar University.
March 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com President Blogging in English and French. University of Ottawa.
March 20, 09 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com Site Visit Checklist.
Site visits are a very important component of a system replacement project. The checklist can be used to help structure these visits so time is productive. It helps to systematize the process so that you’re comparing “apples to apples” and asking the same questions at every organization you decide to visit. Brian Dowling. More systems.
March 19, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Pick Up Tuition.
Clever appeal with alum and student where alum picks up 1/2 the student tuition. More e-solicitations.
March 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. ROI Calculator for Social Network Campaigns.
March 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com What makes a successful online community? Wild Apricot.
March 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com How Today's Students are Shaping Higher Education Space.
March 18, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Samples Added.
Campaign Brochure, E-Giving Letter, Holiday Card, Senior Class Brochure, Senior Class E-Giving. Jane Ong from UC Irvine. More samples.
March 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. A Guide to Surviving a Round of Lay Offs.
March 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter. Tweet Me I'm Irish. Twitter Campaign from Axe.
March 18, 09 Supportingadvancement.com facebook. Track Facebook Page Metrics.
March 17, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com Performance Management.
Development officer fiscal year performance measurements and metrics. Mike Westfall.
More employment and staff management materials.
March 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Harvard to Cut 25 Percent of Investment Unit's Staff.
March 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Support. 10+ Things Support Techs Say (And What They Really Mean).
March 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Support. 10+ Things Users Say (And What They Really Mean). TechRepublic.
March 16, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Class Agent Samples.
Abilene Christian - Job Description, Recruiting Letter, Thank you Letter. Oberlin - Fundraising Letter from Class Agent.
More samples.
March 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0 Showing Signs of Recession. Wild Apricot.
March 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Media Cloud. Visualizations of Media from Different Sources.
March 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Mascots. Nanuk's Notebook. College of the North Atlantic.
March 13, 09 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Acid Tests for New Projects.
How do we update our plans for Information Systems and Data Management and make strategic decisions on an ongoing basis in relation to how the work changes and changes in the world? Information systems plans need to address mid-to-long term needs but should be very flexible in an environment that changes rapidly. Brian Dowling.
March 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. New Facebook Home Page Now Live.
March 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com President's Proposal to Cap Itemized Deductions. CASE.
March 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Defibrillator Jobs - Part 1. HigherEdJobs.
March 12, 09 Annual FundSupportingadvancement.com 2008 Annual Giving Survey.
Compilation of annual giving survey results from Bob Burdenski. Primarily focused on general annual giving demographics.
March 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Which economic ledge is your prospect on? Working Philanthropy.
March 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Search Engines. Google Cheat Sheet.
March 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Annual Giving Podcasts. Bob Burdenski.
March 11, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com 9,000 alumni are M.A.D.
9,000 alumni are M.A.D., (Making a Difference), for Bucknell. Creative e-solicitation using interactive world map to direct viewer to alumni stories on BLink.
Email sent to direct people to the online giving site. Contributed by Jason McCaham. More e-solicitations.
March 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. The First Cut Isn't Always the Deepest. Inside Higher Ed.
March 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Magazine. The College of New Jersey.
March 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Magazine. Cornell Report.
March 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Magazine. Manchester College.
March 10, 09 EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com New Job Descriptions.
Assistant Director of Electronic Communications, Director of Alumni Relations, Director of Major Gifts, Donor Stewardship and Prospect Research, Manager of Prospect Management, Report Writer. More job descriptions.
March 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Downturn in Federal Research Spending. Inside Higher Ed.
March 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Payment Processing for the Small Nonprofit.
March 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Marketing in a Down Economy. Online Bulletin Board.
March 9, 09 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com More Save Our Scholarships.
In addition to the site, the foundation has a list of stories on endowments to provide additional context to the case for support. Press release from the Foundation to put the piece in context. Image of web site. Video from web site and YouTube.
March 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Advertising to Gen Y on Social Networks.
March 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Calgary Airport Authority Using facebook Connect.
March 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Recession May Encourage More Creative Donations to Nonprofits.
March 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Where's the Money Now?
Webinar presented by David Lawson, who has spent the more than 25 years finding and profiling philanthropists for well over a 1,000 organizations and institutions, and Lori Hood Lawson, who has spent her career helping organizations turn data about philanthropists into actionable knowledge that can be successfully used to raise more money.
March 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com University of Phoenix Students Featured in New Ad Campaign. On YouTube.
March 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Founder Explains University of the People.
March 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Humor. facebook in Real Life.
March 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Duke University Unveils Application Suite for iPhone. On Duke's site.
March 5, 09 SamplesSupportingadvancement.com Annual Fund Brochures.
Carleton University, 2, Hutcheson's Grammar School, Southern Nazarene University, St. Leo University, University of Texas at Austin, Web Schools, Westmount College. More samples.
March 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Lost alumni search page. Brandeis University.
March 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Application Marketing Techniques. 67 Hours of Blogging at BCIT.
March 4, 09 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Save Our Scholarships.
Interesting approach by the Foundation at Eastern Washington University to raising money in challenging financial times playing on reductions in endowment payouts for scholarship. Press release from the Foundation to put the piece in context. Image of web site. Video from web site and YouTube.
March 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Demise of web site. Juice Runs Dry. Inside Higher Ed.
March 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Arizona Universities Cope With Swift and Drastic Cuts.
March 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Small Devices. Cellular Colleges: The Next Small Thing.
March 3, 09 Like MindedSupportingadvancement.com Thanks for Your Support!
We'd make a special note of thanks for all of your ongoing support and interest in this site. We have over 2,000 registered members. We'll be adding some new functionality over the next few months, so stay tuned and please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see new, changed or added.
Brian Dowling.
March 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com The Current State of Video in Email. Campaign Monitor.
March 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com ePortfolios, the Harvesting Gradebook, Accountability and Community.
March 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Link Tips. How to Shorten URLs. Wild Apricot.
March 2, 09 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com I.T. Strategic Plan.
Although this IT plan is for an overall campus, there are a number of elements including the structure and format that can be utilized for more effective technology planning for advancement and development organizations. More systems.
March 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Giving up facebook for Lent. Wall Street Journal.
March 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Grandparents University. New Podcast from Impact Alumni.
March 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Presentation on Studying Online Social Networks.
February 2009
February 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Advancement Services.
CASE newsletter, in particular check out the 2009 CASE Circle of Excellence Awards and get your entries in by March 13, 2009. It's a good opportunity to get some recognition for your good ideas and hard work. Agenda for the 2009 Summer Institute in Advancement Services will be a good one. Save the dates!
February 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Jobs. A Career Do-Over. Inside Higher Ed.
February 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Security. Increasing Data Security in an Increasingly Insecure World.
February 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Contest. I Got Aggied. UC Davis.
February 26, 09 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com Advisory Groups.
Technology advisory groups are essential in helping to integrate people, planning and implementation for information systems and data management projects. Here’s an overview of some basic concepts, a suggested structure and a management approach for a group. Brian Dowling. More systems.
February 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Giving. Contributions up 6.2% to Colleges and Universities. CAE.
February 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Giving. Gifts to Colleges and Universities Hit $31.6 Billion in 2008. CAE.
February 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online goes offline. Google Labs Introduces Gmail Offline.
February 25, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com It's Game Time.
The Wildcats are ready to take on the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns! Watch a quick video and see why K-Staters are fired up for another weekend in the Little Apple! More e-solicitations.
February 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Education. Teaching Techno-Writing. Inside Higher Ed.
February 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Application for iPhone Helps Students. Keener.
February 25, 09 Supportingadvancement.com World War is Literally a "Worldwide" War Game on facebook.
February 24, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com UCLA Parents' Fund.
We know many of you don't have the opportunity to visit the UCLA campus. So we're bringing it to you with this short video. More e-solicitations.
February 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Warehousing. Kimball Forum.
February 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Search Engines. Indexing the Deep Web.
February 24, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Endowment Director Is on Harvard's Hot Seat.
February 23 , 09 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com SQL Server Tuning.
Wait-Time information and performance tuning.
February 23, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Thank You.
Thank you for helping us keep our promise to our students. Abiline Christian University is a vibrant, innovative, Christ-centered community that engages students in authentic spiritual and intellectual growth, equipping them to make a real difference in the world. Rendi Hahn. Email sent to direct people to the e-solicitation. More e-solicitations.
February 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com APR-GNY Event. All You Have to Fear: Positioning Against Turmoil.
February 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social networking. Inside facebook.
February 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social networking and games. Inside Social Games.
February 20, 09 More With LessSupportingadvancement.com Documenting Donor Intent.
Gift agreement for individuals and endowment agreement for individuals.
Amy Phillips. More policies and procedures.
February 19, 09 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Online Fundraising.
Presentation from Steve MacLaughlin on the changing nature of online fundraising.
February 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. facebook to Launch Redesigned Business Pages.
February 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com facebook. Colleges and Universities.
February 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Millennials and Their Avatars. GenTrends.
February 17, 09 RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Planned Giving.
Comprehensive paper. Creating a legacy - Building a planned giving program from the ground up. Blackbaud.
More revenue.
February 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. facebook pages and groups. Wild Apricot.
February 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com College Reviews and Videos by Students for Students. Unigo.
February 17, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Learning. At First, Funny Videos, Now a Reference Tool.
February 16, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com UCLA Fund.
Creative stewardship piece using a combination of "magazine" style format and video to present stories and to thank donors. More e-solicitations.
February 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Employment. New Job Site. Jay's Fundraising Jobs. More job sites.
February 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. When Donors Can't Keep Their Pledges. Wall Street Journal.
February 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. IBM Teams Up With Universities on Cloud Project.
February 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com The More Things Change ..
the more
they repeat themselves. As the news comes that we may finally be ending the debate over the stimulus plan and start picking up our shovels for the hard work ahead, I wanted to share some headlines from the time so often compared to this - The Great Depression. New blog from The WorkingPhilanthropy Blog. More blogs.
February 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Endowment Returns Drop. Fortunes Falling. Inside Higher Ed.
February 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com College Endowment Drops Worst Since 1970's. New York Times.
February 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Ford's CEO Takes on Twitter. Social Media Marketing Blog.
February 12, 09 Telemarketing and TelefundSupportingadvancement.com Phonathon in Tough Times.
Numerous schools are facing an onslaught of economy-related objections in their calls, and that their callers are having a difficult time overcoming those reasons for not giving. Here are a couple of tips to help your callers overcome this objection. Jason Fisher. More telefund.
February 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Press Release. Pursuant Group Acquires the Operations of Viscern.
February 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Press Release. Unifyer Press Release from Pursuant Group.
February 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Business Intelligence. University of Michigan.
February 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Valentines Day Samples.
Valentine Card, Valentine Response, Valentine Card Cost Analysis.
Rendi Hahn. Valentine Card. Syracuse University.
More samples.
February 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Academic Library for Students and Faculty. Brainy.
February 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Publishing. Scribd as a Tool for Nonprofit Outreach.
February 11, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New Technologies. 2009 Horizon Report.
February 10, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Bring 'Em to Aggieland.
There are a lot of things that make A&M special, but it's the people that make it great. Take a moment to watch the
inspiring story of Aggie football player, Devin Gregg. More e-solicitations.
February 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0. Phonyfacebook Pages Teach Students a Lesson.
February 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com I.R.S. May Pressure Schools to Reveal More About Business Activities.
February 10, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0. Social Media and Student Recruitment.
February 9, 09 PRSPCT-LPRSPCT-L.
The best listserv for prospect research moves from CharityChannel to a new location. This is a Highly active list with large subscription base. More listservs.
February 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0. Why WIKI's? Campus Technology.
February 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Websites. Should you delete old blog posts or website content?
February 9, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Technology. Open Education: A New Paradigm. Campus Technology.
February 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Interesting Job.
The SunGard Higher Education – Advancement Solutions Associate Product Manager (APM) will be a member of the product management team led by the Advancement Solutions Product Manager.
February 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media. Connect With WPI In So Many Ways.
February 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com College 2.0: A Wired Way to Rate Professors - And Connect Teachers.
February 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Security. Number of College Data Breaches On Rise.
February 5, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Happy Holidays.
Multimedia Christmas card from Augsburg College with a variety of holiday and campus life photos. More e-solicitations.
February 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Save the Dates. 2009 Meeting of the Minds Conference.
February 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Getting the Most Value for Your College Buck.
February 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com How are you tracking? 10 Social Resolutions for Marketers in 2009.
February 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com USPS New Postal Service National Change of Address Link Rule.
February 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Data Mining. Data Analysts Captured by R's Power.
February 4, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Drexel Announces $25 Million Gift.
February 4, 09 PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Passport Asia-Pacific.
Presentation on some of the cultural do's and don't when working in the Asia Pacific region from Krista Slade.
February 3, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Homeless Beaver.
Homeless beaver talks about the value of giving back to the New Jersey Institute of Technology.
More e-solicitations.
February 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com How to Create a Successful Virtual Campus.
February 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Can iStanford take on facebook Mobile.
February 3, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tweating. Higher Ed Twitter Lists.
February 2, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Happy Holidays.
Changing lives as a theme for Happy Holidays for 2008 from Seattle University. More e-solicitations.
February 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Presidents on facebook. College of New Jersey.
February 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Family Fund. University of South Carolina.
February 2, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Top 10 Technology Developments in 2008 in Education.
January 2009
January 30, 09 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts.
We are pleased to inform you that the Matching Gift webinar entitled “How to Double, Triple, yes Quadruple Matching Gift Revenues” from HEP is now available at the following link free of charge. We do want to sincerely thank Jim Hammelev of The American Cancer Society for a most informative presentation.
HEP has also put together a list of suspended and cancelled matching gift programs. More matching gifts.
January 30, 09 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts.
We would like to thank Robert Weiner for posting a summary of the 2008 Matching Gifts Survey
. Robert's blog also has a wealth of information on a variety of topics. More matching gifts.
January 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Email. Review of Email Newsletter Programs.
January 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Email. Comparison Matrix of Email Newsletter Programs.
January 30, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Email. Bulk Email Program Comparisons.
January 29, 09 Electronic Imaging OverviewSupportingadvancement.com Contest.
Nominations are being accepted for the third-annual SunGard Higher Education Award for Institutional Performance.  In addition to the award, the winning institution will receive $10,000 for student aid and scholarship.
January 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tweeting. Follow Tarlelton State on Twitter.
January 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Finding a New School Mascot Using a Viral Game.
January 29, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Canadian Business Leaders Shift Spending to Social Media in 2009.
January 28, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Flip My University.
Patrick Crayton wants you to help him Flip NWOSU. The camera crew followed P Cray around campus as he surprised students and staff with some tricked out facilities. More e-solicitations.
January 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Gifts. Best Buy Founder Gives $40 Million to University of Minnesota .
January 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Security. USB Device Nightmare Becomes Reality. Campus Technology.
January 28, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web. Consortium Released New Guidelines for Web Accessibility.
January 27, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Doors that Hold More.
Some doors hold more than others. We've found one door that we want the entire Ryerson family to explore. It opens to a room that honors our past and hopes for our future.
Ryerson University. More e-solicitations.
January 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Princeton Settles Lawsuit Over $900 Million Donation.
January 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Unsettling Settlement Over Donor Intent. Inside Higher Ed.
January 27, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Universities and the Great Depression: Then and Now.
January 26, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Year of the Dog.
Seasons greetings from Fresno State highlighting various projects and activities.
More e-solicitations.
January 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Performance Funding 2.0. Inside Higher Ed.
January 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Connect Your Non Profits Online and Offline Activities. Wild Apricot.
January 26, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Senior Class Fundraising. UNC Asheville.
January 23, 09 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Driving Performance.
A data warehouse is critical to driving performance from anecdotal to systematic by creating actionable intelligence using information combined and viewed in new ways. Brian Dowling.
More reporting.
January 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0. facebook Study Contrasts Privacy with Popularity.
January 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Phonathon. 10 Most Important Statistics - Part 1.
January 23, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Phonathon. 10 Most Important Statistics - Part 2.
January 22, 09 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Matching Gifts.
Companies axing matching gift-programs? Not exactly.
Next Benefit to Face the Ax: Matching Gifts. More matching gifts.
January 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web 2.0. Social Media and Recruitment.
January 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Security. IT Security: Expect More Misery in 2009. Campus Technology.
January 22, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Register Now. 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference.
January 21, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Roll Tide Roll.
We're proud of what's being accomplished at the University of Alabama. We know you are too.
More e-solicitations.
January 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com facebook and Similar Sites Reach 35% of All Online Adults.
January 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Ridiculously Backward Rules for Limiting Your Social Network.
January 21, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web. Top 25 University Web Sites by Popularity.
January 20, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com History.
The history of Dennison University is a story written by every life that has been changed by our great legacy of excellence.
More e-solicitations.
January 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. Current Views of Fundraising Professionals.
January 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Web Conference. Portal 2009.
January 20, 09 Supportingadvancement.com New UK Yahoo Group. Community Fundraising.
January 19, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Solving Big Problems.
Good use of interactive text to craft a message on the value of giving to help students solve big problems. Indiana University Foundation.
More e-solicitations.
January 19, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Seasons Greetings.
Looking back with pride at what has been a transformational year at Philadelphia University.
Joshua Liss. More e-solicitations.
January 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tools. AICPA Audit Committee Toolkit: Not-for-Profit Organizations.
January 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Economy. Forecast Adjusted ... Downward.
January 19, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Federal Bailout for Education. US News.
January 16, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Lone Star Showdown.
Epic competition for alumni participation between UT Austin and Texas A&M.
More e-solicitations.
January 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking. Putting facebook Before Exams.
January 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Giving. Analysis of Million Dollar Gifts - Jan 2000 to Sept 2007.
January 16, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Progress Report. Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.
January 15, 09 ReportingSupportingadvancement.com Information Leverage.
Information leverage is a powerful concept, that when fully implemented allows highly efficient information deployment for multiple purposes to multiple constituents. Brian Dowling. More reporting.
January 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Naming. Naming rights to be sold for new species of bats.
January 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Media Links. Robert Weiner Consulting.
January 15, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Securing the Future. Wesleyan Financial Crisis Management Site.
January 14, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com A Place.
Of learning, opportunities, challenge and change, but mostly a place for people. Give back to William Jewell College so their legacy can begin.
More e-solicitations.
January 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Search Engine Marketing Guide for Nonprofits. Wild Apricot.
January 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Virtual Worlds. Studies in Second Life. University Affairs.
January 14, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Just for Parents. Baylor University.
January 13, 09 Matching GiftsSupportingadvancement.com Free Matching Gift Webinar.
HEP is sponsoring a webinar on Wednesday, January 21. “How to double, triple, yes quadruple your Matching Gift Revenues” given by Jim Hammelev, Director of Workplace Mission Support Initiatives for The American Cancer Society. Jim will be sharing how ACS grew matching gifts to over $10 million dollars. Register now. More on matching gifts.
January 13, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Thank You.
Non traditional student talks about their experience at the University of Arkansas and how support from alumni has helped them remain in school and still allowed them to have the time with their family.
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January 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com College May Become Unaffordable for Most in U.S. New York Times.
January 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com No Money Coming from Endowments This Year. University of Toronto.
January 13, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Charitable Giving: Generous Gen-Xers. SmartMoney.
January 12, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Thanksgiving.
Good thanksgiving piece with turkey about to be eaten leading to an information update form.
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January 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com First Steps in Social Networking for Non Profits. Wild Apricot.
January 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Small Devices. Ohio Med School Prescribes iPods for Students.
January 12, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Canadians Online. Digital World, Digital Life.
January 8, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com A Cappella.
Every gift matters to help students. a Cappella group provides musical backdrop for University of Buffalo piece.
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January 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Never on Sunday?
Some of the newest trends in email marketing.
January 8, 09 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com iPhone Applications.
The iPhone represents a “sea change” in how portable devices and applications enable an ecommerce experience in a way that has never been easier. You can download applications, iTunes and in the future, who knows …..
Brian Dowling. More systems.
January 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Twitter. HighEdMarketing updates on Twitter.
January 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Updated URL. Bob Johnson's Blog on College & University Marketing.
January 8, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Social Networking Site Combines Content from Multiple Sites.
January 7, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com A Year Of ...
Growth, achievement, progress, innovation and thanks from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.
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January 7, 09 BloggingSupportingadvancement.com Student Experience.
A student writer can’t merely survive on the earnings from freelancing. It’s just not possible. With tuition, rent, gas money, and the occasional latte, it is necessary to get a part time job.
January 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Homecoming on facebook. Queen's University.
January 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com College Stops Giving Students New Email Accounts: Start of new trend?
January 7, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Virtual Worlds. "GoodQuests' Tie Online Mazes to Charity.
January 6, 09 E-solicitationsSupportingadvancement.com Seasons Greetings.
Looking back with pride at what has been a transformational year at Philadelphia University. Joshua Liss.
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January 6, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Story Being Written.
Everything I have is because of Indiana University.
Campus images with marching band music as a backdrop. IU is you. IU is a story being written. More e-solicitations.
January 6, 09 Produced by the Pursuant GroupSupportingadvancement.com Shaping the Future.
Be inspired to find your passion and live your dreams at Lewis University
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January 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Surveys. CASE Online Fundraising Survey Comments Requested.
January 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Mount Holyoke College. Alumni Blogazine.
January 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tweeting. Survey Help Requested on Twitter Use. Andrew Shaindlin.
January 6, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Cool Card that Gives.
Game that encourages giving to hospital foundation.
January 5, 09 SystemsSupportingadvancement.com Effective Technology Planning.
As an organization develops a comprehensive and encompassing approach to technology, it is critical to understand the keys to effective strategic and operational technology planning.
Brian Dowling. More systems.
January 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Tweeting. TweetupHeatup Twitter Flash Mob Helps the Homeless.
January 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Online Learning. MIT Opencourseware.
January 5, 09 Supportingadvancement.com Mobile Computing. U Wisconsin to Roll Out 14,000 Notebooks to Students.
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