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Make a Difference

Make a DifferenceInvolvement through volunteering and other activities is a great way  to make a difference. You can enhance your skills, and community contacts by serving in leadership roles.

There's always plenty to do, a wide variety of activities to choose from, and you can have a lot of fun. The opportunities created and the traditions we pass to future graduates will be as strong, as interesting, and as important as you make them.
  • Keep your address and other information updated.
  • Make an unrestricted gift to the annual fund.
  • Recommend a prospective student to the Admissions office.
  • Wear School shirts, hats, etc.
  • Hang your diploma(s) proudly in your office.
  • Clip articles you see about the school and send them to the Alumni Association.
  • Join an Alumni Association section.
  • Represent the school at a college fair.
  • Attend school athletic events.
  • Put a school sticker in your car window.
  • Serve on the Alumni Association board.
  • Submit news about yourself for the magazine.
  • Write an article for the magazine.
  • Visit the he campus frequently.
  • Speak about the school to a school guidance counselor.
  • Serve as a speaker in your area of expertise at trade associations and meetings of professional groups.
  • Establish a charitable remainder trust to benefit the School.
  • Be a host for a visiting student or family.
  • Get an Alumni Association MasterCard or Visa. Every time you use it a donation is made to the Alumni Association.
  • Request a faculty, staff, or student speaker for your school, civic group, trade association, or professional association.
  • Host an alumni gathering at your home or place of business.
  • Help plan a reunion for your class.
  • Help find "lost" alumni.
  • Mentor a current student.
  • Let the Career Center know of any job openings at your company.
  • Provide current students with the opportunity to do "mock", or better yet, real job interviews with your  business.
  • Donate books to the library.
  • Donate computer equipment to the school.
  • Attend commencement.
  • Honor your school by mentioning your affiliation when you are honored.
  • If you work for a matching gift company, be sure to send in your matching gift form.
  • Put the school in your will.
  • Come home in your reunion year.
  • Establish an endowed scholarship fund for your class or to honor a favorite professor or classmate.
  • Write to your legislators regarding the importance of funding the school.
  • Invite a student to lunch, or dinner.
  • Hire school graduates, and encourage others in similar positions to do likewise.
  • Become a member of your class Reunion Gift Committee.
Other ways you can make a difference?
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