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  Sample web forms. Interactive

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Event Registration and R.S.V.P.

Event RegistrationAll invitations to an event should include the web site address for on-line registration and for additional event information. Invitees will discover that it's a very convenient way to find out more and register and pay for an event or activity.

Ideally, the on-line registration and payment is coupled to an events management system. It's also very effective to be able to display registrants to an event on the web site so participants can see which of their friends may be attending.

The event name can be typed in by the respondent, but a drop-down box could also be used to populate additional fields such as event cost.

The form should have a contact phone number and email for help or to request additional information and, a link to information on the event.

Ideally, credit card verification and billing to the donor's account should be automated, but some sites may wish to start with a form that emails the information to the appropriate area where credit card billing is done manually.
Event name:Required
Event description:
Will you be coming?: I will be pleased to attend.
We will be pleased to attend.
I will be unable to attend.
We will be unable to attend
Please send me more information so I can decide.
For some events, we display the names of registrants on our web site so that you can see which of your friends will be attending.I hereby give permission to have my name displayed.
Personal and contact information:
First name:Required
Last name :Required
Graduation year if
you attended:
Contact information for: Home Work/business
Best times to
contact me:
Postal code/zip:Required
Guest and name tag ...
Guest name:
How would you like your
name tag(s) filled out?
Amount and payment options ...

Total amount:


Complete this form, print 2 copies and click the submit button. Send a copy of the form, and your check (made payable to _______________) to:

     School Name
     School Address
     City, Province/state Zip/postal code
Credit Card:
Name on card:
Expiry date:
Comments, questions or observations?

You may also use this area for any menu, accommodation or other special requirements.

I would like to help plan future events.
I would like to be on the calling committee.
I would like to be on the class gift committee.
I would like to help in some other way.
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