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  Why am I getting spammed? Frequently Asked Questions

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One of the things you can to do check, is run your email addresses through a search engine and see where they've been published. If you have any public email addresses, they will definitely cause an increase in the amount of spam. A public email address can be something as "innocent" as your email in a PDF file of a brochure published on a web site where you volunteered to be the contact person for an activity. Robots constantly churn through web pages looking for addresses and the robots change all of the time which makes it harder for web site administrators to block them. Mass emailers also send emails to servers that block spam so they can learn what they need to do to tailor their messages to get through spam filters and blockers.

Strategy - Don't publish your email address anywhere unless you're willing to accept additional spam. Use some of the free services such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Google mail for subscriptions to listservs, signing up for access to web sites, subscribing to email newsletters etc. etc. If you start to get too much spam, you can cancel your account, create another, and sign up again.

It's also a much bigger issue. Something like 80% of all business collaboration is currently done through email, which has become our most utilized method of communication. Attempts at legislating spam have largely failed, and analysis actually suggests that the amount of spam continues to increase. Time will tell, but individual vigilance and care will also make a difference..
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