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  When is the best timing for a data conversion . Frequently Asked Questions

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Probably best to complete the current fiscal year or campaign, and go live starting at the next fiscal year or campaign.

This gives you additional time to finish creating, testing and verifying data for all of your key reports before you reach the first critical year.

Ideally, you would also want to run parallel if possible to verify that feeds and updates to the financial and other systems are working correctly.

This also gives you additional time to learn new tools such as report writers and all of the related such as database structures, tables, indexes and also learn all of the required maintenance activities.

Should also consider doing the crossover at a time of the year when the volume is at a minimum. You can use the extra time to finalize reports, do additional training and complete any documentation you have been working on.

At the end of the first month of running parallel run reports from both systems and make sure everything balances.

If everything does, and there are no serious issues or bugs, then start switching your user base over. It's a good idea to try and take a phased approach if you have a large group to support so that you can concentrate on getting smaller groups up and running and are able to address the immediate issues.

In terms of groups, if makes sense to bring the advancement services areas up first since they are typically the most familiar with the system and will usually require the least amount of training. Plus, if they're more familiar with a new system, they will be a resource base for answering questions from other users.

If you don't have the resources to run parallel, make sure you've done proper and adequate testing up front, and make sure you'll be able to immediately address your most critical report and data download requests.

Also understand, that you'll have to ensure that your technical and implementation staff will be able to do little else other then training and question answering over the first few weeks, so make sure everything else is in good order.
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