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  Guidelines for posting events on web calendars. Frequently Asked Questions

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Think about what types of events there are that might be posted and determine a policy for each type.

You should only allow factual information the the listing.

The postings should not occur automatically, but also be subject to edit and review, and also a validity check before they appear on the web site.

Types of events:

  • On-campus events sponsored by students/staff/faculty. These can usually be posted.
  • On-campus events sponsored by outside people. Can usually be posted but also need to be selective.
  • Off-campus events sponsored by students/staff/faculty. Should normally be a sponsored or related activity.
  • Off-campus events sponsored by outside people. Generally may not be appropriate.

Each event submission should include an event title, campus sponsor, date, time and location as well as a contact name, phone number or e-mail.

Events should adhere to university policies and procedures. The events manager, as directed by the Vice President of __________, reserves the right to delete and/or edit event listings if they do not meet the above mentioned criteria, violate local, state or federal law or university regulations.

Sample event posting form.

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