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  What are some ways to find if people are on boards? Frequently Asked Questions

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Search on the person's name, in quotes, and add the word "Board" (and either "Trustees'' or "Directors" or "Advisors" or "Advisory") to your search terms, which should help to cut down on the number of irrelevant responses.

Don't forget to try a variety of ways of listing the name. i.e., Allen Smith, Mr. Allen Smith, Mr. Allen G. Smith, Allen Gabriel Smith, Al Smith, Al "Bud" Smith, Bud Smith, and so forth.

If it's a really common name like that, add the name of the community.

If you have reason to think that the person is on the board of some organization search for that organization directly, and see
if you can find a website for it that has a list of the board of directors, since they don't always show up on search engine results.

You can also search Grantsmart and

Check with some of your key volunteers and prospects if the organization's board information is not published.
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