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  Who should open the mail for gifts received by gift processing? Frequently Asked Questions

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For control purposes duties should normally be segregated so that the person soliciting the gift, or the person processing the gift should not normally open and control the flow of mail.

What is important is that the person who is opening the mail understands the importance of passing on all of the included correspondence so that information can be correctly entered into the database in a timely fashion.

For control purposes a total of all gifts received can be done, and reconciled to the gift processing log to ensure all donations were entered and the amounts recorded correctly.

You should also try and avoid duplication of effort, especially in small shops where it may not always be possible to separate the duties. For example, some shops tend to photocopy all information and forward it to multiple parties. Consider scanning technology as an alternative.

Ideally, the person opening the mail should also be someone that is familiar with the names of major donors, trustees and other individuals where special handling may be required. This could also be the person responsible for filling out or editing the gift transmittal form.
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