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  Should memberships and subscriptions be receipted? Frequently Asked Questions

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If they qualify as true donations, then they could be receipted.

If there are benefits, then the receipt would be for the net amount of the fee or subscription that exceeded the fair market value of the goods and services received.

In some cases if the payment falls below the threshold amount as determined by a tax authority requiring a receipt, you may wish to state up front that the membership payments are tax deductible so you don't need to send out hundreds or thousands of receipts for small amounts.

Note that according to CASE standards, they should not be counted in official fundraising totals.

However, you may wish to include in notes in your own internal fundraising statements, since the receipt of alumni membership dues can often be of a significant amount and worth noting. For example, many alumni associations are self funded by their dues and as such report these as a separate line item in reports.
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