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  Some ways to help ensure donor honor roll names are accurate. Frequently Asked Questions

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Split up all the lists and have them reviewed by different groups of staff both against the database and against cross referenced address lists to catch instances where joint names may need to be added. You should also cross check against deceased lists to make sure the status of all donors is as up to date as possible before the final printing is done.

As part of your ongoing receipting and acknowledgement process, include a line in every letter something to the effect that "if you should qualify for donor recognition purposes, your name will be listed as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. Please let us know if this should be changed by contacting our donor services staff toll free at 1 800 999-999 or donor.services@institution.edu.

You can also send out a "Proof" honor roll to your donors in advance with the word draft clearly marked on every page for them to review, although this could be an expensive option for larger schools. This also has the advantage of being a pro-active marketing piece by allowing donors who haven't given to get into the list, and for donors to up their giving to try and get in the next level.

Some organizations also send out an advance postcard or letter.

All the pre-sending for verification of information allows donors to opt out, and will also pre warn them if there information should have been confidential. It also helps with address updating, so you can trace any donors who may have moved since their last gift.
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