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  What makes a good office environment for support staff? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Individual offices for professional staff since you are often dealing with sensitive and confidential material on a daily basis.
  • Proximity to files with a work table near so you can spread things out and look at them.
  • Lighting designed for computer users and windows with natural light.
  • Availability of a conference room for meetings with your staff, and presentations from vendors. Ideally, there should be a computer and projected so presentations and training can be done easily without having to go through a lot of setup.
  • Proximity of staff to each other and also to development staff that they support. It's much more difficult to support areas you are physically removed from.
  • Should be adequate security and areas with sensitive information should be able to be locked.
  • Good refrigerator.
  • Good copy machine and binding facilities.
  • High ratio of printers to users.
  • Space for ample library of research and technical material.
  • Adequate and working file cabinets.
  • A private place for telephone calls.
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