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  Should donor honor rolls be posted on web sites? Frequently Asked Questions

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Many of them are, but you need to consider some of the following aspects of posting:
  • Other competitive charities may use these names for their own purposes.
  • You need to allow your donors to opt out of a web listing in the same way they would have opt out options for other recognition vehicles. You should also get specific clearance from donors that would appear in the higher giving levels.
  • A general listing by name can be less intrusive in terms of information conveyed than a listing that has giving levels or giving amounts.
  • Consider how long the honor rolls are going to be on the web site, and consequently, how long will donors' names be exposed for since a web site can have a much longer life span than a publication or magazine does.
  • You may wish to consult your legal counsel regarding any potential liability.
  • You could also consider password protecting this information and including as part of your alumni community, so that the information is targeted towards a more select group.
  • Posting these lists on a web site as opposed to mailing them out is very cost effective.
  • Demonstration of success and peer success is valuable information to utilize regardless of the medium.
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