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  Should you have a maximum limit on credit card gifts? Frequently Asked Questions

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No. It is always worth paying the transaction fees on credit card gifts no matter what the size.

It's useful to have the fees go to a separate expense account rather than having to reduce the amount of the gift.

In larger decentralized shops, you may also wish to negotiate these fees for larger gifts with the division or department ultimately benefiting from the receipt of the gift.

It is one of the easiest ways for donors to make a gift and you should always utilize these methods.

Many donors now give large gifts via credit cards to maximize the benefits they receive from the card such as frequent flyer miles.

On the flip side, it's also not particularly useful to set a minimum for a credit card gift as conceptually, even a small gift may eventually lead to a larger one.

You may need to review the minimum policy for reoccurring gifts if the gift amounts exceed the transaction costs.

In any case, you should do a periodic analysis of these charges both for budgeting purposes, and with the growth in credit card giving, for negotiating lower charges with your financial institution.
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