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  When should corporate entities be created on your system? Frequently Asked Questions

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A corporate entity should be created every time a matching gift form is received or when an an entity on the database reports that they work for a company. Of course you would also create one if you've received a gift, or if they are a prospect.

You may also consider creating only when there are more than x employees from the company, but this can leave you with incomplete records.

You can also work with your Career center, since organizations that employee graduates may eventually be good candidates for future support.

Employment information is critical for analyzing the career paths of individuals, in salary determinations, for creating leverage and partnerships with companies that employ your alumni.

You should also enter in the matching policy information either manually, or electronically if you subscribe to matching gift company data through a service provider.

If your system has a corporate hierarchy function, this should also be maintained in a consistent fashion. This allows you to do rollup reports for parents, subsidiaries and related organizations.

You also need to consider and have policies for how you link related foundations, whether you set up subsidiaries, corporate contacts and other relational elements.

There's also the issue of multiple addresses for branches.

The maintenance of corporate and organization data can be difficult if you have limited resources so it's also important to prioritize your tasks, and concentrate on what gives you the greatest return.

If you do have sufficient resources, it is useful to assign someone to this task who can specialize on setting up and maintaining this information since it is complex.
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