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  How to you handle cash received from donors. Frequently Asked Questions

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If you receive cash, simply document it as such and be sure there are plenty of checks and balances and internal receipts along the way to document who passed what amount to whom and when, not to mention the receipt to the donor.

Your internal audit department can help you define and set up these procedures, but here are some simple ones that can be implemented.
  • When cash is received, have it delivered to the appropriate staff member.
  • The cash is then re-counted and a 3-copy receipt issued from a cash receipt book.
  • The original is given to the person delivering the funds.
  • The second copy is given to a gift processing staff member to process.
  • The third remains in the receipt book.
  • Entries in this book are periodically traced into the system to verify that the funds were processed correctly and went to the bank.

If it's truly anonymous you can record under an anonymous donor record, but first make every effort to identify the donor.

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