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  What have organizations set as board giving standards? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Set an annual minimum giving amount for a board member.
  • Ask for a three year commitment of $_____ annually, with an additional $_____ for a capital campaign gift.
  • Require board members to be at a certain minimum giving club level.
  • Require 100% participation from board members.
  • Require a meaningful gift.
  • Set up challenge gifts for boards. For example, one member can match other contributors to a maximum of ...
  • Have board members provide a gift from their company or organization.

In any case, it should not necessarily be a requirement for board members to give, since some are hired for other qualities such as their ability to improve partnerships with related organizations.

The key is that board members should have clear job descriptions that not only describe responsibilities, but also any peripheral requirements such as gift expectations.

They should be provided with these job descriptions prior to becoming members so their roles and responsibilities, and any giving expectations are known in advance.

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