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  Do biographical update forms need to be encrypted? Frequently Asked Questions

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It's interesting that as the Internet has evolved, and the online environment has become more hostile, you can still go to almost any Alumni and Friends site at random and submit confidential and proprietary data using a form that doesn't use encryption.

We've all done fairly well with online giving forms because they have credit card numbers, but seem to have forgotten about securing other areas where sensitive information could be stolen.

With the huge national increase in identity theft, everyone should check all of their online forms and make sure they're properly secured.

In the case of a form that's just a re-mailer, the information is only subject to the same levels of risk that other email transactions are, but the fact that the form is not secure may make visitors more wary of submitting information.

In the interests of marketing, it may be worthwhile of add encryption. Most of us already have a certificate for the site and the exercise of enabling this for a form is trivial..
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