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  Where do you find information on alumni participation rates? Frequently Asked Questions

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You can find the national average for alumni participation in the Voluntary Support of Education report published by CAE.

CAE's Voluntary Support of Education (VSE) survey is the authoritative national source of information on private giving to higher education and private K-12, consistently capturing about 85 percent of the total voluntary support to colleges and universities in the United States. CAE has managed the survey as a public service for over 40 years.

VSE Data Miner is a web-based service which provides subscribers - predominantly schools, colleges, and universities - interactive access to 300 data variables about private giving collected annually through the VSE Survey. (Among the data variables are: total giving; alumni participation; details on deferred and bequest giving; capital purposes and current operations gifts).

Subscribers have access to 10 years worth of survey data, and are able to examine multi-year trends in fundraising, to graph and chart data, and to research fundraising and make institution-to-institution comparisons.

Educational institutions use the service to benchmark their performance against peer institutions and analyze the results of their fundraising efforts among alumni, foundations, corporations and others.
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