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 Web Analyst

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Under direction of the Director of Advancement Services, this position will provide programming analysis, application development, and testing for the University Relations Advance Web Community and the Development Toolkit web pages, which includes coding and programming in the DOT NET framework; page maintenance and oversight; script development; and the development of new applications in consultation with end-users.
  • Design, develop, maintain, and interface complex web applications using ASP.NET, C#, VB.Net, Java, DHTML, XML, JavaScript and other scripting/programming languages in the design and implementation of web application projects for University Relations (UR).
  • These include Advance Web Community, Web Reporting and Advance Web Access (web based version of the Advance desktop application) used by development/ alumni relations staff/donors/volunteers and other appropriate employees of the University.
  • Act as a liaison with the central programming team on the migration of the current client/server systems to the web version in order to understand potential issues and technical impacts.
  • Lead collaborations/design sessions with staff members from other campus departments in the development of web/interfaces and applications.
  • Participate in campus-based work groups to identify and respond to issues and make necessary changes to the applications.
  • Maintain existing web sites and applications enhancing functionality to meet business and security requirements.
  • Utilize database APIís to integrate multiple web applications across University Relationís website.
  • Extend database functionality using Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Perform a full range of complex programming tasks using a variety of web and application based programming technologies and languages, keeping current with new programming techniques.
  • Interface with a variety of campus databases systems and data structures in order to leverage the information for UR applications
  • Research emerging web development practices/technology and participate in long-range planning for the development of the alumni/development site, evaluating new systems and methodologies.
  • Identify incompatibilities between software products and provide workarounds.
  • In consultation with the Director of Advancement Services, create the plan and processes to effectively support the transition of current client/server UR systems to the web.
  • Work with end users and programming team to develop complete business requirement specifications and application design specifications.
  • Coordinate with technical team on the development of Test Plans and work with the QA Testing Team to ensure complete testing of all applications.
  • Maintain code and application libraries, instructions, and technical documentation.
  • Provide adequate security safeguards and user privileges for the needs of the organization.
  • Create technical documentation for the programming team of all web applications as a resource for future development and troubleshooting.

Knowledge and Skill Required

  • Demonstrated skill and expert programming knowledge using Microsoft .NET technologies to develop secure database and web based applications; Demonstrated skill and ability to write programs in the following languages: VB.NET/C#, and SQL. Experience mentoring other developers by providing knowledge exchange and leading code reviews.
  • Demonstrated skill and ability in the development of database application systems specifically related to fundraising/customer relationship management.
  • Demonstrated skill and ability in the development of secure applications, experience designing and implementing a secure architecture using robust authentication, access control, encryption, and other technologies as appropriate to ensure the integrity and security of sensitive information.
  • Demonstrated skill and ability in interfacing programmatically with a variety of enterprise authentication and authorization systems.
  • Demonstrated skill and ability developing application-to-application communication interfaces utilizing web services architecture using XML, SOAP, and WSDL.
  • Demonstrated skill and ability in the design of complex information systems through formal design techniques. Experience using modeling techniques as a tool for application design and development.
  • Demonstrated skill and ability designing, and maintaining a robust development environment that ensures version control, testing, and deployment of enterprise wide information systems.
  • Demonstrated advanced skills in working with databases using Oracle, including writing Java based code to interface with such databases, ad hoc queries, as well as database APIs.
  • Demonstrated advanced experience in reviewing and trouble-shooting complex code designs written by multiple developers, reverse engineering, identifying incompatibilities and providing alternatives for improved design and performance.
  • Ability to initiate and maintain cooperative relationships with co-workers, managers and supervisors, customers/clients, and members of the public.
  • Knowledge of server software operation, maintenance and extension (using various programming tools) and demonstrated ability to apply this knowledge to multiple server platforms.
  • Skill in working with Web browsers, image-manipulation and databases, and other Web software tools.
  • Ability to implement Web Tracking software and to interpret results for tracking site usage.
  • Thorough understanding of relational database design and customer relationship management environment, preferably in alumni relations or fundraising.
  • Ability to take direction, accept criticism constructively and to be diplomatic when reviewing work of others.
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