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 Advisory Board Member

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Job DescriptionAdvisory Board
Program of Work

Institutional Advancement Mission Statement

The Division of Institutional Advancement is committed to supporting the College in its mission of educating women to excel through scholarship, leadership & civic engagement in a global society.

By nurturing and facilitating relationships, the Office of Institutional Advancement will effectively link alumnae, parents, faculty, staff, students, faculty emeriti, and members of the corporate and foundation community with the College in meaningful ways that will ultimately lead to volunteer and financial support.

Primary Purpose and Responsibilities:

The Advisory Board will serve as an advising body on all aspects of the annual giving campaigns. This will include, but will not be limited to, (i) direct mail, (ii) phonathons, (iii) volunteer recruitment and boards, (iv) marketing plans and materials, (v) reunions, (vi) the Campaign, (vii) the Alumnae Association and (viii) the 23+ program.

Each Advisory Board member is expected to make a minimum gift of $1,000 to the Annual Fund. Young alums (those ten years or fewer from graduation) are expected to make a minimum gift of $500 to the Annual Fund.

I. Direct Mail

A. Segmentation (by class, major, geographic area, age group i.e. young alums)
B. Board members sign letters, particularly to higher level donors
C. Personalized letters (with a very personalized touch to those the Board members know)
D. Involvement of ALL class gift agents not just reunion gift agents

II.  Volunteer Recruitment and Boards

A. Events

1.  Gift Club Events
2.  Other Recognition Events

B. Volunteer letter signing

C. Volunteer phonathon callers

D. Liaison with other volunteer boards (Parents Board, Young Alumnae Board, etc.) dual representation, possibly ex officio

III.  Marketing Plans and Materials

A.  Serve as a focus group with staff and the Marketing Office to help develop effective marketing materials for the Annual Fund

IV.  Reunions

A.  Help to engage reunion volunteers two years out from their reunion
B.  Call reunion volunteers to engage them in fundraising efforts for their class
C.  Help to identify donors with major gift potential in their reunion year

V.  Campaign

A.  Remain connected to the Campaign
B.  Work with and support the Annual Fund Liaison from the Campaign Cabinet

VI.  Other

A.  Accompany Director of the Annual Fund on personal visits as appropriate

Membership Recruitment & Retention


The Advisory Board will consist of at least one member from each of the following constituencies: (i) alumnae, (ii) friends, (iii) parents, (iv) young alums, (v) 23+ alumnae, (vi) faculty/staff, (vii) corporations (viii) trustees, (ix) class presidents, (x) the chair of the student ambassadors group and (xi) grandparents. The VP for Development from the Alumnae Association and the Annual Fund Liaison from the Campaign Cabinet will be full voting members of the Board. The Board will be comprised of not more than (30) members and not fewer than (14) members.

Members will serve staggered two-year terms. Class presidents will serve for the year in which they are president of their class.  Failure to attend three meetings without making arrangements to receive the information or participate from a remote site through conference call or some other means will result in replacement on the board. The Director of the Annual Fund, in consultation with the area in which the member represents, will select and replace Board members who are rotating off or are removed from the Board. All memberships are subject to the approval of the VP of Institutional Advancement.


The Annual Fund Advisory Board will meet quarterly. Other meetings will be determined as needed.
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