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 Telefund Supervisor

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Reporting to the Director of Annual Giving, the Telefund Supervisor is responsible for management and supervision of all Telefund callers on a shift.

The Telefund Supervisor participates in recruiting, hiring, and training Telefund callers.

The shift responsibilities for the Telefund Supervisor include accepting credit card contributions, confirming pledge amounts over the phone, keeping track of pledges made, motivating, encouraging, and coaching Telefund callers, and assisting student callers with questions and problems.

The Telefund Supervisor is to maintain a safe work environment for all and insure that the policies and procedures of the Telefund are followed.

In addition, the Telefund Supervisor will work closely with the Senior Telefund Supervisor and the Director of Annual Giving to oversee management of Shift Leaders.

The Telefund Supervisor, will also work with the Senior Telefund Supervisor, Annual Giving Intern, and the Director of Annual Giving to update the current Telefund Program and Telefund Callers statistics and records.


  • Be familiar with training manual.

  • Create and manage events to recruit incoming Telefund Callers.

  • Assist in Telefund training sessions.

  • Motivate trainees to improve their calling skills, and work closely with other supervisors to create a prestigious, select group of callers.


  • Set-up calling booths for every shift.

  • Conduct shift opening. Establish nightly goal with Telefund Callers. Update callers about news releases, statistics, shift performance and responsibilities.

  • Motivate, encourage, and coach Telefund Callers.

  • Perform random monitoring of individuals performance.

  • Select prospect cards for the night and explain new instructions if needed, and go over script for each segment group.

  • Accept credit card contributions and confirm pledges.

  • Insure a safe and friendly work environment for all.


  • Insure that all callers have access to a time card.

  • Collecting all bonus sheets and pledges confirmations at the end of a shift and entering the totals into the shift binder.

  • Keeping a well organized shift productivity chart or sheet to use as back-up documentation in case of a payroll discrepancy.


  • Weekly meeting with the Senior Telefund Supervisor and the Director of Annual Giving.

  • Weekly Shift Leaders meeting.

  • Consult as needed with Telefund Statistician and Clerk.

  • Report shift productivity to the Director of Annual Giving daily.

  • Keeping track of caller of the week, awards, and incentive.


  • Ability to work on a regular schedule of 20/hours per week during the school year, and 40 hour/week during the summer.

  • Some experience in telemarketing is preferred.

  • Person should be reliable, analytical, outgoing, and posses the ability to work with a diverse group to reach a common goal.

  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access is essential.

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