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  Sample job descriptions and job description tips. Employment

 Telefund Program Supervisor

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Employment Eligibility Requirements (Student Employee Handbook):

  • Be accepted for enrollment or plan to continue enrollment.

  • Be enrolled a minimum of eight credit hours per semester during the regular school year as an undergraduate, or a minimum of six semester hours as a graduate student.

  • Be eligible to work in the United States and provide documentation to that effect.

  • Your eligibility to work on-campus has been cleared through the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

  • Due to the registration requirements listed above, most co-op students are not able to hold an on-campus job during their work term.

Additional requirement/preferred:

  • Must have at least one Semester of phoning experience.

  • Possess knowledge of phoning policies and procedures.

  • Be in compliance with attendance and tardiness policies.

  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • Work a minimum three shifts per week (15 hours), including at least one Weekend Shift.

  • Be prepared to meet the supervisor hour requirements, and be available to work at least one week in advance of freshmen move-in for the fall semesters.

  • Attend biweekly meetings and at least two parties a semester.

  • Be able to work during Finals weeks.

  • Some extra hours may be needed to complete special projects.

  • Successfully complete a Supervisor Training Period.

  • Assist in the hiring process (interviews, training sessions, equipment training sessions).

  • Conduct nightly on-going training sessions.

  • Plan and implement nightly motivational strategies.

  • Monitor and evaluate caller performance.

  • Provide positive reinforcement and constructive criticism.

  • Participate in long- and short-term individual and team program goal setting.

  • Expected to phone on a regular basis (nightly, or as needed).

  • Assist in coordination of an effective incentive program.

  • Become proficient in many aspects of telemarketing software.

  • Assist in writing and editing Caller and Supervisor Manuals and a periodic newsletter.

  • Keep abreast of current University news and events.

  • Consistently abide by and enforce the Hall Security & Calling Room Policy.

  • Responsible for the consistent and complete execution of Pre & Post shift responsibilities.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Starting pay rate is $____, starting in the semester following your hire date.

  • Formally evaluated by the Telefund Manager at the end of each semester for a raise.

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