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 Systems Analyst

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The Systems Analyst is responsible for managing Advancementís efficient use of systems, and representing Advancement to the Universityís IS divisions and software and hardware vendors.

The position assesses and analyzes the need of Advancement staff in conjunction with University priorities, provides recommendations for systems and usage, implements solutions, and develops or acquires appropriate training and documentation.

This position is critical to the success of Advancement efforts, in an environment that is driven by data and information.

The position will interact with all Advancement and IS departments, as well as departments throughout the University, in ensuring that staff have the access to and knowledge of appropriate tools to work efficiently and effectively.


Successful candidates will be able to assess and analyze the current Advancement structure and needs, and apply available tools to ensure an efficient, supportive and user-friendly environment to non-technical users.

Candidates will have the opportunity to design an upgraded database environment and implement new additional modules or bolt-on pieces to create a full-service Advancement suite of software as the University moves into a comprehensive campaign.

- Manage, implement current and future projects relating to an upgrade to BSR Advance to version 8.x (including, but not limited to: upgrade from version 5 and implementation of additional Sungard BSR products or other potential bolt-on applications such as imaging, Web access and marketing tools, or events management systems).

- Represent Advancement to Campus Community and other related areas of campus, to work on having standards, policies of collection of data that will eventually reach Advancement meet the divisionís needs.

- Identify training needs and opportunities, and provide, coordinate, or otherwise arrange for appropriate training and documentation for Advancement and related staff on all software and systems in common use.

- In collaboration with Programmer Analysts, assess and analyze needs of Advancement staff; continually identify opportunities to streamline processes and improve communication through the use of available systems tools and reporting.

- Provide business process recommendations to Advancement and other related staff on effective usage of Sungard BSR Advance and other systems to utilize their fullest potential.

- Under the guidance of the Director of Development and Donor Services, provide recommendations for future systems purchase, upgrade, and usage.

- Act as a liaison with various IS groups and functions within the University community.

- Participate in the development of the departmentís strategic goals and direction; set aggressive and relevant goals for the development of these functions.

- Fully participate in budgeting, and other administrative planning exercises.

- Monitor and participate in relevant listservs, training opportunities, user groups, publications, and professional groups to maintain a strong knowledge of developments in the fields of advancement, database, and systems management and administration.

- Other related duties and special projects as assigned


Experience, Education and Licensure

- Bachelorís degree or equivalent combination of education and experience in database management, project management, programming, and data analysis in a fund-raising environment.

- Experience or equivalent knowledge of working in a fund-raising environment essential.

- An understanding of the advancement process, and advancement terminology strongly preferable.

- Demonstrated superior collaborative skills among a variety of personalities essential.

- Demonstrated experience as a self-directed visionary who can mold existing and new tools and pieces into a streamlined client-oriented program.

Language/Communication Skills

Ability to communicate effectively in writing and speaking. Ability to make effective and persuasive presentations to internal groups and external individuals. Excellent interpersonal and customer relations skills.

Technological Skills

Proficiency with InfoMaker, SQL, PowerBuilder and WebFOCUS and/or related tools strongly preferred.
Experience with Sungard BSR Advance strongly preferred.
Experience with SmartCall, imaging systems, PeopleSoft and/or Lawson Financials preferred.
Required proficiency in information and database management.

Reasoning Ability

Ability to apply principles of logical thinking to a wide range of intellectual and practical problems.
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