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 Student Phonathon Manager

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  • As a manager of Phonathon you will be responsible for supervising every calling session.

  • You will have a key to let everyone into the building.

  • You’ll need to show up early each session to make sure the room is ready.

  • You will manage, motivate, train, and support student callers.

  • You will report directly to the Annual Fund Coordinator in the Office of Development.

  • You are expected to work each calling and training session.

Duties Include:

  • Manage each nightly calling team. Remember that we’re not calling just for money; we’re calling to create a rapport with our alumni, parents, and friends.

  • Meet with the Annual Fund Coordinator each day for nightly instructions.

  • Assist the Annual Fund Coordinator with training sessions.

  • Provide feedback to the Annual Fund Coordinator regarding program and individual caller performances.

  • Keep it fun!

  • Maintain and record calling results each night.

  • Set up and maintain (keep clean) the calling room.

  • Open and lock the building each night.

  • Help plan and carry out caller incentives in a fun manner.

  • Provide a fun atmosphere and motivate callers to do their best.

  • Provide advice, insight, encouragement, and help to callers.

  • Keep it fun!

  • Display initiative to undertake new projects and work on them with minimum supervision.

  • Pay callers each night and track money spent efficiently.

  • Keep attendance nightly.

  • Order pizza for calling sessions.

  • Sort forms neatly and precisely in the proper bins.

  • Update goal thermometer and communicate goals to callers.

  • Communicate regularly with the Annual Fund Coordinator about goals, problems, ideas, etc.

  • Keep it fun!

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