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 Staff Assistant

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This full-time non-exempt confidential position is responsible for a variety of complex support and coordination activities for the University Donor Relations department including day to day administrative duties, accurate proofreading and editing of high level correspondence, report generation, report validation, database maintenance, basic research, and project facilitation.

This position requires a high level of organization, ability to multi-task, and willingness to take initiative.

This individual will negotiate competing timelines while supporting a department of three officers and a director.

This person will work independently and will be responsible for specific project work.

Advanced expertise in the functional use of Excel, Word and FileMaker Pro are required, as is an ability to learn new systems and programs.

The Staff Assistant will have access to and use of confidential information pertaining to donors, alumni, and students and must have a good sense of diplomacy.

This person must have strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.


*1. Must complete a three-month University probationary period. Must maintain an excellent ongoing attendance record.

*2 Has direct responsibility for the coordination of all paper and workflow for the stewardship and donor relations activities, to and from the Director of University Donor Relations.

*3. Designs, organizes and implements administrative systems and procedures and performs all necessary support duties.  Operates a networked computer desktop and is responsible for the maintenance of the departmentís data needs. Required to attend all relevant training sessions and to keep current with new technologies.

*4. Serves as the administrative liaison and contact with constituents of University Donor Relations including, donors, faculty, and  University administrators

*5. Responsible for the proper formatting, accurate proofreading, editing, fact checking, distribution, and tracking of correspondence produced by department personnel.

*6. Will provide the integral research efforts required to carry out effective and efficient donor relations and stewardship activities using web-based querying tools, central data repository, Central Files, Files, and departmental records both electronic and hard-copy.

*7. Responsible for scheduling and coordinating the use of facilities, services, and all required arrangements for meetings, conferences and seminars that span both the University and other academic institutions. Will be responsible to transcribe and distribute minutes at various department meetings.

*8. Maintains the Directory database, generate, and distribute annual edition using desktop publishing.

*9. Assists with the timely maintenance, update, and posting of information to the magazine.

*10. Read, track, and distribute notifications regarding constituents featured articles in various publications.

*11. Assists in the training, scheduling, work distribution, and space provision requirements of students, casual and temporary workers.

*12. Collaborates with all staff to make the central repository Advance as accurate as possible.

*13. Participates in the departmentís strategic planning process.

*14. Responsible for completing budget training and managing all credit card, universal expense report and travel forms for the department.

*15. Adheres to all departmental and University policy and procedures. Attendance is required at the monthly staff meeting.

16. The above covers the most significant responsibilities of the position. It does not, however, exclude other duties, the inclusion of which would be in conformity with the level of the position.


1. Must be a professional, confidential, honest, and reliable person. Must have an even disposition with a poised confidence and have the ability to deal effectively and politely with people from different backgrounds, experience levels and in all types of situations. Must have definite capability to evaluate problems accurately and display good judgment.

2. Must be highly organized, detail oriented, and have the ability to work competently and efficiently in a multi-task environment.  Must have proven organization skills and ability to prioritize work in a fast-paced environment with multiple and often conflicting interests.

3. Requires a strong knowledge of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Must have the ability to accurately proofread and edit reports and correspondence. Must write well enough to draft some basic correspondence.

4. Solid computer skills in a PC environment with the capability to master new software applications and technologies in database management. Advanced expertise in the functional use of Excel, Word, and FileMaker Pro are required (comparative & statistical analysis, extensive mail merges, report generation). Excellent word processing and accurate keyboarding skills (45 wpm minimum) required.

5. Ability to successfully complete Advance training and understand the use of this database.


1. College degree from an accredited institution.

2. 2 years of development experience in a related environment.  University experience a plus.
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