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 Software Replacement Project Assistant

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Job DescriptionThe Software Replacement Project Assistant is responsible for the provision of administrative support to the Manager, Administration and Advancement Records and to Advancement Services Software Replacement teams.

Monitors Project Budget
  • Reviews and processes all expense claims for the project, including travel claims.
  • Reviews all purchasing requests for the project to ensure that proper approvals are in place.
  • Manages some bookkeeping items.

Human Resources

  • Participates and coordinates processes related to staff recruitment for the software project, including reviewing applications, ranking candidates, and producing initial short list.
  • May participate on selection committees for new project-related staff.
  • Schedules interviews and checks references.

Project Administrative Support

  • Assists in the development of  policies and procedures.
  • Develops, with appropriate team leads and stakeholders, policies and procedures.
  • Involved in project and deliverables tracking throughout the implementation phase.
  • Monitors the status of agreements and contracts, reporting variations or discrepancies to management.
  • Acts as recording secretary in internal and external project meetings, prepares and distributes minutes and action item summaries.
  • Communicates with Advancement Services personnel and vendor contacts to exchange information requiring minimal interpretation or discussion.
  • Organizes a variety of regular and special committee meetings, preparing any required materials.
  • Assists in the organization and development of training materials related to the project.
  • Provides training materials support throughout the implementation phase.
  • Composes administrative correspondence and drafts (external and internal) such as memos, letters, reports, presentations, agendas, meeting materials, minutes. Material frequently confidential in nature.
  • Receives, reviews and processes incoming correspondence. Prepares responses or materials.
  • Develops PowerPoint presentations and handouts for campus meetings and conference presentations.
  • Coordinates and arranges conference and travel arrangements for the project team, as well as prepares travel claims.
    Assists with database management.
  • Organizes and maintains files.
  • Acts as project contact with all campus departments.
  • Maintains knowledge of University systems, policies and procedures as necessary to support the software replacement project.
  • Responds to issues and priorities as they arise.
  • Provides clerical support as necessary to the Manager, Administration and Advancement Records.
    Other duties as assigned.


Undergraduate degree an asset.
5 years administrative experience required.


  • Computer proficiency in a windows environment using MS Office, spreadsheets and databases.
  • Experience in a post-secondary educational institution and/or a fundraising environment is an asset.
  • Experience with the supervision of projects and delegation of tasks is an asset.
  • Exceptional interpersonal, organizational and communication skills, integrity, respect for confidentiality, sound judgment and decision making skills.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Familiarity with personnel administration procedures and collective agreement.
  • Highly organized with the ability to prioritize.
  • Willing and able to multi-task.
  • Self-motivated and able to grasp new concepts quickly.
  • Keen interest in software implementation and user training.
  • Experience with PeopleSoft application software is an asset.
  • Knowledge of the University an asset.
  • Most project work will be managed independently, requiring occasional verbal review and/or approval, re-direction of strategic process.

Consequence of Errors

Poor time management resulting in missed deadlines.
Errors in scheduling of Managerís calendar could result in committees being unable to conduct their business potentially causing backlogs and decreased efficiency and effectiveness.


All Staff in External Relations Portfolio including VP.
Administrative Information Services.
Other Universities and post-secondary institutions.
Vendors and IT consultants.

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