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 Phone Program Coordinator

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Associate Director of annual Fund

The Phone Program Coordinator manages and executes the year-long Phone Program.

The Phone Program uses a staff of more than 100 paid student employees to solicit support from alumni and friends of the University.


Oversees the general operations of the entire Phone Program, including managing supervisors, establishing calling schedules, and managing computer database files.

Interviews, hires and trains all student callers and supervisors. Ensures proper attendance and high caller performance through monitoring and counseling. Has the discretion to terminate the employment of any student as necessary. Develop, review and revise recruiting, interviewing and hiring techniques to better promote employment opportunities to University students.

Generates daily and weekly reports, analyzes progress, adjusts strategy as needed and initiates any report that better communicates the effectiveness of the Phone Program.

Works closely with the Personnel Office. Ensures paperwork and payroll are accurately prepared and completed in a timely manner.

Processes pledges for accuracy and ensures they are mailed daily.

Develop and implement a comprehensive incentive plan for the benefit of Phone Program employees.

Develop and modify training to improve overall effectiveness of the program.

Works with Deans, Development Officers and/or others representing colleges or units to plan and conduct telefund campaigns.

Other duties as assigned.


Education: A bachelor's degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience required.

Experience and Job Knowledge: One or two year’s related experience preferred. Experience in annual giving or in a related development field will be given preference. Telefund experience preferred. The ability to work efficiently with minimum supervision, to deal with the public in a professional manner and to communicate clearly and accurately is required. Previous experience supervising students is preferred. Knowledge of an automated telefund system is desired.

The incumbent should be computer literate in these areas in a PC environment:


WWW browsers

Microsoft Office





Attention to detail and a professional appearance and demeanor are required. The incumbent must work well with other coworkers to promote and maintain a positive work environment. The incumbent must maintain confidentiality of all information entrusted to this position. The incumbent will work 1 pm to 10 pm, Monday through Friday and on an “as needed” basis on weekends and mornings.

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