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  Sample job descriptions and job description tips. Employment

 Phonathon Supervisor

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Phonathon Supervisors manage the day to day operations of the Calling Center and planning of the Phonathon Program in conjunction with the Phonathon Coordinator and other Phonathon Supervisors.

The Phonathon Supervisor reports directly to the Phonathon Coordinator.


  • Reliable

  • Ability to motivate yourself and others

  • Dedicated

  • Have at least one semester of calling experience

  • Strong communication skills

  • Demonstrate leadership qualities

  • Exhibit enthusiasm for the university and the Phonathon Program

  • Ability to work well with little or no supervision


  • Training/Supervising

  • Assist in interviewing/training callers.

  • Supervise and motivate a group of student callers during all scheduled shifts.

  • Know, abide and enforce all Phonathon policies.

  • Maintain a professional yet fun atmosphere.

  • Plan and strategize with the Phonathon Coordinator.

  • Plan and review all calling schedules.

  • Represent the needs and issues of the student callers.

  • Assist Phonathon Coordinator with setting and achieving Program goals.

  • Plan games, activities and fun for the Phonathon Program.


  • Always represent the Phonathon Program and the university in good will.

  • Maintain a safe working environment for yourself and student callers.

  • Respect yourself, the student callers and the Phonathon Coordinator at all times.

  • Perform any additional responsibilities assigned.

  • Have fun!

Working hours:

  • Average 8-12 hours per week.

  • Supervisors will work a minimum of two shifts per week. (Since there are five shifts, supervision of the odd shift will be coordinated by the two Supervisors and the Phonathon Coordinator).

  • Supervisors must arrive a half-hour earlier than scheduled shifts, in order to open doors and organize Calling Center.

  • Supervisors will remain after the shift, in order to organize and break down the Calling Center. (No longer than 30 minutes).

  • Supervisors will attend one weekly meeting with the Phonathon staff (to be determined by Supervisors and the Phonathon Coordinator, in order to accommodate academic schedules), for no more than 1 hour each week. This weekly meeting will be used to discuss problems, concerns, and successes, plan upcoming shifts and activities, update each other on goals and progress, and basic exchange of information.


  • Supervisors are guaranteed to make $___/hr. to start for all scheduled shifts and weekly meetings.

  • Supervisors will be eligible for raises at the end of each semester of calling.

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