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  Sample job descriptions and job description tips. Employment

 Phonathon Supervisor

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Phonathon supervisors manage the day-to-day operation and planning of the phonathon program in coordination with the Director of Annual Giving Programs and other supervisors. The supervisors report to the Director of Annual Giving Programs.

I.  Responsibilities

A.  Hire/Train/Supervise staff of 40-45 students.

1.  Assist in interviewing callers.
2.  Conduct caller training sessions with the phonathon supervisor team.
3.  Conduct review sessions with individual callers.
4.  Deal with unproductive or difficult callers.
5.  Deal with isolated incidents occurring at the phonathon.

B.  Provide on sight supervision of assigned phonathon sessions.

1.  Plan and conduct assigned phonathon sessions.
2.  Motivate and assist callers
3.  Monitor calls and give immediate feedback.
4.  Handle calls with difficult donors.
5.  Notify Phonathon Manager of any problems.
6.  Supervise two sessions per week and every fourth Saturday and occasional late shifts.
7.  Know and enforce policies.

C.  Maintain the phonathon center.

1.  Keep materials neat and organized.
2.  Care for telephone and headset equipment.
3.  General upkeep of the phonathon center.

D.  Plan and strategize with the Phonathon Manager.

1.  Plan and review calling schedules.
2.  Represent the needs and issues of the callers to the team.
3.  Attend weekly team meetings with the Phonathon Manager.
4.  Conduct weekly Phonathon staff meetings.
5.  Set goals and the means to achieve them.

II.  Qualifications

A.  Exhibit enthusiasm in support of Christian Higher Education, especially the College.
B.  Demonstrate effectiveness and genuine warmth in contacts with others.
C.  Possess organizational abilities and attentiveness to details.
D.  Strong oral communication skills.
E.  Possess strong management and leadership skills.
F.  Ability to motivate others.
G. Must agree to enforce phonathon regulations and policies.

Ability to work as a team member
Willingness to keep up with issues at the university that affect the phonathon.
May not participate in any college (non-intramural) sports.

III. Working Hours

Phonathon shifts run from 6-9, Monday through Thursday, and 11-2 on Saturday.

Some special shifts may be scheduled.

Supervisors are required to work two shifts per week, every fourth Saturday and occasional late shifts.

In addition, supervisors must attend weekly supervisor meetings and phonathon staff meetings. Approximate time commitment: 8-10 hours per week. (Fluctuates) Note: The first two weeks of each semester can average 15-20 hours due to hiring and training of callers.

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