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  Sample job descriptions and job description tips. Employment

 Lead Caller

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Assist in the day-to-day operation and planning of the Telefund program in coordination with the Telefund Leadership Team and the Annual Giving Programs.

The Lead Callers report to the Telefund Manager.

I.  Responsibilities

A.  Assist in hiring/training/supervising new staff members.

Assist with Group Interviews and Floor Tests (phone tests) with applicants.
Assist in caller training sessions with the Leadership Team.
Act as main Mentor for new callers on team.
Assist in preparation and up-keep of caller training manuals including training and campaign materials.

B.  Provide on sight supervision of assigned Telefund shifts.

Supervise assigned Telefund shifts when a Supervisor is not present.
Be instantly available to answer caller questions and to offer assistance at all times (primary job description).
Deal with unproductive or difficult callers.
To learn and understand the latest version of the telemarketing software and to teach and demonstrate the different functions to all 60+ callers.
Perform above standards so as to be an example to other callers. Motivate and inspire callers with an incredibly positive attitude and by being an upstanding, student role model.
Handle calls with difficult donors.
Monitor phone conversations constantly to be the “eyes and ears” of the manager.
Notify Supervisor of any problems during shifts supervised by Lead Caller.
Know and enforce policies, dress code, and notify Assistant Manager or Manager of any problems.
Be the main credit card verifier for the team.  Make sure other verifiers are not hastily throwing down their headset to get up quickly from their chair.
Monitor break times.  Flash the lights at 3-4 minutes before the end of a shift.  At 7:35pm, the lights will be flashed again to let callers know that the shift is starting at which time they must be at their calling stations.
Take initiative and look for ways to help others out.
Perform other duties as assigned by the manager.

C. Maintain the Telefund facility.

Keep materials neat and organized.
Care for telephone and headset equipment.
General upkeep of the Telefund facility.
Assist in maintaining an organized and functional state in the Call Center.

D. Plan and strategize with the Telefund Leadership Team, Assistant Manager and Manager.

Represent the needs and issues of the callers to the Leadership Team. (main job!)
Optional: Attend weekly team meetings with the Leadership Team.
Set personal goals and the means to achieve them.
Help achieve Telefund goals set by manager and related schools.
Attend monthly stewardship interviews with Assistant Manager and Manager.
Attend monthly Leadership Training Meetings.

II. Qualifications

Exhibit enthusiasm in support of the Education System.
Demonstrate effectiveness and genuine warmth in contacts with others.
Possess organizational abilities and attentiveness to details.
Strong oral communication skills.
Ability to motivate others.
Must agree to enforce Telefund regulations and policies.
Ability to work as a team member.
Willingness to keep up with university issues that affect the Telefund.
May not participate in any college (non-intramural) sports.
Raised at least $15,000 as a caller.
Ability to be patient with others and the manager.

III. Working Hours

Telefund shifts run from 3-5pm, 5-7:30pm and 7:30-10pm, Tuesday through Friday, and 9-11:30am and 11:30-2pm on Saturday.  Some special shifts may be scheduled. Approximate time commitment: 10-20 hours per week. (Fluctuates) Note: The first few weeks of each semester can average 14-20 hours due to hiring and training of callers.

IV. Pay Level

The position is a student employee. The starting wage is $___ and raises are given based on performance in the job description and performance as a caller.

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