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 Vice President Membership and Volunteerism

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The primary responsibility of the Vice President, Membership & Volunteerism is to provide the vision and leadership necessary to support the core business strategy and mission in three areas:
  • to increase membership and retention of members and adult volunteers
  • to reach populations (geographic, racial, cultural, ethnic, etc.) that are underserved
  • to develop a collaborative working relationship with the other units, to ensure that membership campaigns and support systems are integrated with program development, reflect international priorities and respond to the existing and anticipated needs of members and volunteers.

The Vice President, Membership & Volunteerism provides the necessary vision, leadership and support to three major Departments (Membership Strategies, Membership Strategies for Adults and Multicultural Initiatives) to develop and deliver the strategy, advice, counsel and service necessary to meet the organizational goal of significantly growing and maintaining membership in all populations.

  • She/he oversees the development of national membership campaigns that meet diverse needs in all parts of the country, supporting their efforts to increase and retain members in all populations.
  • She/he leads the team of Departmental Directors in developing collaborative relationships to ensure that campaigns reflect needs and regional or geographic realities.
  • Goes out of the way to fully understand the membership challenges in general and develops strategies to overcome challenges.
  • She/he works closely with Advisory Committee to ensure that volunteers are heard and incorporated in the departmental outputs.
  • The Vice President, Membership & Volunteerism develops relationships and works across department lines to create collaborative approaches to increasing membership growth and retention.
  • Creates cross functional teams and other soft structure systems to encourage departments and individuals to work collaboratively, outside of normal reporting structures.
  • She/he obtains, analyzes and disseminates data dealing with current membership trends, projected demographic changes, population shifts, etc. in order to develop, articulate and implement the strategies to assist in developing the agility needed to meet the challenges of a changing external environment.
  • Must be able to analyze and interpret data to clearly articulate the need for specific strategies.
  • She/he ensures that technology is embedded and utilized throughout the department as a way of delivering services in a timely and cost efficient manner (e.g., E-Learning opportunities, virtual meetings and conferences, electronic tools, etc.).
  • Must keep up with external technological advances and determine how to integrate them into departmental mission and objectives.
  • She/he attracts, recruits, retains and motivates a highly trained and qualified staff.
  • Ensures that opportunities are in place for departmental staff to develop and broaden their skills.
  • Ensures that cross training opportunities exist and are utilized as a way of ensuring the strength necessary to remain agile and respond to changing priorities and challenges.
  • The Vice President, Membership & Volunteerism exhibits a deep understanding of the concept of volunteerism and its necessity and value to the organization.
  • Ensures that the department understands and responds to volunteer challenges; ensures that volunteer staff has access to the centralized support necessary for them to provide the highest level of service to volunteers.
  • She/he works closely with Communications & Marketing leadership to ensure that core themes and messages are delivered consistently to targeted audiences in a manner that is in keeping with the Brand and meets the needs and expectations of specific audiences.


  • 10 to 15 years prior experience (non-supervisory and supervisory) in a membership-based organization.
  • Youth-based experience would be a plus but not an absolute requirement.
  • An understanding of the mission and objectives would be very helpful.
  • 5+ years experience in a senior-level management position (i.e., second or third level supervision) with responsibility over multidisciplinary functions.
  • Experience in developing and managing relatively large departmental budgets.
  • Sufficient financial acumen to manage and adjust budgets during periods of change and stress.
  • Demonstrated experience working with large data bases of numeric and statistical data in order to fully understand current and projected demographic changes, population shifts, economic forecasts, etc.  Experience in translating data for use in developing business plans to meet future challenges.
  • Demonstrated experience and success in the integration of technology as a critical management tool.
  • High level communication and persuasive skills in order to assist in “selling” vision, processes and programs to help increase membership locally including reaching and/or expanding into markets not served or are underserved.
  • Excellent platform skills and experience in order to make presentations to internal and external audiences of varied backgrounds and experiences.
  • Must be culturally sensitive (across a number of cultures) in order to develop and oversee the implementation of services directed to varied constituencies.
  • Must have an understanding that standard themes (e.g., leadership, self awareness, self esteem, etc.) can (and may have to be) be delivered in different ways depending on the audience.
  • Demonstrated proficiency and experience in customer service with high standards of timeliness and responsiveness.
  • Demonstrated experience working in a highly collaborative environment where teamwork, collegiality and self motivation were necessary for success.
  • Depending on the project, must be willing to work as a either a Project Leader or project team member where the success of the project supersedes individual role responsibilities.
  • 30% travel encompassing both day trips and overnights required and expected in order to partner with and provide consultative services.
  • Bachelors Degree in Organizational Development or related area.
  • Masters degree in same would be a plus but not necessary.
  • Extensive, varied, progressive and successful experience in a membership organization and post-college coursework would be a substitute for a formal Masters Degree.
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