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 Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator

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This position will coordinate and conduct fundraising events coordinate the volunteer program, including recruitment of volunteers. Other duties will be assigned. Fundraising, donor and volunteer relations, special event experience, marketing and computer skills are necessary. Excellent written and verbal communication and organizational skills essential. Knowledge of Raiser’s Edge a plus. Bachelor’s degree with at least two years related experience. Master’s degree preferred.

Coordinate and conduct special events:
  • Identify volunteers to serve as honorary co-chairs, chairs and committee volunteers. Ask them to help solicit affiliates for sponsorships.
  • Involve Resource Development Committee in all phases of planning and implementation.
  • Establish 4 separate committees (consisting of 5-10 persons each), including: Table Sponsorship Comm.; Tree and Wreath Sponsorship Comm.; Auction and Ambience Comm.; and Assessment Comm.; Individual Ticket Sales Comm.
  • Secure corporate and individual sponsorships.
  • Encourage board and CEO involvement in solicitation of table and tree sponsorships, auction items and ticket sales.
  • Send auction item solicitations for both live and silent auction items.
  • Create budget for the event, based on past 2 years expenses and other estimates.
  • Confirm location of event.
  • Send “save the date” cards.
  • Start creating guest list. Include all donors from the year, volunteers, key prospects, past attendees, etc.
  • Make regular, personal follow up calls to prospective sponsors and board members.
  • Market event via media releases, billboards, website, community calendars (both on-line and in print), e-mail (to close friends/ volunteers) and media sponsors. Secure PSA announcements from radio stations.
  • Plan event logistics—secure caterer, finalize décor and menu, order rental equipment and furniture, etc.
  • Identify emcee
  • Collect auction items.
  • Make regular, personal follow up calls to prospective sponsors and board members (for their own contribution to event and to help solicit others).
  • Secure at least 90% of goal prior to the day of the event.
  • Establish plan for individual ticket sales
  • Begin selling individual tickets 4-6 weeks prior to event.
  • Make regular, personal follow up calls to prospective sponsors and board members.
  • Identify celebrity spokesperson/ emcee and promote; ask to help solicit affiliates for sponsorships.
  • Send invitations out no later than 5 weeks prior to the event. Use live, first class stamps.
  • Solicit participation of staff to assist with implementation of the event, and in making donors feel welcome and appreciated.
  • Remind staff of their role in public/ donor relations.
  • Meet and greet donors—establish relationships
  • Encourage participation of staff, especially management, to meet and greet donors and establish relationships with them.
  • Turn new attendees into donors. Cultivate relationships with current donors to help foster ongoing support.
  • Capture contact information of all attendees. Place them on our mailing list for newsletters, appeals and future events.
  • Follow up with new attendees by phone or note after the event, thanking them for coming.
  • Send thank-you cards to all donors who contributed that evening, as well as key prospects following the event, thanking them for their support. Send thank you cards throughout the year following subsequent contributions. Establish relationships.
  • Identify and cultivate relationships with organizations that conduct events of which we can become recipient organization.
  • Development team will work with Resource Development and Marketing Committees to provide support to the event.
  • Cultivate relationship with Rotary (i.e., provide table at special events; invite for tour; invite to hold meeting; send newsletters; do special presentations; thank you letters, etc.).
  • Development team will identify volunteers to work scheduled shifts throughout the weekend.
  • Team will pre-sell raffle tickets 4-6 weeks prior to the event.
  • Encourage raffle ticket sales by board; hold competitions for most ticket sales.
  • Identify marketing opportunities to promote and secure potential volunteers and donors.

Other events:

  • Continue to cultivate relationships with other companies and organizations that hold events.
  • Other mini-events (e.g. boutique parties, cigar parties, wine tastings, etc.)
  • Hold 1 annual donor/ volunteer appreciation event to thank donors and volunteers; provide special awards/ recognition.
  • Build volunteer base.
  • Continuously identify new volunteer opportunities.
  • Match volunteer interests with opportunities and needs.
  • Provide volunteer orientations.
  • Track volunteer hours and numbers of volunteers.
  • Establish and implement volunteer recognition program/ event.
  • Establish a positive rapport with volunteers and donors.
  • Hold 1 volunteer appreciation event each year.
  • Provide personalized donor and volunteer acknowledgment and recognition.
  • Attend volunteer fairs, speakers’ bureaus and other event to acquaint community with organization, and vice versa.
  • Coordinate with local volunteer centers and organizations (e.g., United Way, Junior League, etc.).
  • Turn volunteers into donors.
  • Capture contact information of all volunteers. Place them on our mailing list for newsletters and appeals.
  • Follow up with new volunteers after their first time volunteering, thanking them for their support and periodically throughout the year. Establish relationships.
  • Provide support to and maintain relationships with Auxiliary members.
  • Attend meetings
  • Provide assistance with fundraisers, membership drives, etc.
  • Work with Auxiliary to implement a recruitment plan.
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