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 Development Writer

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Provides support to the central Development team in the production of fundraising materials as a member of a team of University Advancement professionals.


The Development Writer will collaborate with other members of the University's Development team to create fundraising project summaries, funding proposals, stewardship reports, and other written materials for internal and external audiences.

The Development Writer will serve as project manager, editor, and/or principal writer for a wide variety of print and electronic projects, including funding proposals for individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations; capital campaign-related promotional materials; annual stewardship reports for select foundation donors; and project summaries for a diverse array of fundraising goals.

Types of projects include formal proposals, letters of inquiry, brochures and flyers, direct mail pieces, invitations, web site content, speeches, and event scripts.


1. Manages central Development writing projects, as assigned, from inception through delivery. 
2. Writes and edits additional Development-oriented copy as assigned.  
3. Periodically provides updated content for Development sections of University web site. 
4. Represents Development office to other University departments and serves on committees. 
5. Performs other duties as assigned or requested.


1. Bachelor's degree.
2. Two years of professional experience in business or technical writing, communications, media relations, or related field.
3. Knowledge of standard concepts, practices and procedures related to the position, including: expertise in use of English grammar, punctuation, and syntax; familiarity with appropriate business software applications; use of best practices in proposal development; ability to conduct research; understanding of branding and positioning strategies for the institution and for specific projects; ability to "ghost write" for various University administrators, staff, and volunteers; ability to learn subject-specific terminology for use in developing written materials; knowledge of when and how to use various channels of communication.


* Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint required.
* Demonstrated knowledge of business correspondence, marketing materials and reports.
* Strong writing, editing and proofreading skills. Ability to easily change writing styles to fit the audience and voice of the piece.
* Strong project management skills. Ability to meet deadlines while maintaining good relations with colleagues.
* Ability to quickly and effectively gather information by means of interviews, database research, etc.
* Ability to work both collaboratively and independently.
* Ability to organize information for effective presentation in publications, web sites, and other media.
* Ability to develop, package and produce editorial content for web sites.
* Ability to interact effectively with a wide variety of people on- and off-campus.
* Ability to produce high-quality work on deadline. Comfortable managing multiple projects, priorities and deadlines.
* Commitment to the highest standards of customer service and professionalism.
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