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  Sample job descriptions and job description tips. Employment


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Job DescriptionJOB SUMMARY:

This position is responsible for leading and directing the efforts of staff and volunteers to develop and mobilize resources.


Reports directly to the Board of Directors.

As the most senior staff position within the organization, the President is responsible for the strategic leadership of the organization to ensure its future relevance, credibility, and viability. The incumbent is responsible for establishing organizational objectives and priorities and for reviewing and evaluating the progress and work for attainment of objectives and performance goals.


To ensure the best results , the President actively facilitates collaboration and partnerships by involving the community and by personally promoting participation, volunteerism, and philanthropy.

Internal Relationships:

Works directly with the Board of Directors and the Board Executive to develop organizational policies in support of the organizationís mission. As the leader of the senior management team, the incumbent guides the development of strategic and operational plans for management.

External Relationships:

The president works directly with community leaders, major donors and other leading philanthropists and government.


Strategic Organizational Management:
  • Provides the organization with the vision and leadership to carry out its mission.
  • Maintains staff and volunteer focus on its mission and vision and balances organizational priorities through an inclusive  strategic planning and management system.
  • Seeks out opportunities to improve organizational operations and shift organizational philosophy to integrate departments and programs to function as a strong, cohesive operation.
  • Develops policies and strategies for financial management including all revenues, expenses, endowment funds, and investments. Ensures rigorous accountability and long term stability through the conservative fiscal management of  resources and endowments.
  • Guides and integrates the department headsí efforts to realign all business processes and reinforce organizational structure to ensure the effectiveness of major programs and initiatives by focusing energies and operations to achieve agreed upon objectives.
  • Encourages and facilitates the application of technology to enable the re-engineering of programs and processes to make optimal use of resources.


  • Provides the leadership and long term vision necessary to significantly increase the organization's pre-eminence in fund-raising.
  • Develops new initiatives to ensure resources are available to support programs by building endowment funds.
  • Leads staff and volunteers in developing and implementing strategies to ensure a successful annual campaign.
  • Identifies, involves, educates and cultivates corporate and individual major prospects.
  • Solicits and stewards major individual and corporate donors, providing accountability and recognition.

Performs other duties related to the qualifications and requirements of the job.


Exercises judgment in researching, organizing, analyzing and presenting information to assist the Board of Directors in setting organizational policies based upon which the President, along with the management team, makes organizational strategies and decisions. Exercises judgment and discretion in communicating with volunteers and in developing recommendations and proposals, interpreting implications and indicating alternatives and solutions.


The actions and decision of the President have considerable contractual, legal, tax and ethical implications for the organization.

Poor leadership, inappropriate actions, incorrect information, lack of foresight, diplomacy or confidentiality could lead to the alienation of groups and stakeholders, embarrassment to the organization and itís senior officials and volunteers.



University graduation in an applicable field.


Individual must possess a minimum of ten years of directly related experience including five to eight years in a senior managerial capacity with a similar institution.

Must have direct management responsibility for large-scale initiatives involving significant dollar amounts and implications, a large staff, and many diverse stakeholder groups.

Extensive experience working with volunteers.


Proven leadership and team building skills. Ability to build consensus, rally support around common goals and to motivate groups and individuals. Proven negotiation and mediation skills. Ability to overcome obstacles to cooperation and to foster harmonious relations.

Strong project management skills. Easily balances competing priorities, complex situations, and tight deadlines.

Ability to think strategically and creatively.

Ability to rapidly process and comprehend large amounts of detailed information consider the implications and consequences of new facts and make decisions.

Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communications skills.  Ability to be articulate, concise, compelling and diplomatic.

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