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 Director of Information Technology and Research

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Job DescriptionAs a key member of the Management Team, this position is responsible for all aspects of  the management of Technology and Research.

Major responsibilities include: Delivering technology and research services which enable and support all aspects of the Strategic Plan in a timely and cost effective manner.

Organizational Status:

Reports directly to the Director of Advancement Services.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Develops and maintains information technology strategies and plans.
  • Develops and maintains research strategies and plans.

  • Ensures that research and technology plans are effectively aligned with both the Strategic Plan and departmental business plans.

  • Develops and maintains strategic relationships with central campus IT staff.

  • Ensures that all technology and research solutions (both internal and external) are delivered in a timely and cost effective manner.

  • Identifies innovative solutions to new strategic initiatives.

  • Ensures that the Management Team is up to date and well educated on strategic technology issues.

  • Implements and supports technology infrastructure, including integrated data and voice networking.

  • Selects, develops, implements and supports new systems and technologies.

  • Conducts post implementation reviews to ensure benefits are achieved.

  • Performs the role of internal consultant on non-automation projects and reengineering projects.

  • Acts as “agent for change” and a “challenger of the status quo”.

  • Hardware, software, applications support.

  • Staff  Management.

  • Budget Management.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • University Degree or Diploma in Computer Science, Management Information Systems or Business Administration; supplemented with courses in current technology.

  • Ten years in Information Technology related business; with five years at the supervisory and/or project management level; also with organizations undergoing change.

  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple complex projects simultaneously according to agreed upon schedules and budgets.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of the higher education environment.

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate organizational and technology vision to the Board, the Community, Management Team and staff.

  • Demonstrated visionary leadership and creative thinking.

  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships between staff, management, union, volunteers and vendors.

  • Demonstrated ability to maintain an in-depth, broad and current knowledge of technology and techniques.

  • Demonstrated  ability to implement positive change through complex solutions under difficult circumstances.

  • Demonstrated change management skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to empower staff.

  • Highly developed verbal and written communications.

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