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 Database Coordinator

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  • Bachelorís degree in marketing, communications or a related field
  • Excellent project management, communication, interpersonal and research skills
  • Must be detail-oriented and able to prioritize work flow
  • Ability to work well both independently and as part of a team
  • Preference given for familiarity with relational databases and experience in nonprofit development with knowledge of basic fundraising concepts


Primary point of contact for all database functions:

  • Design reports and queries for mailings/invitations, etc.
  • Responsible for completion of all constituent data entry and updates
  • Handle all imports and exports of data
  • Create or assist with creation of labels
  • Assist with or perform mail, e-mail, and fax merges
  • Create Groups and update for mailings and meetings invitations

Manage database software maintenance:

  • Act as primary contact with system support group to troubleshoot any technical issues
  • Conduct database analysis and research including spec requirements and needs assessment
  • Evaluate need for and recommend upgrades, fixes, plug-ins, etc.
  • Keep up with news and trends in database technology and development methodology

Oversight of database integrity:

  • Develop exception reports to ensure accuracy of all constituent information updates
  • Receive all returned mail and enter or distribute for entry and update as appropriate
  • Run queries to scan database for duplicates and manually delete or merge duplicated records as appropriate
  • Develop routine data update strategy incorporating research options
  • Use Yellow Book and be familiar with other online sources for gathering information on personnel changes in government, business etc.

Institute calendar for regular end-user updates and training:

  • Assign appropriate access rights and ensure proper training for all new and current users
  • Support users and trouble shoot problems
  • Update internal policy and procedural documents as needed to reflect changes in Institute operations
  • Hold periodic meetings with users

Improve and enhance database:

  • Identify needs for information across functional areas within the Institute
  • Identify sources of information across functional areas within the Institute
  • Identify third party sources of information to improve and enhance database

Anticipated Future Responsibilities:

Prospect Management:

  • Assist with planning and implementation of prospect management research procedures
  • Learn current industry standard processes for prospect identification, cultivation (moves management) and tracking
  • Research and identify best methods for prospect stewardship and donor relations
  • Provide both proactive and reactive research on current and prospective donors in all areas including individual, corporate, foundation and government
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