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  Sample job descriptions and job description tips. Employment

 Database Administrator

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The objective is to provide accurate, current, and timely information. Responsible for management of mailing list and overall
database, work with vendors including Blackbaud and PIN.

Provide oversight and management of data processing procedures that include gift entry and acknowledgement.

Provide support to Direct Mail program. Work with Prospect Review staff to maintain accurate donor records and oversee Relationship Management program.

Confidential information will be handled with the strictest confidence in compliance with a code of ethics and tact.


Database Management:

1) Ensure optimized use of development database functionality to support fund raising and constituent relations goals.

2) Provide database quality control by routinely check gift entry batch logs and run reports to ensure that data is being entered accurately.

3) Responsibility for the management of Foundation database and ancillary systems. This includes working with software vendors to be sure systems remain up-to-date and functioning.

4) Maintain and modify data entry procedures as department evolves and ensure that staff is operating in accordance with set procedures.

5) Provide mailing lists from Foundation database and work with ITS to provide list of former patients in support of the direct mail
program and other mailing programs.

6) Manage e-mail lists and work with vendor to make sure list is provided in a timely fashion so communication can be sent on time.

7) Offer oversight of list management and making sure that data is kept as up-to-date and current as possible.

8) Participate in discussions related to event/campaign planning to ensure that database is being mined to its fullest capacity

9) Provide Foundation staff with queries and reports from the database that provide the information needed to make informed
programmatic decisions.

10) Responsible for training data processing staff and providing backup as needed.

Direct Mail/In-House Mailings:

1) Work in conjunction with Director of Annual Giving to ensure that data provided to direct mail vendors is consistent with data fields in solicitation materials.

2) Provide quarterly analysis report on direct mail appeals to direct mail vendor in addition to year-end report for analysis of
the annual giving direct mail program.

3) Prepare criteria for invitation lists and oversee preparation of lists and merges

Donor Relations:

1) Prepare donor recognition lists for Annual Report, Donor Wall, and any other recognition publications or events

2) Maintain Donor Wall

3) Oversee Relationship Management program, including assigning prospects and providing follow-up to see that actions have been made.

4) Develop and provide regular analysis reports to Foundation President and other staff to measure progress of Relationship Management program.

Prospect research and identification:

1) Develop and maintain system for management of prospect data in conjunction with Prospect Review staff.

2) Oversee prospect and relationship management processes including communicating information to appropriate staff for action. Plays key role in relationship management process participates in prospect strategy meetings, makes recommendation for cultivation, provides information on connection to other donors, key volunteers, and board members.

3) Make creative connections between and among people, events, programs, and their connections.


1) Work closely with finance and medical center directors to ensure that major gift and grant funds restricted for a particular program or piece of equipment are being used appropriately and within a reasonable amount of time.

2) Prepare packaged reports for development staff use.

3) Provide detailed reporting on annual and capital campaign revenue.

4) Provide detailed reporting by gift division for capital campaign consultant.

5) Prepare detailed reports and queries as requested by Foundation staff and board members.

6) Prepare restricted fund/endowment revenue and balance report for bimonthly board meetings.


1) Excellent written and oral interpersonal communication skills.

2) Ability to analyze data and interpret information to develop strategy.

3) Excellent organizational skills with an ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks and a variety of demands.

4) Ability to maintain a high degree of accuracy and professionalism with strong attention to detail.

5) Ability to exercise discretion and maintain confidentiality and privacy.

6) BA/BS preferred.

7) Knowledge of fund raising principles and practices.
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