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 Assistant Vice President for University Relations

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Job DescriptionThe Assistant Vice President for University Relations is responsible for the overall marketing and communication of those programs that interpret the mission of the University to its multiple constituencies, both internal and external, in order to create a climate of public and private support for the fulfillment of that mission.

The Assistant Vice President provides recommendations on policy and action in the management of issues and crises affecting the university, including media relations.

He/she provides oversight and coordination for the offices within the area of University Relations, including Public Information and Publications.

General duties will include:

1. Serves as the University spokesperson on University-wide concerns at the request of the President and provides counsel and advice on major public relations issues;

2. Oversees the operations of the offices of Public Information and Publications;

3. Develops a public relations and marketing program which supports and advances the comprehensive University constituencies among its various constituents.

4. Provides direction and counsel for the administration of the University’s graphics and communications program, and oversees an external communication program to ensure that standards of high quality are maintained;

5. Develops and implements the campus’s media relations for print and broadcast media at the local, state and national levels;

6. Working with deans, faculty and administration, assess their public relations needs and develops and implements programs accordingly to meet those needs;

7. Develop and implement a strategic marketing program;

8. Coordinates media strategy in support of the University’s development efforts;

9. Counsels the University on issues management and media relations;

10. Develops and oversees the actions of the institution’s crisis management plan;

11. Develops a program of internal communication for the University.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. a bachelor's degree is required, a master’s degree preferred, and a minimum of five years of successful management experience in working and communicating with multiple publics (preferably at an institution of higher education; a graduate degree is preferred;

2. excellent oral and written communication skills;

3. experience in dealing with broadcast and print media;

4. ability to serve as an institutional spokesperson on a variety of issues;

5. demonstrated ability to work successfully with multiple constituencies, both internal and external to an organization;

6. thorough knowledge of principles and methods of planning and conducting a comprehensive public relations program, including the development and implementation of a strategic marketing plan;

7. previous supervisory experience, preferably in the area of public relations, public information, communications or publications.
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