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 Assistant Director Corporate and Foundation Relations

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Job DescriptionThe Assistant Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations reports directly to the Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations, but has an indirect reporting line to the Assistant Vice President for University Development.

The Assistant Director provides support to the Director and helps to set annual goals for the office, submits detailed annual plans for action to meet and hopefully exceed this annual goal, and assists the Director in the overall implementation and evaluation of this plan on an ongoing basis.

The Assistant Director for Corporate/Foundation Relations may maintain his/her own list of prospects on the Prospect Management System, and manage their assessment, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship according to University policy for the Prospect Management System.

Typically, such prospects might be (but may not be limited to): alumni associated with Corporations/Foundations or their board member representatives; corporate/foundation CEO's or leaders; foundation directors; matching gift coordinators; or corporate recruiters.

The Assistant Director will work in tandem with the Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations to manage the overall solicitation of accounts such as described above. Although the Director will have final clearance regarding the assignment of corporate prospects. The Assistant Director will have ultimate responsibility for his own set of prospects to be managed by the PMS system.

The Assistant Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations provides support to the Director for the overall coordination and approval of final clearance for all cultivation contacts, solicitation and submission of proposals to all or any individuals, groups or entities associated or linked to corporate/foundation development strategies on behalf of the university.

The Assistant Director will have a special function to oversee/and provide support for the development of all proposals to be submitted to corporate/foundation entities. For this purpose, the Assistant Director will work directly with the Directors of Development from the various school/constituencies across campus. In some cases, the Assistant Director may work with faculty members, deans, or other volunteer/representatives from the University community.

The Assistant Director will advise the Director of Corporation/Foundation Relations regarding any questions involving timelines or final decisions as to whether or not a proposal may be submitted. The Assistant Director will oversee the development of all proposals and assist the Director in decisions as to whether or not a proposal should be further edited, reworked, held up for submission, etc.

The Assistant Director, working in conjunction with the Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations and the Office of the Assistant Vice President, will work with Deans, Development Officers and the Office of Public Information to oversee the development of all printed materials, including brochures, pamphlets, letters and information/promotional materials which will be submitted to clients to promote the overall needs, functions, service, direction and projects associated with the university. These will be developed to promote stronger ties to corporate and foundation prospects.

The Assistant Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations may travel with some frequency to meet/interact with corporate and foundation prospects for the purpose of identifying and cultivating fundraising opportunities to be coordinated through his/her office. The Assistant Director will often represent the University on his/her own, but will also coordinate some travel with the President, Vice-President for Advancement, Assistant Vice President for Development, school constituent officers or deans. Travel will be scheduled at his/her discretion for the purpose of effective, coordinated and efficient cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.

Finally, the Assistant Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations, will monitor/evaluate progress toward goals, provide statistical reports, on an ongoing basis and as requested by the Director, and suggest/request appropriate research for individual/group, corporation and foundation prospects. Likewise, the Assistant Director will assist in the acknowledgment for all gifts received through the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations and will provide feedback to the Director regarding approval for any publicity releases associated with such gifts.

Also, any special events for cultivation, stewardship or acknowledgment purposes associated with corporate and foundation support will be the responsibility of the Assistant Director and his/her plan of action must be coordinated carefully with the Office of Special Events, Public Information, Development Officers and, ultimately, the Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations.

Areas of Responsibility:

1. The Assistant Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations will assist the Director in the design and implementation of a comprehensive annual and long-range strategic plan for the Corporate/Foundation Relations Office.

2. The Assistant Director will assist in the management of the office's development program within the scope of the Office of University Development and in consultation with the Assistant Vice President for Development.

3. The Assistant Director will assist the Director in the identification, cultivation and solicitation of Corporate/Foundation gifts and pledges; and will plan and coordinate any annual giving programs associated with matching gifts, etc., in conjunction with the Office of Annual Giving.

4. The Assistant Director will provide writing expertise for the development of proposals and any other promotional brochures or written materials in support of Corporate/Foundation fundraising initiatives. These materials may be based on specific needs and priorities as demonstrated by the school Development Officer.

5. The Assistant Director will also have editorial/proofreading responsibilities for any proposals which are to be submitted via the office of Corporate/Foundation Relations or via any office of a Director of Development from a school or constituent area.

Ultimately, the Assistant Director will provide guidance for the Director regarding the coordination and planning for proposal delivery strategies. The Assistant Director, working in conjunction with the Director, will have final authority to initiate submission of proposal or to stop a proposal before it leaves the University.

6. The Assistant Director acts as a liaison between school Development Officers and the Central Development Office. Specifically, the Director will have responsibility for any Corporate/Foundation affiliations or organizations and alumni groups.

7. The Assistant Director will often recruit, organize and train volunteers as needed to support ongoing and long-term fundraising activities and objectives associated with the corporate/foundation community.

8. The Assistant Director will travel with some frequency within the valley, the state, and periodically out of state (and even out of the country) for the purpose of advancing the School's Corporate/Foundation development mission.


The Assistant Director for Corporate/Foundation Relations must possess a Bachelor's degree and should have at least two years of experience in development related positions.

Familiarity with development programs associated with higher education, or community non-profit education in human services agencies would be highly desirable.

In addition to these basic qualifications, the Assistant Director must possess exemplary communication skills and an ability to meet and interact with individuals on all levels.

Because a high volume of proposals, correspondence and reports, will be developed on an ongoing basis, the Assistant Director must possess exemplary writing skills. Indeed, candidates possessing degrees in English/writing/editorial study will be highly desirable for the position.

All candidates for Assistant Director for Corporate/Foundation Relations must provide evidence of the following skills and abilities:

1. Demonstrated success in fundraising with an emphasis on Corporate/Foundation Relations.

2. Excellent interpersonal skills, particularly the ability to work with groups and organizations, both internal and external to the University. Again, experience in working with the corporate/foundation community will be of the greatest importance.

3. The Assistant Director will be a highly energetic, self starting, entrepreneurial and creative individual who can express/recognize ideas, opportunities, and communicate goals and objectives clearly. This individual must also have an ability to travel with some frequency.

4. The Assistant Director of Corporate/Foundation Relations will possess outstanding organizational and management skills in administering personnel, volunteers, budget and other resources.

5. It is particularly important for the Assistant Director to possess an ability to work with a diverse constituency of donors representing the corporate/foundation community. These donors may include alumni, non-alumni friends, faculty members, corporate and foundation executives, and educational leaders from both the private and public sectors.

6. Strong oral and written communication skills are of the highest priority. Ideally, the Assistant Director should have a background in the development and implementation of proposals associated with corporate/foundation support for institutions of higher education.


The Assistant Director for the Office of Corporate/Foundation Relations will report directly to the Director of that office and will maintain a close working relationship with the Assistant Vice President for Development.

The individual will be appointed on a "standing" basis, i.e. funding will exist in a "concrete" form.

Therefore, the Assistant Director's position will continue to be funded on a yearly basis, provided he/she continues to meet and hopefully, far exceed the above described objectives.

An annual review and evaluation will be concluded in the spring of each year and will be the basis for a continuing appointment, salary increases, promotions, etc.
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