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 Assistant Director of Annual Giving

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Major Programs:

Direct Mail. Soliciting gifts, by mail, from alumni and friends of the University both in behalf of the University in general and in behalf of the specific college or school from which the alumnus/na graduated. Gifts may be earmarked by the donors to any area/program/fund on campus they choose, but university mailers typically encourage unrestricted or scholarship gifts, while college/school mailers encourage gifts to that unit’s top priorities.

Phonathon. Soliciting gifts, by telephone, from the graduates of each of the University’s colleges and schools. Gifts may be earmarked by the donors to any area/program/fund on campus they choose, but callers encourage gifts to the top priorities of the academic unit for whom they are calling.

Family Fund. Soliciting gifts by various means from faculty and staff of the University, particularly encouraging them to give by payroll deduction. Gifts may be earmarked by the donors to any area/program/fund on campus they choose.

Student Annual Fund. Involving students in Annual Fund activities such as thanking donors, assisting at Development Office stewardship activities, teaching students of the responsibility to give after they become alumni, and conducting a Senior Gift campaign among graduating students.

Giving Clubs. Encouraging regular, annual support from loyal donors by granting “membership” privileges and sending yearly renewal and upgrade appeals. Membership is granted to those willing to commit to annual gifts to the Special Opportunities (unrestricted) or General Scholarship Fund.

Parent Solicitation. Encouraging involvement in campus volunteer opportunities—and subsequently soliciting gifts—from parents of current students, by various means. Parents are encouraged to give to funds that would provide direct benefit to their children, such as the library or scholarships.

Other Activities:

  • Matching Gift.  Encouraging donors to have their gifts matched by their employers.

  • EFT.  Encouraging alumni and friends to give by means of “electronic funds transfer.”

  • Acknowledgments. Thanking and recognizing Annual Fund donors.

  • E-solicitation. Encouraging giving via email and the Development Office Web site.

The Assistant Director of Annual Giving will be responsible for three major Annual Giving programs:

Overseeing the Phonathon. This means doing the pulls prior to a calling session and  notifying gift entry, running the reports, and coordinating with in sending out pledge notices after every calling session. It also involves hiring and training the student supervisors and callers and being responsible for discipline, standards, policies, and salaries for the supervisors and callers. With the exception of initial training of new employees and orientation meetings with each new project (college), to the extent that the supervisors are capable of successfully running the sessions autonomously, the Asst. Dir. does not need to be present during evening calling. For the most part, a standard 8–5 workday with an occasional 9–6 or 10–7 day as needed.

Developing and running a Student Annual Fund program. In coordination with the Alumni Association, Orientation, and/or other relevant offices on campus, involve students in activities that support the university’s development program and instill in all students the importance of giving back monetarily to the university after they graduate. Activities could include being hosts, drivers, servers, speakers, or other support staff at donor and Parent’s Club events; writing thank you letters to donors; running thank you campaigns in coordination with Family Fund and Parent’s Club drives; educating students about Annual Fund; running a senior gift effort; etc. Could expand to a targeted Young Alumni solicitation program.

Developing and running a parent solicitation program. This involves establishing a volunteer committee and outlining solicitation efforts and means of involving parents, particularly alumni who have a greater interest than ever in supporting and enhancing the university where their sons and daughters are now getting their education. Parent volunteers would be asked to work on such projects as fund raising, organizing an annual Parents Day on campus, informational materials to be produced for parents of new students, recruiting, finding internships for students, providing networking opportunities for graduating seniors, and/or other projects in coordination with the Alumni Association or other campus units.

Other duties. In addition to these three major areas of responsibility, the assistant director will assist the director in brainstorming and carrying out initiatives for his three major areas of focus: Direct mail, the Family Fund, and giving clubs, as well as assisting with the other activities of the office.

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