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  Sample job descriptions and job description tips. Employment

 Assistant Director of Annual Giving

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General description:

Provides overall general support of all activities involved with the Telephone Outreach Program and Annual Giving Programs.

Will include supervisory work in the area of continued planning and implementation of the Annual Giving Telephone Outreach Program and all other programs related to the Office of Annual Giving Programs.

Scope of duties and responsibilities:

Responsibilities include support of the Director of Annual Giving Programs.

This includes the supervision of Annual Fund Coordinator, student assistants, and paid student callers for year-long telephone outreach campaign.

This position will also play a key role in the shaping of the Office of Annual Giving Programs for the university.

Supervisory responsibilities:

Supervises Annual Fund Coordinator, student assistants, student managers, and student callers.

Typical example of work performed

  • This individual is responsible for running all aspects of the telephone outreach program, including the supervision of up to 30 – 45 part-time student callers who contact University alumni to secure financial contributions.

  • Responsible for maintaining full calling shifts (average of 16 – 20 callers each shift) through ongoing recruitment efforts, training and motivation of staff.

  • Assistant Director also oversees the hiring and payroll paperwork, weekly staff meetings, nightly shifts, and the maintenance of the Phonathon System.

  • Other responsibilities include dealing with all prospect issues including those that arise from gift receipting, communication with Development Officers from each college during their calling sessions, and attending various task force meetings.

  • In addition, this person assists the Director of Annual Giving in making projections for each college’s calling segment, setting the calendar of calling for the year, and determining the schedule for special calling campaigns and direct mail campaigns.

  • He/She will be responsible for scheduling daily calling assignments, daily calling pools, and nightly, monthly, and individual goals.

  • Assistant Director will also assist director in reviewing and analyzing data and benchmarking program progress.

  • Assure consistency of caller presentation to prospect through regular monitoring of staff and one-on-one meetings to discuss performance.

  • Assure that callers meet monthly performance requirements.

  • Take disciplinary action when necessary.

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Knowledge of Higher Education fund raising and overall annual giving program functions is desirable.

  • Needs to have overwhelming enthusiasm and demonstrate a great deal of persistence.

  • This person must have computer knowledge, such as word processing, spreadsheet application, and a willingness to learn new computer programs.

  • Must be able to work with data for planning and evaluation.

  • This individual must also have the skills to supervise and manage a team of employees.

  • Some nights and weekends may be required.

Minimum acceptable training and experience:

Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years experience in related area are required.

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