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 Alumni Coordinator

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Position Summary:

To assess alumni in career progress and coordinate alumni events.

Key Job Elements:

1. Assure that the organization philosophy: quality services to clients; development, growth, involvement, and recognition of employees; sound economic principles; and environment which is conducive to innovation, positive thinking and expansion - is considered in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of this position.

2. Build networking opportunity for alumni and student body in order to benefit all through maintenance of alumni website and coordination of bi-annual events.

3. Develop new employer resources for alumni. Seek personal contact at highest decision-making level within corporations and business.

4. Support Alumni mentor program.

5. Prepare bi-monthly reports relating to alumni activity.

6. Provide a record of all alumni transactions. Ensure that accurate employment information is available at all times, meeting legal and educational association requirements. Additionally, report updates and detail of alumni career lifestyle in order to benefit other alumni, current students, incoming prospective students and the school in general.

7. Maintain the Alumni information display case, Alumni newsletter/ website, and departmental forms.

8. Develop an effective Alumni Association a positive image and promote participation and good-will.

9. Organize and implement annual graduation ceremony, quarterly portfolio show and other events in order to promote continued contact with graduates.

10. Be actively involved with professional organizations.

11. Represent the department and the school at sponsored events.

12. Actively support career services team environment with can do attitude in order for department to achieve goals and targets.

13. Direct customer calls, emails, faxes and in-person inquiries to appropriate career services team member.

14. Purchase department supplies and business cards.

15. Coordinate department meetings including taking meeting minutes.

16. Work with Advisors in planning and presenting quarterly Graduate Exit Meetings.

Position Requirements:

1. The organization's philosophy has been communicated and observed in this position.

2. Maintains high professional standards and has an attitude of excellent customer service.

3. Goals established by he school are met.

4. Events are organized within deadlines and budgets.

5. Keeps the Director fully apprised of progress and problems.

6. Previous experience in Alumni Relations preferred.

7. Bachelor degree preferred.
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