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 Executive Director of Fundraising Information Systems

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The Director of Fundraising Information Systems is responsible for planning, maintaining, monitoring, and evaluating the software system (Team Approach) and new enhancements needed for the organization's fundraising efforts.

The Director is responsible for managing the database of more than 500,000 records that is integral to the generation of more than 20 million dollars annually.

The Director is responsible for all queries, reports, and overall timely management of output from the system.

  • Develops and oversees the fundraising software system (Team Approach) for Individual Giving, Major Giving, and Foundation and Government Relations.
  • Manages close working relationships with fundraising departments and other staff who rely on Team Approach to ensure coordination of system output and reports to enhance fundraising efforts.
  • Develops customized reporting solutions for marketing and development staff to meet their business objectives.
  • Provides support services and fundraising tools to fundraising projects including direct mail and telemarketing, on-air fundraising, major giving, planned giving, and audience services.
  • Suggests ways that marketing managers can utilize systems and software to increase revenue and increase the number of supporters.
  • Is responsible for the integrity of all links from the Internet to Team Approach.
  • Assists the Senior Vice President of Individual Giving in interpreting needs and assessing fundraising solutions through the software system, and integrates all Development efforts on Team Approach.
  • Ensures the safety and integrity of the database, including all contributor and prospect files and data included therein.
  • Creates, manages and monitors the budget for the FIS Department.
  • Maintains an efficient daily workflow of queries and output based on the departments' marketing needs to reach goals.
  • Manages querying and reporting functions.
  • Analyzes and extracts data from the Team Approach database using a variety of tools.
  • Creates output files in a variety of formats for importing into other applications, such as FileMaker Pro.
  • Supports staff in developing and implementing queries, and reviews and recommends changes to current processes that are under performing or are off strategy.
  • Works with all staff on reporting needs and maintains a library of reports from Team Approach.
  • Develops reports for data mining and analysis.
  • Designs, plans, maintains and evaluates a training program for all staff on all uses of the software system.
  • Manages and monitors training and staff support for Team Approach.
  • Provides technical advice and training to managers and staff.
  • Works closely with the IT staff in integrating consistent computer management priorities and new technologies for the fundraising software system.
  • Works with IT to maintain effective performance to support application and appropriate system backups.
  • Ensures that software system is working 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
  • Develops, when necessary, internal business-related code structures in Team Approach.
  • Manages and oversees the checking of these codes to ensure their proper use.
  • Maintains database hygiene strategy.
  • Oversees necessary controls and security to protect database.
  • Is responsible for all upgrades and enhancements of Team Approach, including testing, training and documentation associated with the upgrade.
  • Manages the relationship with PBS and Target Software regarding support, enhancements, fixing bugs, and tracking the system as efficiently as possible. Participates in information sharing and user groups for the software system.
  • Works to develop new tools to help streamline day-to-day processing such as pledge automation, premium tracking, gift processing and more.
  • Supervises Project Analysts creating queries and working with Team Approach as well as a staffer for TA training and documentation.
  • Develops new tools/systems as CTI (communication technology interface), pledge automation, and premium tracking.


  • Direct experience with Team Approach necessary.
  • Bachelorís degree plus a minimum of five years progressively more responsible fundraising management/marketing systems experience.
  • Working knowledge of non-profit fundraising with emphasis on statistical analysis and predictive modeling to support, improve and enhance fundraising marketing practices.
  • Ability to look at data and find valuable and actionable information.
  • Strong proficiency in support and use of software applications such as MS Office or FileMaker Pro. Knowledge of Oracle RDBMS and SQL*Plus is required, plus experience with a relational database.
  • Strong staff management skills with proven track record managing staff responsible for department and company-wide support.
  • Strong customer service skills and collaborative demeanor and spirit to work with staff to secure for them the tools they need to support their fundraising objectives.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills with careful attention to detail needed.
  • Excellent analytical and creative problem-solving abilities.
  • Flexibility in work hours required; will require some irregular and/or long hours.
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