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 Chief Financial Officer

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The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) supports the institution's mission by managing Treasury, Financial Management, Accounting and Information Services functions.

As a member of senior management, the CFO participates in setting broad organizational goals, objectives and policies, particularly in the area of fiscal affairs.

Tasks include supporting project management and land acquisition activities, managing accounting, financial reporting activities, and supervising Board relations for the Finance, Audit and Investment Policy Committees.

Essential functions:
  • Oversee financial policies and procedures for the accurate and consistent recording and reporting of all financial matters including budgeting, external financial reporting, internal financial reporting, restricted grant analysis, capital funds tracking, project cost accounting, project and operational performance analysis, periodic reports to the Board of Directors, internal cost studies, and grant applications.
  • Support project activities by establishing guidelines for capital funds utilization and solicitation plus monitoring use of fund/balances, forecasting funds availability, advising on grant/loan usage decisions, and providing project bridge financing/advice to Regional Directors and project staff.
  • Oversee investing surplus and unutilized funds to best advantage and maintain excellent reputation in the financial and fund granting marketplace as well as with potential land sellers.
  • Direct special analyses and request special reports in support of project activities, such as tax benefit analyses and financial reporting on use of grant funds.
  • Initiate and maintain relationships with major lenders and other providers of capital.
  • Participate in long-range and annual development (fundraising) planning.
  • Oversee and direct Information Services Department, including the establishment of a long range strategy and execution of yearly Plan.
  • Support the annual Budgeting and Action Planning process.
  • Ensure that regional staffing is in place to support financial management responsibilities.
  • Direct regional and departmental periodic reporting of actual financial performance against budget and evaluation of variances.
  • Provide policies, standards and guidelines for budgets in grant applications and help provide support for financial reports to grantors.
  • Provide liaison and support to The Board's Finance, Investment Policy and Audit Committees.
  • Make financial presentations at board meetings and at the periodic meetings of various advisory councils and volunteer groups.

Other responsibilities:

Supervise and provide leadership to Finance Department Staff of 18 positions, I.S. Department Staff of 10 positions and Regional Finance staff.


  • MBA or equivalent degree required.
  • Five years experience in a Senior Financial Management role in a sophisticated and complex financial environment.
  • Ten years of experience in increasingly responsible financial positions encompassing a broad range of managerial roles.
  • Experience with, and/or understanding of, the special requirements of operating in a not-for-profit business setting.
  • Experience with, and/or understanding of, Information Services functions.
  • Excellent written and oral presentation skills.
  • Superior leadership, management and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent creative and problem solving skills.
  • Strong team player orientation.
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