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 Database Manager

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Reporting directly to the Executive Director of Advancement, the Database Manager is a full-time senior member of the Advancement Team with overall responsibility for organizing and integrating all information related to the organization.

This position will play a crucial role in effectively managing and implementing a comprehensive Database that will serve the needs of many departments, including, but not limited to, Development, Communications, Youth Ministry, Education and Training and Finance.

Essential responsibilities:
  • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive program for data management.
  • Oversight and on-site expert for advancement system.
  • Integration of all databases.
  • Create and implement design upgrade to database.
  • Design and maintain data security and integrity policy and procedures.
  • Make corrections and additions to all database records, including some prospect/donor information and contact schedules.
  • Design, write and implement all reports from advancement system.
  • Technical support and troubleshooting for gift acknowledgement and gift processing.
  • Training users with varying degrees of knowledge to effectively use the database system.
  • Working closely with the Director of Communications.
  • Oversight of new mailing house to be utilized for the management and facilitation of all mailings.
  • Annual production and delivery of directory.
  • Facilitating and delivery of all communications deliverables including:  mailings; labels; lists; reports, etc.
  • Annual production and delivery of Directories.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university, five years related experience with computers and database management or equivalent combination of education and experience are important.
  • Experience with report writing tools and advancement systems is required.

Language skills:

  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from: groups of managers, internal and external “clients”, trainees and the general public.

Other skills and abilities:

  • Must be familiar with Development, especially report writing, prospect management and gift posting.
  • Must be proactive and have the ability to be a self-starter.
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