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 Associate Director, Advancement Services, Records

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Job DescriptionUnder general direction of the Director of Advancement Services, the incumbent assumes a leadership role in the management of over 200,000 alumni, donor and other constituent records, both electronic and hard copy used by the Division of University Advancement.

The associate director is responsible for data integrity of all alumni, donor and constituent records, and is the lead advisor for staff responsible for maintaining and enhancing the highly confidential data on alumni and donors on the universityís Development Information System including the document imaging system and hard copy files.

The associate director is also responsible for the design, identification and implementation of improvements to the Development Information System and business processes as they relate to the Development Information System.

The incumbent will regularly work closely with Central and Divisional Development Officers and other Advancement staff, Administrative Management Systems, on records and Development Information System related activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

Records Management and Reporting

The incumbent has the senior responsibility of ensuring and maintaining the highest standards of data integrity for over 200,000 alumni donor and constituent records.

Represents the Division of University Advancement both internally and externally in all processes and systems related to biographic aspects of alumni/donor records and the processes and systems essential to their management and maintenance.

Manages and acts as the sign-off authority for official alumni counts and other biographic statistics for both public and private use. This includes providing counts and statistics for the university's public web sites, CASE and others.

The incumbent will be the primary liaison with university departments on matters relating to records management and will be responsible for monitoring quality control of the information being entered in the Development Information System including the scanning and attachment of electronic documents.

Data integrity is essential to the success of advancement activities and the incumbent will develop proactive strategies to constantly improve the integrity of the data in the Development Information System. This will include the development of reports and statistics to monitor data integrity, database changes, address accuracy, and interrelationships of data.

Manages a team of professionals and unionized staff who enhance records, trace lost alumni, and ensure email addresses are obtained, job titles are accurate, and that coding is accurate. This will be accomplished by the development and monitoring of performance measures, benchmarks and performance targets.

Ensures that scanning and records maintenance activities are performed in an efficient and effective manner by the central files/document imaging group and other program areas in the division.

Monitors ongoing Administrative Management Systems for efficiency and compliance with records retention policies, corporate classification schemes, privacy legislation, and security and access policies.

Ensures regular and timely updates when responding to program area needs such as Annual Fund and Alumni branch events.

Is the divisional representative in charge of Student Information Systems/Division of University Advancement information sharing, access and report requests.

Designs manual or automated information management systems to meet user requirements which includes conducting work flow and business process analyses writing specifications, procedures, preparing documentation and design/delivery of training as well as conducting work flow analyses, user support.

Identify, develop and lead projects that are multi departmental and division wide in order to develop new ventures that will advance the level of service provided to advancement staff, donors, friends and alumni.

Assesses and analyses new technologies in software, hardware, storage systems, imaging and microcomputer applications, to make appropriate recommendations for informational and archival requirements for donor records.

Works with other Program Managers to co-ordinate the activities of interrelated work groups, i.e., Advancement Research, Donations Management, Alumni Affairs, etc. for the purpose of updating and maintaining records.

Works proactively with the constituencies to help ensure best practices are followed in relation to the completeness and integrity of data.

Reviews reports generated from the Development Information System for clarity and adherence to reporting standards, completeness and accuracy. Also prepares analytical and statistical material for internal and external use.

Is responsible for preparing and managing the budget for Records.

Prepares an annual plan outlining goals and objectives of the records unit and tracks the ongoing performance of the records unit to ensure accomplishment of the plan. This plan will also need to consider the broader goals and objectives of the Division of University Advancement.

Responsible for personnel administration by: overseeing interviewing and hiring staff; developing and revising performance objectives, standards; and position descriptions. Evaluates and appraises and implements improved work flow procedures and better staff utilisation. Recommends and plans for professional development and training.

Ensures cross-training takes between records and other staff in the Division of University Advancement where appropriate.

Development Information System Management

Acts as the associate project manager for Development Information System related projects and co-chairs the regular Development Information System update meetings.

Helps design specifications, specification standards and in conjunction with the Director of Advancement Services, ensures that these are presented to Administrative Management Systems in a consistent, organized and comprehensive fashion.

Development Information System management responsibilities also include setting up and maintaining documentation and project timelines related to the Development Information System plan and related projects in process with Administrative Management Systems and external vendors, and the regular review of work schedules to ensure projects are progressing in accordance with project plans and agreed upon schedules.

Helps to perform comprehensive Development Information System testing to ensure standards and consistency exist between Development Information System modules and that projects in development will work according to user requirements and specifications.

Reviews Development Information System training materials, project documentation, help documentation and will help ensure that training and documentation is available within Development Information System and on-line through the divisional Intranet.

Assists in the development of and will be a user of the Development Information System data warehouse.

Other Duties

Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Advancement Services.

Work Complexities

Choice of Action

Having sound knowledge of the Divisionís mandate, priorities and deadlines, and using ones own initiative, the incumbent employs a wide choice of action, judgement, tact and discretion to ensure that making responsible decisions related to records and Development Information System management adhere to University policy and guidelines.

Increases the profile of records management and Development Information System to ensure Divisional and departmental concerns are addressed in the development or amendment of new or existing systems or procedures.

Instils a goal-oriented approach for staff consistent with the Division of University Advancementís objectives.

Establishes own work schedule and priorities based on user requirements and the general direction of the Director of Advancement Services.

Makes informed and responsible recommendations to management regarding records and Development Information System.  Determines which user enquiries may be handled personally and which should be referred to other specialists.

Consequence of Error

Errors in accuracy, judgement, tact or communication could result in a significant loss of productivity and jeopardise the successful completion of Development Information System projects.

Failure to consult and review work in a professional manner will result in displeased users and fail to effectively utilize University resources.

Failure to establish and monitor work schedules will result in an inability to meet deadlines and will delay the completion of records and other Development Information System projects.

Errors in accuracy, judgement, tact or communication could result in a significant loss of credibility and potential income for the University, Division and its initiatives.

Errors or omissions on the system can lead to unnecessary friction between the constituencies and the Division, and disrupt areaís capabilities, the loss of resources for system development and create a poor image of Development Information System for central Advancement and divisional staff.  Poor employee morale can also result.


The position requires that the incumbent be able to handle a large number of different projects simultaneously which necessitates that a large and complex amount of information be assimilated with consistent attention to detail being made in addition to being provided in a timely manner.

This takes place in an environment of constant change, conflicting priorities and demands from many sectors.

Helps ensure that user needs are balanced with administrative requirements of the University and operational requirements for the Division of University Advancement.

Facilitates problem solving between staff with different responsibilities so agreement on projects is reached in an efficient and effective manner consistent with Advancement activities and the workings of Development Information System.


Daily contacts with all levels of University and Division of University Advancement staff to resolve issues relating to records and Development Information System projects.  Has regular contact with Administrative Management Systems programmers and analysts.

Contact with manufacturers and distributors of software development and training tools.

In order to help maintain professional skills has involvement with peer and professional groups and institutions and periodically represent and speak on behalf of the Records group.

Supervision Received

Works under the direction of the Director of Advancement Services.

The incumbent is expected to exercise sound judgement and decision making skills and briefs the Director of Advancement Services and other staff as necessary.

Supervision Exercised

Responsible for the full range of HR & LR duties of a manager: hiring, discipline, performance management, grievances, trains and instructs staff in new and more efficient work procedures; ensures quality control objectives are realised.

Staff Complement

Manages 8 staff.

Qualifications Required

A) CRM designation advantageous, with relevant records and information management experience. University degree or a combination of education and practical experience is required. Additional experience with statistics and accounting and financial information will also be useful. Understanding of marketing and financial concepts in relation to advancement activities.

B) Experience: 3-5 years or more of relevant experience at a similar level.

High level of knowledge in the area of fundraising and advancement systems and procedures related to advancement management.

Demonstrated competence in records and information management and their applications including inventorying and retention scheduling techniques as applied to all media, including electronic records; various file classification systems, and techniques and principles supporting critical records Systems.

C) Solid knowledge of University policies and procedures.

D) Advanced computer skills required including at least 3-5 years experience with computerized advancement systems preferably in a large decentralized advancement environment.

E) Specific software skills such as familiarity with database management systems in a large multi-tiered complex systems environment, data base concepts, project management methodologies, software and report design and production, including a working knowledge of Development, Student and Financial Information Systems.

Experience with report writing software and advanced practical knowledge of Microsoft Project, Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Knowledgeable of Internet concepts, web site design, page layout using tools such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop.

Basic familiarity with system and information security.

F) Leadership capabilities; excellent judgement and decision-making abilities, ability to interpret and evaluate user requirements and produce and analyse data; effective written and oral communication skills, organisational and interpersonal skills. Good presentation skills.

G) Must be able to work under the pressure of time and frequent requests from multiple users each having their own timelines and constraints and with all levels of staff.

H) Results and service-oriented attitude with special attention to responding timely with accuracy and precision.

I) Strong interpersonal and communication (oral, presentation and written) skills are mandatory as is the ability to use tact and sound judgement in all activities and be able to interact with all levels of academic and administrative staff.

J) Must be able to deal effectively and professionally with users whose computer literacy ranges from the novice to the sophisticate.

K) Excellent project management skills.

Working Conditions

Demanding, professional, service and results oriented environment. Technologically sophisticated and complex.
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