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 Associate Director, Advancement Services, Financial Accounting

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Job DescriptionUnder general direction of the Director of Advancement Services, the incumbent is responsible for the day-to- day management of the Donations Funds area of Advancement Services. The incumbent also manages special projects as assigned by the Director of Advancement Services.

The Associate Director will bring financial management expertise and a high degree of professionalism to facilitate the achievement of the divisionís goals.

This is accomplished through standard setting, establishing accountability mechanisms, reporting and forecasting of donations to the University and providing advice and consultation to the Universityís senior development and administrative staff.

The incumbent works closely with Central and Divisional Development Officers and other Advancement Staff, Accountants in the Financial Services Office, Internal Audit, external auditors, and Business Officers on the financial management and reporting of donations.

Duties and Responsibilities

Financial Management of Donations

Manages the preparation of all financial reports from Advancement Services including the preparation of fiscal year end financial schedules

Ensures through various annual, quarterly, and monthly, reconciliations that theses reports are accurate and prepared and submitted in a timely manner.

Analyses the monthly reporting package and improves and adds new reports and schedules on an on-going basis to facilitate the tracking of the performance of the various fundraising programs.

Develops and maintains a quarterly reporting package which compares fundraising performance on a quarter by quarter basis.

Develops and maintains a number of supplementary schedules to the standard reporting package that incorporate external sources of data such as that from Stock Exchanges and Research Services so that fundraising progress can be evaluated and correlated with these sources.

Develops and maintains a number of schedules comparing fundraising success at the University to other peer institutions using data from organizations such as CCAE, CASE, NACUBO, CAE, other institutionsí audited financial statements and other related organizations to aid in benchmarking.

Manages the preparation of financial information for summaries the University participates in such as CCAE and CASE.

Develops and prepares project reports with comprehensive schedules of donations so these can be compared to the campaign priorities.

Develops and maintains and electronic repository of all monthly reports issued from Advancement Services on the Divisionís server so that this information is archived and available for analysis at future points in time.

Works with records to implement use of image scanning technology to create additional relevant scanned documents to enhance the donor financial information included on DIS.

Ensures that hard copies of all financial reports and special projects are filed in a consistent and organized fashion.

Works with Business Officers, Advancement staff of the various divisions to identify financial and program evaluation reporting requirements and to communicate to them relevant procedures relating to the financial management of donations.

Develops and manages an ongoing divisional audit program which reviews how donations are received and forwarded by the divisions and other aspects related to the flow of cheques, paperwork, and systems supporting the eventual entry of donations into DIS.

Manages the daily work of Financial Accounting.

Assists in the design and development of specifications, the design of system generated and other reports, testing and verification of all financial data to ensure that integration with the other modules of Administrative Management Systems is accurate and in adherence to financial guidelines.

Establishes and documents departmental policies and procedures and updates the Universityís manuals describing the financial and control aspects of donations policies, procedures, systems and taxation rules and regulations. Ensures that this information is also updated on the Division of University Advancementís web site.

Is the central person within Advancement Services responsible for providing tax advice and interpretation of IRS tax issues in relations to donations.

Verifies that all IRS guidelines pertaining to the receipting and reporting of donations are met.

Prepares tax returns and distributions from estates and trusts managed by Financial Accounting.

Monitors NSF cheques, monitors and reconciles credit card processing submissions to ensure that processing was complete and accurate.

In conjunction with the Director of Advancement Services, prepares the annual plan for Advancement Services, Financial Accounting.

In conjunction with the Director of Advancement Services, prepares the annual budget for Advancement Services and monitors expenditures.

Represents the Director of Advancement Services on University committees in her/his absence to provide information and ensure that the Divisionís position on issues is conveyed as required.

Other Duties

Works with Campaign staff and other members of Advancement Services as appropriate.

Undertakes other assignments at the request of the Director of Advancement Services.

Manages a team of 1 professional accountant and staff accountants, which includes supervision, work assignment, performance assessment & management, grievance activity and all other HR related activities.

Work Complexities

Choice of Action

Having sound knowledge of the Divisionís mandate, priorities and deadlines, manages staff in establishing work schedules and project time lines; makes responsible decisions related to the financial attributes of donor gifts/pledges; exercises judgement and initiative in the creation and interpretation of policies and guidelines on all financial accounting and reporting of donations; make responsible recommendations to management on financial matters; exercises judgement and discretion in the selection, appraisal and termination of staff and in resolving internal work complexities. Evaluates staff performance and recommends salary changes, revise/create positions and instils goal-oriented approach consistent with achieving the division's objectives.

Consequence of Error

Errors in accuracy, judgement, tact or communication could result in a significant loss of credibility and jeopardise potential income for the University, Division and its initiatives.

Lack of judgement and discretion when dealing with donors can result in an alienation of donors, loss of financial support to the University and create a poor public image.

Failure to establish proper work schedules will result in an inability to meet deadlines and delays the work flow to other sections. Poor employee morale can also result.


Ensures that donations are being reported on in a timely and effective manner in an environment of constant change, conflicting priorities and demands from many sectors;  ensures that the donorís needs are balanced with the administrative requirements of the University and applicable legislation; maintains the overall co-ordination of a variety of specialised functions and good staff morale when unplanned changes in priorities which may require overtime, deadlines and fluctuations in workload are coupled with a high degree of complexity; diplomacy, tact and solid knowledge of policies and procedures are required.

Necessary to facilitate problem solving between staff of many different divisions in reaching agreement in an efficient and effective manner consistent with advancement activities.

Must be able to design specifications, develop policies and procedures and communicate these effectively.

Must be able to work independently.


Daily contact with University officers, and divisional staff to resolve issues relating to the interpretation of policies and procedures, the management of funds created for the tracking of donations and on the reporting of these funds; regular contact with Business Officers and Senior Development Officers; regular contact with senior members of the Universityís academic and constituency staff on the reporting of fundraising progress and the management of central and divisional funds; regular contact with senior Administrative Management Systems staff on the development of financial functions in Administrative Management Systems modules. Contact with the external auditors and IRS as necessary.

Supervision Received

Works under the general direction of the Director of Advancement Services as necessary. The incumbent is expected to exercise sound judgement and decision making skills and briefs the Director of Advancement Services and the Director as necessary.

Supervision Exercised

Directly: 2 accountants, 1 Senior Financial Analyst, 2 Financial Business Analysts.

Nature of Supervision Exercised

Responsible for the Management of Advancement Services Donations Funds area including establishing objectives and standards; evaluates performance, recommend salary increases, hires, promotes and recommends discipline and dismissal. Direct supervision, guidance of and direction to development staff.

Qualifications Required

A) Formal education: University degree in accounting or finance or equivalent combination of education and experience.  Completed accounting designation.

B) Experience: 5-10 years or more of relevant experience at a senior level. High level of knowledge in the area of accounting, financial controls and information systems. Solid knowledge of University policies.

C) Advanced computer skills required (including a working knowledge of DIS, Financial Information Systems, Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint). Experience with report writing software.

D) Other: Strong leadership capabilities; excellent judgement and decision-making abilities, ability to interpret and evaluate policy and procedural requirements and produce and analyse data; effective written and oral communication skills, organisational and interpersonal skills. Excellent presentation skills.

E) Must be able to work under the pressure of time and frequent requests from multiple sources each having their own timelines and constraints and with all levels of academic and administrative staff.
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