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 Associate Director, Advancement Information Services

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Job DescriptionReporting to the Director, Advancement Services, the Associate Director, Advancement Information Services is responsible for directing information services operations for the advancement community.

The Associate Director provides leadership in the development of short and long-term plans to lead the implementation of advancement software, as well as determining courses of action in dealing with anticipated changes by supporting others in understanding change processes and adapting to change.

The incumbent demonstrates initiative to generate improvements and foster positive outcomes.

This position involves overseeing and implementing all project plans associated with advancement software development, replacement, conversion, and integration within the Administrative Information Systems framework at the University.

The position provides strategic vision for Advancement Information Services, a sub-unit of Advancement Services that serves the advancement information needs of all faculties on campus, as well as the Presidentís Office and other members of the Universityís senior executive team.

The Associate Director maintains close working relationships with these development professionals and drives the planning process, ensuring that optimal results for all parties will be achieved.

The incumbent plans and manages organizational change, designs and implements new business processes and identifies potential resource requirements.

The Associate Director is responsible for the management of all human and financial resource issues within the area and provides leadership and coordination to a proactive and integrated information services team.

The Associate Director works collaboratively with the Director of Advancement Services and other members of the External Relations senior executive team to identify technology solutions while ensuring user needs are addressed comprehensively and effectively.

The incumbent will then coordinate and integrate these plans with other campus technology solutions.

Responsibilities and Activities:

Based on a comprehensive knowledge and background in the management and analysis of human and financial resources, information services, fund raising principles and strategies, the Associate Director is responsible for the following:

Planning and Leadership
  • Project direction for all advancement software acquisition, development, replacement, conversion, implementation, new module implementation, activation of new functionality and upgrades.
  • Orchestrates, in collaboration with the Manager, Administration and Records, detailed technical project work, including quality assurance, user documentation and training.
  • Develops project charters in accordance with the project vision.
  • Acts as a conduit to upper management on emerging information issues.
  • Propose, test and implement business processes driven by fundraising and alumni initiatives.
  • Works with the vendorís product advisory group to leads the identification and presentation of technical specifications for enhancements required to vendor software.
  • Sets project timelines, directs project staff, liaises with project administrative staff who are charged with administrative and communications management.
  • Provides direction about best practice business processes; and lans and proposes changes to business practices.

Advancement Information Services Leadership

  • Provides advice and recommendations to the Director, Advancement Services, on issues related to information services across the External Relations portfolio.
  • Total accountability for success of the advancement database and all relevant software.
  • Delegates the task of researching appropriate technology solutions for External Relations in support of the  External Relations Strategic Plan; recommends significant purchases to the Director, Advancement Services.
  • Key member of negotiating team for acquisition of new software, functionality and/or upgrades.
  • Collaborates with External Relations team members to ensure the development of e-solutions that will enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of External Relations as a whole.
  • Leads the Advancement Information Services area in a manner that will ensure proactive consultation with end users and exceptional client-service approaches.

Strategic Planning, Financial Accountability, and Administrative Leadership

  • Designs and implements new organizational structures and procedures to ensure optimal effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Develops, tracks and reports on useful performance measures to monitor productivity in Advancement Information Services.
  • Assesses and monitors responses to requests for reporting to ensure all information is useful and supplied in a relevant and timely manner for a variety of campus stakeholders.
  • Collaborates with 45+ development professionals on campus to ensure that information requests are well thought out and reflective of actual need.
  • Responsible for the accountability of advancement information at the institutional level.
  • Develops, implements and maintains security policies in Advancement Information Services.
  • Prepares, implements and maintains quality control processes for all staff involved in data extraction.
  • Works with all units in Advancement Services to ensure integrity in data input.
  • Chairs the Advancement Services Data Integrity Project Team.
  • In collaboration with the Manager, Advancement Financial Services, prepares and monitors operating budgets for Advancement Information Services.
  • Monitors the progress of Advancement Information Services in meeting key strategic initiatives and performance measures.

Human Resources Management

  • Respectfully leads and mentors staff.

  • Supervision of Advancement Information Systems staff, with supervisory assistance from a key Advancement Information Services staff member or members.

  • Provide appropriate opportunities for ongoing professional development for Advancement Information Services staff, including active development of IT skills through in-service, on-campus and external educational programs.

  • Conduct fair and accurate performance appraisals.

  • Develop and enforce accountability measures.

  • Recruit and retain the best and brightest staff.

  • Administer Human Resource policies.


  • Reports to the Director, Advancement Services.

  • Works with senior External Relations team members, as well as key staff members from, Administrative Information Systems, Computing and Network Services; and, as necessary, the Chief Information and Technology Officer.

  • Participates as the External Relations representative on campus committees where appropriate.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Demonstrated success in enterprise level software conversion and implementation project management.

  • Demonstrated experience in planning for and managing organizational change and behavior.

  • Undergraduate degree in business, concentration in Management Information Systems (MIS) preferred.

  • Accounting designation an asset.

  • Graduate degree highly desirable.

  • Five years management experience in effectively and efficiently directing human and financial resources.

  • Five years experience in an Advancement Information Services or equivalent setting.

  • Strong experience working in a multi-faceted organization, with a reputation for an ability to  develop cooperative and mutually relationships with stakeholders at all levels.

  • Effective communications skills.

  • Exemplary skills in compassionately managing, supporting and mentoring staff at all levels.

  • Strong financial management, strategic planning and budgeting experience.

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