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  Supervisor Interview Employment

First the student callers submit a cover letter, resume, and a brief essay/paragraph regarding why they are the perfect candidate and what changes they would make as a student supervisor.

Students who move on to the next step meet with a panel of student supervisors as well as with the manager. During this interview we ask standard questions and put them through a bit of role-play.

They are asked to:

1. Conduct announcements as if we are the calling floor; the topic is given to them such as how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or how to tie one's shoe; we look for enthusiasm, detail without going overboard, and engagement of the "sample student calling floor"

2. Conduct a coaching session using a completed monitor sheet; one of the student supervisors on the panel plays the part of the caller

3. Conduct training- they are given three sample slides from training and are asked to go through these as they would in training and treat us as the student callers

This part of the interview process usually takes about 30-45 minutes. We try to keep each of the role-play situations short and simple.

Finally, if we feel the need to get more information, the candidates meet with me one-on-one. During this time, I give them the opportunity to address any specific concerns I may have had if they became supervisors.

Contributed by ...
Sabrina J. Ragan, The Ohio State University, Assistant Director of Annual Giving.
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