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RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Nov 24, 2014
The Rogers family announces the largest-ever donation of $130 million to a Canadian health institution. The gift is unique in that it will be split 3 ways between the Hospital for Sick Children, the University Health Network and the University of Toronto. Each of those institutions will add an additional one-third to the gift to bring the total to $260 million to establish a new heart research center in Toronto.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Million Dollar Donors Report. Nov 20, 14
Good information on Million Dollar Donors in the UK done in association with the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com Major Gifts and Matching. Nov 20, 14
Four things major gift officers need to know about matching gifts. More on matching gifts.

EmploymentSupportingadvancement.com More Jobs. Nov 19, 14
Gift and Records Coordinator for the University of Michigan, Stewardship Officer, Major Gift Officer and Education/Teaching/Administration for New York University and Gift Enhancement Coordinator for University of San Francisco Post your jobs for free by registering on the site.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Survey Help Requested. Nov 18, 2014
Your help is requested in compiling a list of the best Advancement Services/Development Operations Learning Opportunities.

Mainspring Media CommunicationsSupportingadvancement.com Picnic Day Email. Nov 17, 14
MainSpring created an email series to celebrate 100 Years of Picnic Day, an annual event on campus at UC Davis. Recipients were asked to give in honor of this beloved tradition. A resend was sent on the actual day of the event with the subject line "Picnic Day turns 100 TODAY!" and with a message again asking constituents to give $100 in honor of Picnic Day. First send (non donor version), Re-send (non donor version.) From the MainSpring web site. More E-solicitations.

Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Upcoming Site Changes. Nov 13, 2014
The SupportingAdvancement Blog is over 10 years old and due to an upcoming major change in technology with our hosting provider, we're having to move the blog to a new platform over the next number of months (there are a lot of entries to review, update and convert.) The current postings will not be available for a short period as they are moved. We appreciate your patience and consideration in this move and look forward to continue to provide you with useful content.

SystemsSupportingadvancement.com Microsoft's Next Surprise. Nov 7, 2014
Major shift in mobile strategy from Microsoft as they release free office apps for mobile devices. You'll likely still need a subscription to enjoy the full functionality and benefits. The new versions include integration with DropBox.

SystemsSupportingadvancement.com One Size Fits All? Nov 5, 2014
Beyond Nines blog posting on Blackbaud's new NXT offering with some interesting comments on the new platform including to some links on other opinions.

Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com SnapDonate. Nov 4, 2014
SnapDonate lets you give to charities by taking photos of their logos.

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Making A Difference. Oct 31, 2014
Just 1 in 5 wealthy people think their gifts make a difference, study finds.

HEPSupportingadvancement.com Leveraging Data. Oct 30, 14
What are the major sources of data and what can we do to leverage the data to stay connected with donors? More on matching gifts.

PotpourriSupportingadvancement.com Privacy. Oct 29, 2014
The best browser privacy tools that don't make life difficult..

RevenueSupportingadvancement.com Gift Announcements. Oct 28, 2014
University of California Santa Barbara Receives $65 Million Dollar Gift, Largest in UCSB History.

Web SightingsSupportingadvancement.com Dark Side of Social Media. Oct 24, 2014
Good article from Wired on what goes on behind the scenes with content screening for social media sites such as Facebook.

ReportingSupportingadvancement.com DRIVE Newsletter. Oct 23, 2014
Drive newsletter available with a focus on Data Integrity. More on reporting and analytics.
We've been providing resources on this site as a service to the fundraising community for over 10 years. Over the next while we'll be moving to a new site (we have a lot of content to move and it will take a while.) Thanks for your patience, ideas, suggestions and questions you may have during the transition. Our goal is to provide you with an improved platform for sharing information and ideas.
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Supportingadvancement.com CASE Summit 2014 Highlights Video. Aug 27, 14
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Supportingadvancement.com Why Chinese-American Philanthropy Is Different. Aug 18, 14
Supportingadvancement.com Gadgets. The Future Of The Keyboard. Aug 15, 14

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